November/December, 1998 Volume XIII Number 3

The just-happens-to-be syndrome

by Paul deParrie

As the parent of three well-adjusted adults, one of whom happens to be gay . . ."
This was the opening line to the letter in Newsweek from a parent outraged that anyone would dare put forth the proposition that homosexuals can change. The letter was in response to an article about Exodus International and other organizations declaring such change is possible.
"Just happens to be" seems to be the latest mantra in justifying and normalizing deviant sexual behavior. It is the latest in a long history of language distortion to, as one commentator put it, "define deviancy down." It is most often heard from the mouths of parents and other family members of the sodomites.
"Just happens to be" paints homosexuality as just another innocuous attribute instead of the socially destructive behavior that it truly is. (God made homosexuality and adultery in to death-penalty offenses for very good reason.)
"Just happens to be" is tossed into conversation like a throw-away line, but it is a clearly calculated attempt to hijack the normalcy of small talk and invest sodomy with the air of the legitimacy of having brown hair or being left-handed.
Would we hear the same parents state that their child "just happens to be" an alcoholic? . . . an adulterer? . . . a thief? Not likely. Yet, the more we hear from families who have decided to stop grieving over their sinning members and deny the craven appetites which drive them, the more we hear this patented phrase.
However, the campaign to normalize the confusion of not knowing an entrance from an exit is working.
The media - and now the Church - already speak of the "gay community" as though it were marked as a freeway exit off Interstate 5 just south of Wilsonville and just a half a mile from the S&M community turn off (thanks, Kevin).
I hear Christians talking about how we have to "reach out" to this allegedly ubiquitous "gay community" but I don't hear talk about reaching the "alcoholic community," "adulterer community" or the "thief community." After all, hasn't science uncovered strong support for a genetic link to alcoholism? Isn't serial adultery and fornication a "normal" desire for most human males? Isn't the desire to steal what one wants but cannot attain by other means a "normal" impulse that people can remember from their earliest days?
I guess it is because those "communities" just don't have as good a public relations strategy to "mainstream" their behavior (or orientation).
I have even heard on a couple of occasions that so-and-so is a Christian who "just happens to be" a homosexual. So far, this has meant that the person has become a celibate who says that it is acting on his homosexual desires which constitutes sin but that he still has homosexual desires. This is fine as far as it goes, but it simply doesn't go far enough. Christ promises real deliverance (though sometimes at length) from the evil desires lodged in our hearts. To accept that homosexuality is innate and irressistable, is to first accept that Jesus Christ is powerless to deliver (thus, we need groups like Exodus International).
However, knowing the modern Church's willingness to adapt itself to the world's ways, I don't think will be long before we hear it in reference to practicing sodomites who claim to be practicing Christians.
Already many in the Church, to appear to be ever-so-tolerant, have surrendered by intoning that we should not "discriminate" against homosexuals. This is patent nonsense! Of course we should discriminate (judge between people) based upon homosexuality. As we should discriminate against drunkards, thieves, adulterers, and others who sin as a "lifestyle."
In fact, homosexual sodomy (as well as fornication and adultery) should be a crime - such is the havoc they wreak and the insult to the image of God that they represent.
Christians should not capitulate on yet another battle in the War Against God. Real Christians won't.

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