Hill appeal rejected
". . .unless a kernal of wheat falls to the ground and dies. . ."
Nearly two years after receiving a death sentence, ordained Presbyterian minister Paul HIll is a step closer to losing his life. The day before Thanksgiving the Florida Supreme Court affirmed the original sentence. Hill remains at peace over the decision, but the process that resulted in a man being tried without the ability to offer a defence ought to stir others. We examine the Hill situation and offer an explanation as to why his actions ought to be given closer examination by Christians.

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Barney and the Church
Been thinking about birth-control lately? Well, it's about time you did. This month noted author Rick Hess offers a humorous look a t birth-control thinking and suggests that the Church may be stuck in an unbiblical model of reasoning.

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Evil king
How can God bo "in control" and allow people like Clinton to rule over His people? What does the Scripture say about an evil king over God's people?

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