January/February, 1998 Volume XII Number 10

Point of View

The evidence is in! Christian "resistance" is an abysmal failure

by Neal Horsley The following MSNBC News report proves--as if more proof was needed--that Christian "resistance" is no resistance at all.

"New York, Nov. 18, 1997. Walt Disney Co., the world's largest entertainment company, on Tuesday reported its best quarterly results ever, fueled by growth in television and video distribution, strong advertising revenues, and record crowds at Walt Disney World. Disney's net income in the fiscal fourth quarter, ended Sept. 30, rose 18 percent from a year earlier to $411 million on a five-percent increase in revenues to $5.5 billion."

Just to make sure you understand, it was about six months ago that the Southern Baptist Convention, spokes-agency for the 15 million Southern Baptists, along with a coalition of other "Christian" groups, announced a national boycott of Walt Disney Company. The boycott was to show the Disney Corporation what would happen when that company and others like it supported the blatant perversions being sponsored by various departments of the Disney Corp.
Well, the "Christians" showed them, all right. And the message is clear: If your company wants to have its best quarter ever, get boycotted by millions of Christians!
Look the word "impotent" up in the dictionary and there you will see a picture of a huge countryside filled with well-dressed people, all with smiling faces, beaming forth at the camera the "love" of the "Christian" "God" of this generation.
Impotent is the only word that accurately describes this generation of Christians. The "woman," the "Bride of Christ" who, according to the Apostle Paul, was to be "saved through child birth" has not only failed to have many children but has stood impotently and placidly watching as the world legalized the slaughter of unborn children.
The impotency of idolatry that has infected and infested the "Christian" Church has turned it into a mockery in this generation. And through its mockery the very name of the Lord Jesus Christ Himself is blasphemed among the gentiles.
For nearly two generations, "Christians" have raised up from their midst "leaders" whose agenda was defined in terms of a "love" that translated into "cash flow" and "standards of living" and "economic prosperity" rather than in the flesh and blood lives of God's children. Leaders who ignored innocent people that were dying and justified their ignorance by saying they were conforming to the Will of God turned God Himself into the author of evil, a heartless and arbitrary tyrant who conceived people to live, yet allowed their lives to be forfeited at the whim of their earthly parents. As "Christians" have allowed such "leaders" to control the affairs of God's people, Christians have made the Living God appear to be something He has never been, nor will He ever be, a confused and confusing source of death rather than life.
When will you decide to refuse to tolerate and support such idolatry passing as "Christian?" When will you decide to break with the wolves in sheep's clothing who lead you to tolerate the intolerable? When will you seek out agents and leaders who will actually come against the abomination and desecration of God's authority?
The day you do so will be the day you prove you are who you say you are: a child of the Living God. Until then, know for a fact that there is at least one child of God who knows you are playing God games and are a source of confusion rather than light.