November/December, 1998 Volume XIII Number 3

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The Editors Eye

The ACLU notwithstanding, 54 babies cerimoniously received a decent burial in California after being uncerimoniously dumped beside the freeway 18 months ago. Each of the children was carried in a separate casket by a church pastor or a leader from another Christian group.
Such courage by the Church and Christian leaders, alas, is not common.
The last two months we all have had to slog through the septic tank of you-know-who's scandal and the whole circus surrounding it, including (a drum roll, please) a bunch of performing pastors at a presidential "prayer" breakfast. Much could be - but won't be - said about the whole mess. The closest this issue of Life Advocate will come to a mention of it is contained in two of our News Notes - one of which is about recently-converted former abortionist Eric Harrah and his quizzing by the grand jury about an abortion the Prez allegedly asked him to do; the other concerns the Adulterer-in-Chief's home church being admonished to rebuke their native congregant over his public evils. (Hint: The church refused.)
But Clinton's church is not the only one which contains errant sons who are shielded behind the robes of the clergy. Back in the May/June issue last year, we told you about the Lincoln, Nebraska church (First Church of Christ, Abortionist?) which had elected a known abortionist first as an elder, then as a member of the governing board. As they used to say in the 1960s, "Heavy, man!"
Rescue the Heartland followed the biblical steps for confronting Westminster Presbyterian Church on this wickedness and, after their message was rejected, they began regular pickets at the church on Sunday mornings.
This summer heated up as the church began a campaign to pass a city ordinance to stop the pickets "for the sake of the children." It was reminiscent of Clinton's doggerel.
The lazy daze concluded with a gaggle of about 100 "religious leaders" holding a rally on the front steps of Westminster for the sake of the child killer. The ordinance eventually passed but is on life support in the federal courts thanks to the local pro-life attorneys.
Another miserable excuse for a church, this one in Richmond, Virginia, proved their complicity with the abortion industry in another of our parables-become-fact-the funeral of a pro-abort judge.
No Kleenex was passed around the venerable offices of Life Advocate as pro-abort, retired Supreme Court Justice Lewis Powell received his final reward. My guess is that he has issued an opinion on the sufficiency thereof, the full text of which is, "Ah-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h . . .!"
But a couple of pro-life stalwarts, whose names are no doubt already office-hold names among the denizens of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Abortionist Protection Division, stood outside the church where the memorial services were held with big aborted baby photos to show everyone Powell's work. If only Powell's friends, which included all nine of the currently reigning Supremes, could hear him now.
College students of the "Tolerance Generation" in Lawrence, Kansas, a town known for its anti-choice position on slavery last century, extended the violence of abortion to include vehicular (and other) attempts to abort adults who displayed pro-life banners on campus. Both assailants were apparently Jewish and were upset that the anti-pre-natal-holocaust activists were comparing abortion to the Jewish Holocaust on Rosh Hashanah and used this as their excuse to violently oppose violence. The leader of the anti-abortion group said he was "weary of genocide snobs" who don't want some other atrocity to compete with the one they use to cloak themselves with "victim" status.
Speaking of the Tolerance Police, Michael Harding, of Ontario, Canada, was recently convicted for public preaching to Moslems in Toronto. The insensitive religious zealot tried to tell the crowd that Jesus was the only Way and that following Allah would lead to hell. Of all the nerve!
The wholly-owned United Nations subsidiary, the village of Canada, using UN "rights" declarations, brought the miscreant Harding to a criminal court where he was pronounced guilty of criminal intolerance and religious bigotry - "inciting public hatred." That could be read two ways, however, and apparently its true meaning is that Harding, by proclaiming that God had provided only one Way to heaven, had incited public hatred - against himself. A sentencing date has yet to be set.
As an aside, the new "smart card" national ID card is in the works via the National Transportation Department. It will be scannable with all your pertinent data - fingerprints, retina prints, and DNA information. It is not known what the "scanning" capability will be after Y2K, though.

For God and for Life,