Bombs, babies, and sons of Belial

by Paul deParrie
(May 1995)

It was the most heart-rending scene I'd seen in a long time. A policeman held a dead child out to a fireman in Oklahoma City. A bomb had killed her and scores of other people -- a bomb set by an alleged "patriot" militia member.
Most of us were caught up short by the tragic event. Many of us have long believed that the judgment of God is upon this nation, but few of us expected these kinds of things to happen.
When I first heard about the bombing, I wondered why it had taken so long for terrorism to really begin on our shores. Having seen the Civil War as a judgment of God on the entire nation for the sin of slavery, I always wondered what kind of judgment would befall us for the slaughter of the innocents.
Maybe this is the beginning. Perhaps instead of war, we'll get civil dissolution. Dozens of competing factions all hating the federal government -- and each other -- enough to start a string of bombings and assassinations. Violence extrordinare to pay us for the wanton violence in the womb.
It seems fitting, I suppose.
But it is heartbreaking to see more children dying.
Worse than that picture, for me, was the vision of a flustered and angry President Clinton ranting about the cowards who "killed children." I almost couldn't believe he actually said it -- but then reminded myself of what a supreme hypocrite this man is. The media, too, carried on about the children.
These sons of Belial (an Old Testament term for wicked people) all stood around wringing their hands over whether any of the children in the day-care center had survived. They are very selective in their compassion.
It seems that only children that the federal workers had wanted were the objects of pity. What of the children that some of these federal workers had aborted on their federally-paid health insurance? More, what of the other 4,000 killed that same day in abortuaries across the land?
I am sad for those who lost loved ones in the Oklahoma City blast. Both the dead and those whom they left behind are victims of an awful terrorist action.
But while that word -- terrorist -- was being repeated incessantly about the bombing, didn't any of the hucksters in the media or the President himself feel the slightest bit of shame at having cheapened the word? In recent months these people have been using "terrorists" to describe every pro-life picketer and sidewalk counselor. I wonder how the living victims of that bombing feel being put in an equal victim category with someone who has their house or business picketed?
One would think that after calling picketers terrorists that the President and Janet "Burn, Babies, Burn" Reno could have come up with even a slightly stronger word to call the bombing. But they couldn't. They couldn't because they had already wasted the capital of a horrifying word by using it to label housewives and grandmothers.
It only shows how skewed things have become. The Scripture says that god will choose our delusions, and that seems to be what is happening. We are slowly being deluded to death.
Our solutions have become the cause of our problems. We initiate abortion to stop child abuse, and abortion teaches us that it is okay to abuse our children so the child abuse rate skyrockets. We glorify lifestyles that are killing people with disease while we spend billions to stop the disease.
Now the government will give more power to the FBI and ATF to crack down on terrorist groups. These groups will surely retaliate.
It all stems from the failed experiment to have our liberty without morality. Without self-control, liberty is anarchy.
Pro-life activists are some of the few voices left crying in the wilderness -- and it must be done. God will use that testimony to either convert or condemn this nation, so the word must continue to go forth.
Keep prophesying. We are not alone.