July/August, 1997 Volume XII Number 7 - DEPARTMENTS


Church must repent
My family and I want to thank you for the copies of the magazine that you sent us with our story in it. We had never seen the magazine before and were greatly impressed by it. I was especially glad that you put us in an issue that was calling to task the sin of the church in the abortion debate. We personally, believe that God cannot and will not answer and remove abortion from this land until the Church repents of its great sin of birth control. We have not only been aborting our own children through the pill, but we have totally denied the sovereignty of God in the process. We (the Church) believe that we can decide who lives and does not by controlling our reproductive parts. What unabashed, blatant heresy.
I was glad to see that the pro-life movement has finally begun to wake up, even if it is 30 years too late, to the gigantic log in our eye, compared to the speck of dust in theirs. Remember, at least most of the pro-aborts are dead in their tresspass and sins, because they are unregenerate. What then is the excuse of the Church? There is none. Until the Church (God's people) who are called by His name, humble themselves and repent and turn from their wicked ways, we will have abortion in our land.
Marty Carpenter
See January issue of Life Advocate
What we deserve
You ask why God allowed Clinton to be our "king." The answer is simple. God gives us the kings we deserve. God gave the Israelites Saul when He would rather have been their sole king. America is deserving of a despot like Clinton.
I live in Rhode Island, the most Catholic state in the union. Since coming here I have uprooted the Catholic 'priest' who was doing the masses for the gay group "Dignity" as well as suffered at the hands of the Catholic newspaper for daring to be outspoken in the defense of unborn life. Why should Christian America be surprised at Clinton? We deserve him. We have, as a nation, turned our back on the Most High and followed after gods of our own creation. We chose, not a godly man, but a hypocrite to be our king. Unfortunately I must remind my fellow countrymen that God punished the Israelites for the sins of their king. How much worse shall fare a nation which elected their king?

Clinton's web site
I was just informed that President Clinton has a "Vote Your Conscience on Abortion" web site. Here's the address: http://www.abortion.com/ (check it out!)
At the end of the vote, it gave me some links (both pro-life and pro-death) -- very interesting.

Lord provides
Your [magazine] was refreshing reading! We have 5 children and my husband and I constantly get comments such as "You're not Catholic are you?": to which we answer, not Catholic, but the next best thing -- Episcopalian. People have also intimated we are stupid to have such a large family. I'm sure you have heard all the comments that go with the territory.
To the outside world it is indeed difficult to explain how we truly believe in our Lord to provide for our family and every need. Many a time I have had a baby in need of clothing of the next size up and God somehow gets a bag of used clothes to us at the right time. He is amazing. Our biggest priority is to raise our children to love the Lord -- again something the everyday world does not consider important.
Anyway, we enjoyed reading [Life Advocate]. Keep up the good work.
God bless you all.

Execution to bring judgment?
I have just received a letter from Paul Hill who resides on Death Row in Starke, Florida. Paul's crime, as you are aware, is the crime of saving innocent babies from death by a money grubbing, blood on his hands, abortionist killer, named John Britton. In the letter Paul states, "I have waived all my appeals and the only thing between me and the electric chair is the governor's signature."
I am caught off guard. I had no idea things were this close to the end. I wanted to remind everyone of the analogy between John Brown's hanging and the War between the States and what will probably be the fate of the United States with the execution of Paul Hill. I believe there was a two year interval between John Brown's hanging and the beginning of the war between the States. Who knows how quick the Lord will move in these last days.
"Rev.Donald Spitz"

Truth is hateful?
You are wrong before God to ridicule the Catholic Church's teaching on NFP found in Humane Vita. How can any reasonable person deny that there are any valid situations where it is (especially by abstinence) justified to try to avoid pregnancy? Women were intended by God to be more than just indiscriminate breeders who breed until they die.
Get rid of writer Michael Bray. He consistently delights in imagining the impending destruction, pain and agony of the pro-aborts. God tells us to love our enemies -- and love means to want what is best for them and that is clearly their salvation, not their destruction. The opposite of love is hate, and that's what Michael Bray is full of, and God will judge him on it.
Stephanie Hunley (pg. 49) isn't much better. Even her photo showing a stern, hard face makes me cringe. She too goes beyond hating the sin to hating the sinner.
No one at your magazine seems to understand that you don't stand a chance of persuading or converting anyone when you see the with such hatred and hostility. Even people who agree with your ideology (like me) are repulsed.
I picket weekly at Buffalo's busiest abortion clinic. I have found (in all situations) that when you "befriend" people, give them the respect due to them as a person made in the image and likeness of God, and just "talk," you can get through to them! That's when they're open to you and vulnerable. That's the approach that gets results. (Assuming that you actually want to convert them, and not just slit their throats -- which is exactly how you people come across.)
Your magazine writers don't know the first thing about persuasion. Being "right" isn't enough. You need to learn how to be clever, too, to persuade people. You persuade no one.
Read Dale Carnegie's masterpiece book " How to Win Friends and Influence People." Do it today.
Diana Fabreseck
Buffalo, NY

