November/December, 1997 Volume XII Number 9


A godly hatred
I am writing in response to the letter, "Truth is hateful?" by Diana Fabreseck, in the July 1997 issue of Life Advocate. Her main point seems to be that Michael Bray is full of hatred. While I do not believe this to be true, I feel I should point out to Ms. Fabreseck that Jesus' words to the Pharisees did not always sound "loving". In addition, righteous hatred is not to be shunned. Psalm 139: 21-22 states: "Do I not hate them, O Lord, that hate thee? And am not I grieved with those that rise up against thee? I hate them with perfect hatred: I count them my enemies."
The writer also suggests we read Dale Carnegie's book, "How to Win Friends and Influence People." I would remind her that Mr. Carnegie did not come from a Christian perspective, and furthermore, he was certainly no friend of unborn children.
Gary Tebbets
Fort Scott, Kansas

Take my place
I am a 76 year old anti-abortion activist and 24 year veteran of the abortion war. My current residence is in a federal prison in Upstate New York. I am in my third year of life behind bars having spent my 74th, 75th and 76th birthdays in jail.
The most frustrating part of prison life for me is being unable to actively support a number of effective, and perfectly legal, activities to end legalized baby killing.
I hope readers who oppose this uncivilized practice will consider the following: It is a fact that spending an occasional hour before an abortion mill carrying a sign or simply praying has saved countless lives. Abortion clinics have permanently closed their doors because picketers, by their presence alone, influenced customers to change their minds about having their babies murdered. Abortionists have quit their grisly abortion practice because the killing center was picketed. All professed opponents of baby-slaughter should, if they are sincere, spend an occasional hour before a "house of death."
A relatively new practice is providing to be extremely effective in educating the public and saving lives. These are "Face the Truth" tours in different cities and states. Giant graphic pictures of aborted babies are shown. They are conspicuously displayed at schools, on highways and other public places.
If you really oppose baby-killing please consider supporting the above projects. Senior citizens, be assured you are not too old to make a very significant contribution to this life or death cause by also participating. Some people in their 80's and 90's are regularly involved. There, consequently, is no excuse for those in their 60's and 70's not to interrupt their retirement (or work schedule) for an occasional hour or two.
If I were free these actions would be my top priority. I'm not asking you to join me in prison. I am, however, strongly recommending you and others, of all ages, become actively supportive.
I have no quarrel with Right To Life Marches, dinners, conventions, letters to legislators, educational efforts, debating, pro-life publications, etc., etc. Anyone, however, who believes we will win the abortion war with these tactics alone most likely also believes in the tooth fairy. If I were free, I'd be in front of a killing center or participating in a "Face the Truth" tour. Since I and the dozens of other anti-abortion activists languishing in prisons all over the country cannot, hopefully you will take our places.
John Arena
Ray Brook, NY.

"Great tract"
You have published a great tract in your "Would You Gamble with the Life of Your Child?" birth control tract! Thank you for your service to the church of Jesus! A friend gave one to me, could you please send me some. I am a pastor of a Lutheran church and also active in sidewalk counseling, and therefore in the position to distribute many.
Doug Wagley
Spokane, WA

Adopt a prisoner
I am 13 years old, and I've been reading your magazine since I was eight. I'd just like to say that I appreciate your magazine and the message it sends across. It's informative and inspiring. My mom and I write letters to pro-life prisoners, and one of them has become my adopted grandpa.
Thanks for caring and keep up the good work
Tabitha Donaghue
Oregon City, OR

Pornography destruction justified
To expose the availability of child pornography by a local "family" bookstore, some have suggested letter-writing.
However, it is legally justified to render the volumes unsaleable. Barnes & Noble and Borders Books concede my complete vindication by refusing to prosecute the destruction of fourteen volumes, valued at $450.
All state laws allow a "choice of evils," in that conduct otherwise constituting an offense is justifiable, and not criminal, when preventing public or private harm. Since the State has made such exploitive photography illegal, violations are, by definition, acts of public injury.
The genitally-exposed young boys and girls photographed by Jock Sturges suffer damage upon every viewing. Pedophiles and child-molesters often use pictures of naked kids to convince innocent victims that it's okay to disrobe.
More alarming than the books' availability is the danger that the children of our community face - because someone's buying child pornography at Borders and Barnes & Noble!
Kelly Keith
Molalla, OR

Work to be done
I drove with my husband to Promise Keepers, and while he was in the meeting, I was walking around. Someone handed me one of your brochures. Praise the Lord, I never went on birth control because of all the reasons your brochure mentioned. We have been practicing the sympto-thermal method for the six months we have been married.
The Lord has given me a burden to share this info with my Christian friends but as you know it is a very personal subject. God has been very faithful because it has been a step of faith with no support from many Christians. Please send me as many copies of your brochure as you can. I have much work to do. Thank you for your sensitivity to the Spirit.
Tara Viars
Tuscaloosa, AL

