May/June, 1997 Volume XII Number 6

A World View Conference
World Congress of Families: Declaration on the Family

Over 600 religious and social leaders from around the world gathered in Prague, The Czech Republic to hammer out a declaration on the family. Life Advocate editor Cathy Ramey attended as a delegate and gives an analysis of thw "world view" problem behind the crisis and a report on what the World Congress of Families achieved.


  • Nebraska church harbors abortionist -- as a decon
  • National event confronts high school students with abortion
  • "Golden Venture" Chinese men released
  • Bakersfield man fails in torch attempt on abortuary
  • Abortion promoter admits lying about D & X
  • Woman dies after abortion; Abortionist Steir under investigation -- agian
  • "Fertility Clinic" suspends doctor at center of abortion furor
  • NYC Borough President calls for death of D & X docs; Is it a FACE violation?


  • Failure of imagination in abortion debate
  • Stewardship and family planning
  • Melissa's Story
  • Come, Lord Jesus

  • Don't feed the hand that bites you
  • Evil assemblies
  • What repentance is -- and isn't
  • Does God embarress you?
  • Family values and godly standards


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