July/August, 1997 Volume XII Number 7 - IN THE NATION

Godarchy Fellowship exposes bizarre 'botched' abortion

Wichita, KS -- A young woman disappeared after leaving George Tiller's abortion mill in an ambulance on Thursday, August 31, 1995. That August afternoon, an unusual number of Wichita media had gathered outside 5107 East Kellogg, but they were not covering the arrival and departure of an ambulance seen there that day. It turned out to be another botched abortion by Tiller. Sidewalk counselors scolded the media for irresponsible journalism when they refused to film the emergency situation. Tiller had scheduled an interview about his chemical abortion tests. This was an interview his spokesman, Peggy Jarmon carried out as if nothing were wrong half an hour after the ambulance left.
In nearly two years that followed, Godarchy Fellowship has been investigating the botched abortion, its details, and the identity of the young woman. According to information gathered by Godarchy, the baby's head became wedged in the cervix and the mother began hemorrhaging badly. She was rushed to HCA Wesley Hospital where the baby's head had to be removed in the emergency room. While the identity and fate of the young lady remain a mystery to this day, the name of the physician called in to cover for Tiller surfaced -- Arthur D. Dehart. Godarchy and others began picketing the Mid Kansas Women's Center, located at 2703 E. Central where Dehart and Michael Bates practice. Mid Kansas Women's Center was first exposed as a possible Level II abortion facility during the April "No Place To Hide Campaign" earlier that year.
After a month of pickets and denials from Dehart's office, a woman named Polly Jerome, identified herself as Dehart's nurse, complained of the pickets to John Click pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church where she attended. Click then relayed her complaint to one of the picketers, Brad Bennet. Jerome confirmed the identity of Arthur Dehart as the attending physician. "It was Dr. Dehart who removed the baby's head from her cervix," Jerome explained. "What was he supposed to do, let her die?" Bennet said, "Of course not. But if he was a real doctor, he would expose Tiller instead of covering up for him."
To say the botched abortion was covered up is an understatement. The young woman seems to have disappeared into the "black hole" of HCA Wesley as numerous sources could find no record of a young woman going to surgery the afternoon on August 31st 1995. No one could not find an admission from the emergency room. Since that encounter, Jerome has not been seen in her old church.
Further investigation shows George Tiller is connected professionally with both Dehart and Bates. While working under cover as an escort at Tiller's, Jennifer Sperle reported that when a woman asked if Women's Health Services had regular pro-choice doctors. She was told, "Yes, two very good ones." Further inquiry showed them to be Dehart and Bates.
Michael Bates and George Tiller are apparently golfing partners who communicate frequently. Mid Kansas Women's has a long history with the abortion connection. Patricia McNamara was part of that professional association and was also the staff physician for Planned Parenthood in Wichita. Daniel Roberts, the abortionist for Wesley in years past and trainer of abortionists for the University of Kansas Med School left the group earlier unwillingly.
"He was smitten of God at age 56," says Godarchy's Steve Mashburn.
Also deceased -- but with his name still atop the sign at Mid Kansas Women's Center -- is the "father of abortion in Kansas," Jerome S. Menaker.
Despite nearly two years' research and pleas for anyone with information regarding the identity or well-being of the young woman involved in the August 31, 1995 abortion, Godarchy fellowship has been unable to confirm her name. "Tiller, Dehart, and God know whether the woman is alive or dead," said Mashburn. "One day it will be revealed. If there is a continued impenitent rejection of Almighty God, may God reward them accordingly."

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