Family models the Gospel
We have especially appreciated the focus of the Advocate on pointing out the anti-child attitudes of the church herself in using/promoting birth control methods and abortifacients.
We have twelve children, the last two being born prematurely (twins) two years ago from this past March. The hospital bill for their one-month stay was nearly $100,000 (even though one twin was born in our driveway!), but we still think the twins are worth it!
This past year we hosted a missionary family of nine children for a meal at our home. They shared with us that when they went to the Philippines to serve they were more accepted by the nationals, with their growing family, than they were by their fellow American missionaries. Birth control, unfortunately, is one of those imbedded cultural habits which Americans are promoting alongside the gospel message. Is it any wonder that some of our missionary efforts are no more successful overseas than they are in our own American churches?
The whole of God's mind towards humans--His Laws, His justice required to keep those laws, and His mercy given when those laws are broken--must all be shown in the gospel package. The family is the best picture of that package, with its portrayal of father, son, the comforting ministry of the mother, and the ever-increasing abundance of life with the birth of each child.
Nellie Myers
Whitewater, KS

Discover what the Bible says
Whoever faulted Life Advocate for 'bailing out' as you re-assess the fundamental deceptions around 'birth control' is shortsighted. For the sake of an analogy, let's say a dam had broken and some people who were engaged in mopping up criticized others who went back upstream to rebuild the dam. Those who focus on remedying the source of the problem are not less worthy then those who operate 'downstream' concentrating on saving people from drowning. Everyone has their own calling.
Any Bible student who compares the plague of abortion upon us today can see it's no different than the way God visits the consequences of their sins upon Israel throughout history. The curse causeless does not come. The root of the problem is that hirelings and barkless dogs allowed the Adversary to break down the hedge of protection (of sound doctrine) around the flock. The abortion holocaust only goes on because those in government learned that the morally paralyzed, cowardly Nicolaitans who run the so-called "Christian churches" were clouds without rain who would talk and wring their hands to make a pretense of concern, but (with rare exception) will never really act to prevent the shedding of innocent blood. After the Christian church vacated its duty to be the conscience of the nation, moral degeneration is to be expected. America and Canada have the governments they deserve.
The only way back to a healthy nation is to discover anew what the Bible says, and then apply it. Don't let anyone deter you from getting right down to scrutinize the fundamentals. You are absolutely correct that "much of the failure to see victory in the battle against abortion taking place in the clinic setting is based upon the Church's refusal to do battle with abortions taking place in our own homes. It is time to remove the beam from our own eye so that we may be equipped to remove the splinter from the world's eye."
Gordon Watson
Burnaby, BC

React to abortifacient news
Thanks for your call this morning regarding the Christian Brotherhood Newsletter's new Rx card including some abortifacient drugs.
Within an hour of your phone call, a CBN rep. called me regarding this also!
Because a handful of people had expressed concern about it, they are looking into it more closely and have even made some initial and immediate changes! PTL!
I will be forwarding a brochure (booklet) from EPM / Randy Alcorn to CBN soon.
Thanks so much for your prompt (and personal) response! You made my day! Keep praying!
Mary Anderson
Baker City, OR

Mourn babies, not Brennan
[In August] the United States' flag was flown at half-mast, a sign of disaster or mourning at all secular sites (government) in our once civil-free nation.
It was ordered as a sign of respect to a U.S. Justice of the Supreme Court, retired, but died, William Brennan.
My thought about this was that Justice Brennan and the retired justice of the US Supreme Court, Harry Blackmun, were ardent abortion champions for the abortion industry in this now pagan land. Thirty-five million almost-born babies have been sacrificed for the sake of judicial opinion called "right to privacy" and "equal justice" (fairness) for the woman and in the name of the theory of "an evolving Constitution" to fit the times. All are in error.
Our U.S. Constitution was to be understood in its original intent and changed in basic principle only by legal amendment. It is the developing baby, at this point, that is to have the 14th Amendment wording (equal protection) and the baby that has the right to privacy from the invasion by lethal weapons and murderous intent.
Gene Malone
Kenosha, WI

Answer to prayer
My husband brought this brochure home from the P.K Rally in Washington D.C. It has been an answer to prayer. I was going to talk to my doctor tomorrow about taking birth control. We have five children. Our latest was born 8-24-97.
I know they are all blessings but I thought I should do something to wait to have more children. All I can say is thank you for this brochure. I would like more copies to hand out. . . ."Keeping the Promise to Protect Your Family - Would You Gamble With the Life of Your Child?"
Marie Roos
Salem, OR

Rest in peace
Many of your readers in the Maryland, D.C., Virginia area will be sad to hear of the death of one of the stalwart rescuers of the earlier days.
Robert (Bob) Haase went to be with the Lord on September 27, 1997, after several months illness. We, who rescued with him will never forget him, especially the time he put up his house to secure a bond for freedom for 20 rescuers. We all showed up for court, and Bob did not lose his house in spite of the fact that the bail bond officials said he was crazy to take such a risk.
Prayers are asked for his dear wife Anne and his sister-in-law Jean. Please send cards to Anne Haase, 1003 Courtland Dr., Eldersburg, Md. 21784.
Dave & Jeanette Lytle
Lynchburg, VA

Bryant Says:
Suicide is an ugly solution to a temporary problem, with farreaching consequences.
So is abortion.
So are other forms of murder.

Nellie K. Bryant

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