Paul deParrie

Editor in Chief

Published books:

Unholy Sacrifices of the New Age, co-authored with Mary Pride (Crossway Books)

Ancient Empires of the New Age, co-authored with Mary Pride (Crossway Books)

The Rescuers (Wolgemuth & Hyatt)

Romanced to Death (Wolgemuth & Hyatt)

Satan’s Seven Schemes (Wolgemuth & Hyatt)

A Haunt of Jackals (Crossway Books)

Blood Upon the Rose (Crossway Books)

Dark Cures (Huntington House) soon to be released

Life Advocate editorials:

Of Titanic proportions
May/June 1998

The final "pro-life" benchmark
March/April 1998

Progressive blindness in Oregon
January/February 1998

The slippery slope of child pornography
November/December 1997

God and second chances
September/October 1997

Flotsam and jetsam, or Even a bad moon reflects the light of the sun
July/August 1997

Family values and godly standards
May/June 1997

Dear Atheist
March 1997

Are you for 86?
January 1997

Gideonizing the pro-life army (or, Do you believe your own rhetoric?)
November 1996

Planting crops on the short side of eternity
October 1997

How many times must they lie?
September 1996

History’s great moderates
July 1996

Getting into the pro-life mind
May 1996

Stilling the cries of grief
April 1996

Wenatchee witch hunt
March 1996

Do it now! Avoid the rush!
January 1996

Idolatry on the half-shell
December 1995

It is not reason
November 1995

Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord
October 1995

Nations can’t go to hell
September 1995

Four a.m., June 19
July 1995

Bombs, babies, and sons of Belial
June 1995

What do you mean "we," Newscaster?
May 1995

Of blue-tick hounds and digging Dietrich, and other niggling things
April 1995

What will you do?
March 1995

Our cup runneth over?
February 1995

The Republican mudslide and the mind of the American
January 1995

It matters to this one
December 1994

Things that make you go "huh?"
November 1994

Where are the Whigs
October 1994

Civil Rights, righteousness, and judgment calls
September 1994

FACE facts
July 1994

Life. What a beautiful choice . . . and other delights
August 1994

Reprobate minds -- a seared conscience’s final frontier
June 1994

Meeting half-way: The seduction of the pro-life movement
April 1994

Evil’s best disguise
March 1994

Living on yesterday’s manna
February 1994

Following the money
December 1993

"Abortion Kills Children" Another look at LifeChain
August 1993

Of Prophecies and Agendas
July 1993

Waco, Wombs, and Winning
June 1993

Situational Outrage
May 1993

"Poor and uneducated"
April 1993

Pragmatic forgetfulness: Too easy
March 1993

TWA (Teachahs With Attitude)
February 1993

Sieg heil! . . . with a smile
January 1993

Instruments of Revival
November 1992

Editors, gatekeepers, and wordwarpers
October 1992

The Hope of Revival (or, Dying by Degrees)
September 1992

Go directly to ancient Rome -- do not save babies, do not violate paterfamilias
February 1992

No Strange Fire
March 1991

The Premature Requiem
December 1990

Consuming even the stones
November 1990

Christian Activists
September 1990

Smoke and Mirrors
July 1990

Seen Through Other Eyes
May 1990

Survival As What?
April 1990

Documenting the Holocaust
April 1990

Drop For Drop, Dollar For Dollar
February 1990

Salting the Culture
December 1989

Whose Image?
October 1989

The Cheap Solution
July 1989

Via Dolorosa
July 1989

Rushdoony’s Rush To Judgment
March 1989

The Holy Spirit and Rescues
December/January 1988-89

A Questionable Export
September/October 1988

Willke Bush-Wacks the Babies
August 1988

Failing Hostory
July 1988

Judge Dorothy Baker: A Clear and present Danger
January 1988

Not Unto Blood . . . Yet
July 1986

Small Wonders
March 1986

Editorials in The Oregonian:

What editors don’t know about guns
April 16, 1998

The medium wasn’t the message
May 8, 1997

Security cost not worth liberty loss
May 3, 1994

Hate-crime designation dangerous
February 24, 1989

Euthanasia issue feared heading on wrong course
January 22, 1988

Obscenity law is clear and should be enforced
September 2, 1986