May/June, 1997 Volume XII Number 6 - IN THE NATION

NYC Borough President calls for death of D & X docs; Is it a FACE violation?

New York, NY -- Guy Molinari has uttered an official warning to abortionists.
In a letter to the New York State Assembly, Molinari has called for the execution of abortionists who use the D&X or partial-birth abortion procedure.
More, he has called for the punishment to be administered by the same procedure.
"I am writing to each and every member of the New York State Assembly to seek your support in drafting and passing legislation that would make partial-birth abortion a first-degree capital crime throughout the State," Molinari wrote on his Borough President letterhead.
He then added, "As a key stipulation of the bill, I propose that doctors found guilty of performing a partial-birth abortion be eligible for the death penalty, and that the method of execution replicate exactly [emphasis in the original] the method performed on the child in question, resulting in its death."
Shock waves went through the pro-abortion ranks as Molinari, in addition to sending the letters, held a press conference announcing his legislative proposal.
"According to the abortionists this is a violation of the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act" said Andrew Burnett, director of Advocates for Life Ministries. "We are currently being sued for $1.4 billion by Planned Parenthood under FACE for holding a press conference and distributing a flier calling for the legal punishment of abortionists. Both situations are simply an attempt by U.S. citizens to state their opinion about a controversial topic."
Guy Molinari is the father of the radical pro-abort Congressman Susan Molinari (R-NY). "In New York State, the new death penalty statute declares premeditated murder as a candidate for capital punishment, and certainly partial birth abortion is a premeditated act and is murder," he wrote. "The punishment, as I have proposed it, fits the crime. Innocent lives are at stake in this regard. I want to thank you in advance for your swift and immediate action."
At the press conference, Molinari admitted that the bill would be unlikely to be written or passed but that he hoped that legislators, responding in horror to his recommendation or calling it barbaric to perform such a procedure on an abortionist, would be inclined to then see how barbaric the procedure is to be performed on a baby.

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