July/August, 1998 Volume XIII Number 1

Point of View

Murder on the school playground:

Breeding a nation of psychopaths and cowards

by Neal Horsley

When a nation's Supreme Court decrees that adults can eliminate inconveniences caused by other people simply by killing those people then that nation will inevitably breed a generation of psychopaths and cowards.
Open your eyes and see what we the people have done. Look at the recent spate of ambushes and massacres at public schools in the USA if you don't believe I've defined an accurate analysis of our society's present breeding practices. Four times in less than a year, ambushes and massacres were committed not by precociously evil armed gang members from the impoverished urban ghettos but by socially privileged children of the suburban white middle class.
And the nation reacted in shocked surprise.
Why should it surprise us that young people are using murder as a solution to the inconveniences they face when for over two decades their adult role models have made murder the solution of choice for inconveniences caused by unwanted pregnancies?
Face it: Without repentance, adults who role model murder as a solution to personal inconvenience not only become psychopaths themselves but breed succeeding generations of psychopaths as well.

The process

Let's examine the process. Scientists spent many years trying to identify the sole distinctive that inevitably identifies a psychopath.
And what was it?
A psychopath views other people as objects created to fulfill the desires, appetites and fantasies of the psychopath. In other words a psychopath views you as a sexual vibrator...or, even worse, hamburger meat. To a psychopath other people fulfill one function in life: the satisfaction of the psychopath.
So what have psychopaths got to do with us? Our Court system has legalized a psychopathic mindset, that's what.
When we the people allowed our Courts to legalize the slaughter of unborn babies we sent our young people the following message: people are allowed on this planet only when their presence does not inconvenience those who rule their lives. Since the Supreme Court ruled in Roe v. Wade that the mother was the absolute ruler of the unborn child, the mother was allowed to have the child slaughtered if the child was seen to be an inconvenience. By definition, that's psychopathic.
Giving the mother this power is only a threat to the lives of their unborn children. But the logic given legal standing in legalized abortion can easily be extended to rulers other than mothers. Following that logic any governmental agency can be decreed to have the right to eliminate people based on the "inconvenience" test.
It does not take a doctorate in psychiatry to understand how the "logic" of legalized abortion can be introduced into a confused, adolescent, or hate-filled mind and become part of a train of thought that logically justifies the most gruesome instances of psychopathic evil.
It is through the Supreme Court's implementation of the insane "logic" of legalized abortion that psychopathy has become institutionalized in the United States of America just as surely as psychopathy was institutionalized in Nazi Germany.

From psychopathy to cowardice

The relationship between psychopathy and cowardice is not easy to see, but it's there. See for yourself.
Deciding whether people should live or die based on the "convenience" test carries with it world-changing consequences. The arguments about the right to die all flow "logically" from the psychopathic premise given standing by the Supreme Court in Roe v. Wade. According to the Supreme Court, human life is only to be allowed or sustained if it is seen to be "convenient." Therefore why shouldn't people commit suicide or be terminated by medical personnel if their continued survival is seen to be inconvenient to either themselves or society as a whole? Germanic "logic" took hold and was writ large in the United States of America.
Okay, that explains how we're breeding a nation of psychopaths. But the title of this piece contends that we are not only breeding a nation of psychopaths, but a nation of cowards as well? How's that?
Like psychopathy, the breeding of cowards inevitably follows the Supreme Court's decree in Roe v. Wade. Even though Roe v. Wade meant that psychopathy was legalized, an appropriate response was slow to be revealed. No one wanted to do what was necessary to resist such an awesomely powerful institution as the Supreme Court. Problem is, this reluctance to resist insanity and evil is the essence of cowardice. Cowards, by definition, will shrink back and skulk away rather than resist evil. Therefore the Supreme Court's action in Roe v. Wade carried a double-barreled effect: not only psychopathy but cowardice was spawned.
That is why psychopathy and cowardice strut hand in hand openly in every city, town, church, synagogue and mosque in the USA today. Struts, I say. They do not skulk like the cowardly psychopath once was wont to walk, but today the cowardly psychopath struts proudly throughout the streets of this nation, struts proudly because it is sanctioned by the highest Courts of this land, the Supreme Court of "We the people."
Hidden from all but a prescient few for decades, but today arriving in murderous and terrifying array, the bitter fruit of Roe v. Wade is beginning to blossom for all to see. God help the USA.

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