January/February, 1998 Volume XII Number 10

The Editors Eye

Can God use technology to judge a nation? It looks like He may be doing just that. In ancient Egypt, when God wanted to deliver Israel out of bondage, He specifically chose to judge the gods of the Egyptians with the famous 10 plagues. Who can deny that technology is a god in this country? Hence, techno-judgment.
This issue, Life Advocate will add a new focus to the magazine -- God's judgment. After years of warnings about the price of blood-guilt, America is now facing clear judgments from God and we plan to feature them as we see them.
This issue we look at what has been called Y2K or Year 2 Thousand (K is for kilo, which is 1,000 in metric terms). You may or may not have heard that when the year 2000 rolls around, that our computers -- having been taught to recognize a year by assuming a 19 in front of whatever two-digit number appears in the year slot -- will go into confusion. For the most part, this will not be such a bad deal for your home computer, but huge computer mainframes used by government and banks need the correct date. Social Security records (and checks), loan calculations, banking services, all these and more depend on this. I know people who have already been unable to renew their credit cards because the new expiration date would be 2000 or beyond and the credit card people have not been able to resolve this problem. Some are predicting economic disaster.
All this because of the short-sightedness (and arrogance) of the early computer designers who thought that our new techonolgy could replace God. Tsk, tsk, boys!
Inside is a tremendous piece to introduce you -- even if you are a novice -- to the Y2K judgment. In future issues, we may examine things like El Nino, which has been blamed for everything from terrible floods to ring around the collar, and the resurgence of old, "conquered" diseases like smallpox and some sexually-transmitted diseases which have become resistant to antibiotics -- our techo-answer to earlier warning judgments from God.
Speaking of judgment, it appears that a Winnipeg, Manitoba "physician" (read: abortionist) has suffered a minor judgment in the form of a bullet in his shoulder while he was home watching television. With such a small judgment, maybe it was only for his TV watching -- porn tapes, maybe -- rather than for his child killing. That judgment, I think, is pending. In either event, this is the fourth early November in a row with what appears to be a response to abortion in Canada. Three years of shootings, and one of stink-bomb attack -- all around Remembrance Day, the Canadian equivalent of Veteran's Day.

Sing it all together now:
Try to remember,
the kind of November . . .

Pro-aborts are, as expected, squealing, "Conspiracy!" But wily Canadian Leftists have in the past committed "pro-life violence" in order to get authorities to crack down on anti-abortion activists. This could be more of the same -- after all, no one has been caught!
Bruce Steir makes our pages again. Last time, he was revealed as the ususal bottom-of-the-barrel scum who kills babies and who had added a new maternal death to his list of accomplishments. Now, in that same death, the State of California is giving him the Nobel Prize . . . er, no . . . the State of California is charging him with murder. Considering the litany of this man's previous history it becomes painfully obvious that there was only one reason this guy was still practicing long enough to kill his latest mother. Because of the chronic shortage of abortionists the Medical Board backs killers even if they are lobotomized, sociopathic child-porn dealers suffering from alcoholic "shakes" to keep right on performing "surgery" which kills babies.
All in all, a rich, full issue.

For God and for Life,