May/June, 1998 Volume XII Number 12

The Editors Eye

It's not very often when the editor gets to play a central role in the lead story in his own magazine, but that's what has happened this month. Abortion, Inc. was dealt a real blow when the Oregon Court of Appeals overturned the stalking order against me on February 18. Those who watched the sweep of stalking laws move across the country about seven or eight years ago commented that there was an inordinate number of death industry reps involved and speculated that these would be tools for stopping pro-life activism. Two major law review articles came right out with the truth -- that stalking laws were the new way to stop anti-abortion "violence."
But the supreme need of a stalking charge is to show that there was some kind of threat. That's where the 'borts blew it. They tried to say that because your editor had signed the Defensive Action statement, then that "violent context" made my home picket of abortionist Jude Hanzo a threat over which she was in "reasonable fear." The court did not agree and, in fact, said that such a theory would mean I could never picket any clinic or abortionist ever again. Patently ridiculous.
But the implications of the court's opinion go well beyond stalking charges. It may help stop some of the FACE, RICO, harassment, and intentional infliction of emotional distress suits.
Speaking of "violent contexts," the ultra-violent Roy McMillan had the abortion industry in Jackson, Mississippi held hostage and quaking in their boots as he threatened their existence with 40 days of fasting and prayer outside one of the Mississippi mills. Christians going to church across the street from the site of his terroristic refusal to eat were all frightened and thought he was a bad witness by being outside the clinic instead of in church with all the good Christians. They wished he would quit threatening the sleep-walking believers -- not to mention the abortionists -- with violent acts of prayer and supplication. Just when the police finally do something right, some district attorney screws it up. Van Nuys, California gendarmes snatched up abortionist Gordon Goei (pronounced goy) for killing a baby! They charged him with murder and held him on $1 million bail. Leave it to the Los Angeles District Attorney to change the charge to merely practicing medicine without a license just because his medical license was suspended at the time of the abortion. Goei veh!
Flip Benham is in trouble again. Not only did a grand jury in Lynchburg, Virginia indict him on a misdemeanor (?) for a Back to School project there, he was tried and convicted for trespassing despite police insisting in court that he immediately left school property. Now Jerry Falwell of Moral Majority fame and Benham seem to be in a tit-for-tat cat fight. First Benham goes to jail, Falwell denounces his "tactics," Benham's lieutenants picket Falwell's Liberty Univeristy, Falwell says Benham is grandstanding, OR's folks discover that Liberty University bookstore is run by child-porn king Barnes & Noble Books, and yadda-yadda-yadda. Striking a blow for liberty became striking a blow at Liberty (or striking a blow by Liberty). Yuck!
Paul Hill is looking for a publisher for his manifesto. Any takers? Perhaps Johnny Brockhoeft, recently off his draconian parole which allowed him no contact with pro-lifers other than his wife (by special permission), would consider it.
A predictably big deal was made in the news about the "first" Oregonian to take advantage of the new doctor'em-to-death law -- until the family members of an earlier doctor-assisted suicide stepped forward to snatch the title from the other. And what purpose is all this "I was first" business when everyone wants to remain anonymous? Embarrassed?

For God and for Life,


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