May/June, 1997 Volume XII Number 6 - DEPARTMENTS

The Editor's Eye

This month we get a glimpse behind the curtain of where the battles for ideas are fought. Our intrepid reporter, Cathy Ramey, journeyed to the fairy tale land of Prague to cover the deadly serious first response of the Church universal to the pratings of the UN and their "luv-is-what-makes-a-family" doctrine (a.k.a., sodomites and animal lovers are families too!). The former UN conferences in Cairo and Beijing went publicly unanswered until this event, but what an answer it has been!
Oh, and in this issue we will welcome you to the First Church of Christ, Abortionist _ or is that the Presbyterian Church (USA) which has a franchise in Lincoln, Nebraska where a known abortionist, Winston Crabb, reigns as a deacon? How dare those anti-choicers protest at his church! They ought to be flogged, I tell you _ flogged! At least that's what the media and the churches around Lincolntown have been saying of Larry Donlan and his cohorts in Rescue the Heartland. Oddly enough, the local presbytery recently voted _ by a razor-thin margin _ that married people in the ministry must be faithful to their wives and single people in ministry must be chaste. What a concept! Is it any wonder that a church struggling with such issues would also be able to vote Winston Crabb as an elder, then as a deacon.
The senstive eyes of teens across the nation were assaulted by the likes of Flip Benham, Operation Rescue/National, and Jeff White, Operation Rescue/West and their anti-choice thugs, when the poor dears were met at their local high schools by pictures of aborted babies (perhaps pictures of one of their own abortions, huh?). The nasty pro-lifers polluted the minds of those kids as they entered the schools wherin they are taught the joys of gay sex (in Technicolor and excruciating detail) and how they are the smartest group of kids ever to grace the planet. The response was sometimes surprising as groups of these kids came out and asked serious questions and, much to the dismay of their elders, listened to the answers. One teacher had even gone through the trouble to role-model a proper response for the students in Portland, Oregon when he came out and called the pro-lifers mean and obscene names before storming back in the building. Oh, when will those youngsters ever learn to mimic their elders?
Ron Fitzsimmons, a man at the pinacle of the pro-abort movement for many years, publicly admitted that he "lied through his teeth" about the D&X abortion procedure when it was going through Congress last year. I'm shocked and dismayed _ as I imagine are you _ to hear that Ronnie would do such a thing. Perhaps the lethal ladies in NARAL were right all along _ that men have no business talking about abortion.
Meanwhile, the National Right to Life and a group of somewhat-less-than-pro-life congressmen are cranking up the D&X ban machinery again. The NRTL will, no doubt, raise millions (again) on the futile and worthless ban and cynical politicians will be able to (again) point to their support of the doomed bill as proof positive of being an all-around pro-life kinda guy (or gal, as the case may be).
On a more serious note, one of the heroes has slipped through the cracks. I refer here to one John Funk now serving the last four of his eight year stint in a federal franchise of the Graybar Hotel in Texas. Seems this brave man tried to save his own baby from a butcher on the day of the abortion. He was too late but the sacred abortionist's finger got a hairline fracture in an ensuing scuffle and John got his eight-year reservations for a forced vacation. No one, it seems, caught on to this tragic tale until Jennifer Sperle, a prisoner herself, started writing him and told us his story. The report is inside. As Funk has had only one regular correspondent and no visitors to date, we should all at least write the man a letter. See the Prisoners List for his address _ as well as Jennifer's.

For God and for Life,
Paul deParrie

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