Washington Tales
Snapshots from a culture war

Less than a week in the nation's capital and many of the currents of national debates were evident in the eddies on the edges of the debate.

While inaugural events were prepared and held, small skirmishes over freedom of speech, right to life, and righteousness took place on the borders of the flowing current of President Clinton's second assent to the throne and, two days latter, the 23rd annual March fot Life attended by more than 100,000 people.

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Their quiver's full
Three families who have trusted God for the formation of their families share about the troubles and triumphs they've experienced along the way. Meet Dr. Roger Congdon, Bible college professor, who, with his wife, has twelve children and 34 grandchildren. Then there is Bob and Marty Carpenter, a couple who controlled their fertility until God convicted them of their need to trust Him with their family makeup. And Darrell and Connie Neet, parents to ten gifts from God.

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Should Christian couples use birth control?
Three conservative pastors wrestle with the question and offer some insight into the rationale for and against birth control. Scriptural principles and an examination of the original language of the Bible may help you to decide where you fall in the birth control debate.

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Washington Tales 15
In the Nation
Supreme Court hears "right-to-die" caeses 22
Congresswoman admits to murder of possibly disabled child
Two bombs close Atlanta abortuary 24
Typewriter parts shut abortuary for three hours
Judge aquits anti-abortion protesters in novel ruling 25
Rescue stops killing for three hours 26
Rescue in New Jersey 27
Shannon's daughter sentenced 28
Human tissue is seized at an unlicensed abortion clinic 28
The future of abortion 29
Arrows in the hand 32
A twelvefold blessing 33
Trusting God for a family 36
You may use birth control, if . . . 43
You may not use birth control, because . . . 45
Before you use birth control, consider . . . 46
Uterine infanticide 47
Word wars 50
Building an Upjohn wing to the already massive "pro-life" tower of Babel 52
"Choice" dulls nation's conscience 53
Dear Atheist 55
Editor's Eye 2
Letters 3
Grapevine 6
News Notes 7
Point of View 14
The Counselor's Corner 48
Postcard's from the Edge 54
Grayson's Grit 56
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