Boycott print media
It is long past time for us to take stronger steps to protect the unborn who are being killed at the rate of 4,000 a day, and soon many more by new oral contraceptives.
The print media especially is in very serious trouble because of increasing competition from television, radio, the Internet, news magazines, and a variety of other means of communication. Afternoon papers are closing down regularly and circulation figures of all papers are rapidly declining nationwide.
I canceled my subscription to the San Francisco Chronicle early this spring and have been bombarded with calls from the paper asking me to re subscribe. No less than three calls a week.
This is the ideal time to strike at the print media with the only weapon they will understand -- a nationwide boycott. I feel they are hanging on the edge of the cliff by their fingertips. Heavy feet on their fingers will definitely get their attention in a hurry.
Arthur Brew
Mountain View, CA

"On the money"
Thank God for the great articles in February 1997 Life Advocate, on contraception and birth control.
After reading the article by Lawrence Roberge, "The Future of Abortion," I was impressed. This author is right on the money! Is this college instructor teaching at a Christian College? And if not, why not? We need brilliant minds like his to face the 21st Century.
Also, is he on the lecture circuit? If not, when will he be on the pro-life lecture circuit? This information needs to be discussed on every Catholic and Christian program possible (Are you listening Dr. James Dobson, Pat Robertson, and Mother Angelica?). We face an increasingly deceptive anti-life society and we need leaders like [Mr.] Roberge to help us assess what technologies will continue the "Culture of Death" in our nation and our world.
Brian Jones
Cheshire, CT

Pro-UN = Pro-child- killing
Jack Devault's article called "Alan Keyes rejects Michael New, Supports UN; Go Pat, Go!" lacked one fact.
In 1996 I was at a $100 fund-raiser event in which Pat Buchanan was the recipient and main speaker. There he said he would still keep the US in the United Nations to have a vote. (I think he said the General Assembly.)
That was the comment that lost my vote. The UN is pro-child killing and is part of the New World Order. The true American patriot named Howard Phillips got my vote.
Gay Guptill
Boston, MA

God can be trusted
Thank God for you and your magazine. You are uncompromising in your devotion to the truth.
Here is one precious piece of truth, once accepted by all Christians, that has been for many years now contradicted by Satan's lies, hidden in the world's darkness and forgotten even by most church people: God can be trusted to plan the family.
That truth used to be the hallmark of the Catholic family, but today the few Catholics who don't abortifaciently contracept seem to feel obligated, somehow, to use "Natural Family Planning," even though the church always taught that it was for grave reasons only.
We accepted ten children from the Lord, all He had for us, and there were many along the way who suggested we were being "irresponsible" for not planning our family.
I am so grateful for your voice in the wilderness.
Ann Cherney
Ann Arbor, MI

Beyond Abortion invaluable tool
I just wanted to write you, and tell you some good news about what a great tool Suzanne Rini's book, Beyond Abortion: A Chronicle of Fetal Experimentation has been.
I have known for some years of the use of abortion by the March of Dimes Foundation, but had been unable to find well-documented materials that proved this connection. It bothered me for several years that Mercy Hospital, a Catholic institution here in Fort Scott, has been the main sponsor of the annual walk to raise funds for March of Dimes, but lacking good documentation for March of Dimes' connection with abortion, I have said nothing. Some time ago, I saw a review of Suzanne Rini's book in Life Advocate, and I ordered the book. I read it, and marked passages significant to March of Dimes connection.
I am not a Catholic, but have become friends with several of the Sisters of Mercy who started Mercy Hospital many years ago and are still instrumental in its operation. I passed along the book to one of the nuns, and to make a long story short, Mercy Hospital has withdrawn its support for the March of Dimes walk. Not only that, but my friend passed the book on to the head nun at the hospital in Independence, Kansas, and that institution is no longer supporting the March of Dimes walk in that town.
I know Tan Books has been having financial troubles. Though I am presently unable too assist you with a donation of money, I felt you should know how successful this book has been in this area of the country. I would appreciate it if you would let Suzanne know how appreciative I am for her research, and her courage in pointing out this terrible group for their deceit.
Gary Tebbets
Fort Scott, Kansas

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