May/June, 1998 Volume XII Number 12


Jonesboro massacre

Unfortunately this was not a case of guns not being locked up. The boys first went to one house and tried getting into a safe with a blow torch and couldn"t get in, so they illegally took a truck and went to some place where they could break into a house and get [one of their] grandfather's guns. Little doubt that guns could have been found if they really wanted to steal- kill- and destroy to get them. However in order to keep guns out of the hands of these guys the masses would have to suffer the removal of their Second Amendment rights and that would be wrong.
What this case proves is that we have devalued life to the point that kids are killing kids, and that is the real problem. That problem didn't start with these two renegade kids in Arkansas, it started when we kicked God out of the public discourse, schools, etc.
These kids killed and should be punished, without a doubt, but there are many more murders taking place on the streets of our major cities each and every day. About one person a day is killed in DC. Over half of all the murders here in our Nation's Capitol are done to and by those under 18. The evil which happened in Arkansas was just the tip of the iceberg compared to the multiplied millions of innocent babies slaughtered in our land since the Roe v Wade decision back in 1973. Until we reverse the "state religion" of secularism and Godaphobia, the God ordained method of keeping peace in a society will continue to elude us. This is the real problem from places like Jonesborough in Arkansas or from Jonestown in South America, or any such place that seems to grab our attention because of the drama of evil which is played out there in the public arena. The answers are simple, and so are the solutions.
Generations of us were raised with guns with no one going postal etc. Now we have the whole society shaking it's head wondering what could be the problem, and how to stop the violence. Yet, they refuse to examine the simple solutions that are there.
Anyway, thought you might be interested in a differing perspective. One from someone who has worked in the inner cities for the last 12 years, and has seen first hand the terrible toll that our nation has been willing to inflict on it's young to keep alive "our freedom from God and religion" and the resulting "woman's right to kill."
Dave Henderson
Washington, DC

Webpage helpful

Thank you for the information on the birth control pill. I have been taking the pill since my husband and I were married just over four years ago. I have always felt uncomfortable about it, but lately really felt conviction by the Holy Spirit to stop. I was beginning to feel that I must be crazy. I was raised to believe that anyone who didn't use birth control pills was irresponsible. I simply could not believe that the Holy Spirit would be asking me to be irresponsible.
After much prayer and many tears, one night last week I began searching on the internet for information. To my surprise I found very little information the subject. Fortunately, I did find your webpage. The minute the page came up, I knew that this was what God had been trying to tell me. My husband and I discussed it and have stopped using birth control pills. I just can't thank you enough for the information. It is so hard to find the truth on this subject.
Edmond, OK


For those of you who have been praying about the RICO (racketeering) case against pro-lifers - Thanks! I spent a week in Chicago and testified on Monday. The judge is not allowing us to mention religion or our motive (which is to please God), or any help or follow-up we provide women, or malpractice suits against abortionists.
NOW said they don't care if we pray or peacefully demonstrate on public property, yet they wouldn't allow me to mention the times I was arrested for praying on public property. Their witnesses have outrageously lied, and we've been able to prove they lied, but I don't know if the jury is paying attention. They just look bored.
For background and updated info on NOW vs. Scheidler, look up . This is Joe Scheidler's and Pro-Life Action League's website.
Please keep praying for this case. No matter who wins, this will be appealed up to the Supreme Court. Since we're not allowed to prove that our actions are protected by the First Amendment (freedom of religion, assembly, and speech), then it appears that our motive is simply to end abortion. If we lose, then the motive of "trying to stop abortion" could be grounds for being sued for racketeering, which carries a huge penalty.
Wendy Wright
Dallas, TX

Video offer

If you would like to know the true story on the companion case to Roe v Wade which is Doe v Bolton, you might be interested in ordering the video "The High Court's Low Blow to Doe". We produced the video and did the research. We have met with Senator Ashcroft and he has encouraged us to get the word out. The video tells the true story of a woman, Sandra Cano, whose circumstances were used to legalize abortion through the ninth month when she never believed in abortion and never sought an abortion.
Bryan and Sybil Lash


As a person who has been arrested approximately 20 times, sued for RICO (twice), fired, and derided by other "Christians" for my rescue activity, I'd just like to tell you how very much I appreciate the truth. Thank you for giving it to us. Dr. Chris Khalenborn is a friend of mine, and I am constantly amazed by his knowledge and love of life. Recently, I was fired (partially because I refused to write a grant request to a foundation that gave money to Planned Parenthood). During my "hearing," the judge brought up every one of my rescue arrests, dating back to 1988. She did not consider the charges to be connected to the "protest"; and the fact that I was never convicted meant nothing to her. I was fined the maximum fine. You know what, I felt great for the first time since rescue ended in Pittsburgh. Let's go, people. They are still dying. We're just a little older.
By the way, I signed Paul Hill's statement too, and I'm not sorry even though I woke up the next morning to find a huge tombstone stating I killed David Gunn and "not wanted in our neighborhood -- enemy of women" posters on all the telephone polls. Many times in the Bible God ordered the destruction of entire villages, even down to the livestock because of their evil. We have the greatest evil in the world in our own country. How long will His mercy last?
Valerie Ann Jones

Racial content?

I enjoyed reading Steve Gregg's article entitled "The 'Year 2000 Problem' and your family" which appears in your Jan/Feb 1998 issue and on your website. The presentation was serious without sounding alarmist, and it has influenced me to the point of researching this topic for myself. I did notice a subtle theme which ran through the body of the article, however, and I would like to express my concerns.
There seems to be what can only be described as a latent racist attitude in the author's style which could be considered offensive to certain readers, especially those who are African-American. Let me quote a few examples:
"Well, there are still two full years in which to fix the problem.
This is America, not Uganda!"
[Analysis] We know better then those Africans?
"Some people simply find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time (remember Reginald Denney?)."
[Analysis] An emotive attempt to play off of every white man's fear?
"The first major city was built in rebellion against God (Genesis 11), and its successors have generally been worthy reincarnations of the same spirit. Christians are often called to the city for outreach purposes."
[Analysis] Inner-city dwellers hate God. They need us suburbanites to save them. (Let's look past the fact that minorities and immigrants often cannot afford to live anywhere else).
"In view of the 45 million welfare recipients whose checks may not be in the mail, some Y2K-watchers suggest that it would not be wise to be living within a half-hour's drive of a city with a population above 20,000, nor within 100 miles of a city of more than 100,000."
[Analysis] Living as far away from any large population center might be good advice, but the wording seems to suggest that ALL those on government assistance (no matter for what the reason) are going to start raping and pillaging everything in sight.
And the clincher: "At the risk of sounding overly cynical, I would also suggest that Third World peoples, who presently treat white American visitors with respect, might find less reason to tolerate their presence at a future time when the US is no longer wealthy, powerful and intimidating" (emphasis mine).
[Analysis] So is the advice in this article not intended for the black, brown, yellow, or red Christian Americans out there? (Forgive me if even those color terms are offensive to anyone reading this, but they were used to contrast the author's use of "white.")
For the record, I am a white, "European American." I have been known to make comments in the past which have been interpreted as racist, so I am not without fault or the ability to try and see Mr.Gregg's statements as culturally conditioned illustrations put forth with innocent intentions. However, some of his remarks did strike me as offensive, so I can only imagine what someone of another racial background might think when reading this article. If you would, please forward a copy of this letter to Mr. Gregg in the hopes that he would revise his work, taking into account the above mentioned examples.
James Edwards
Denver, CO
P.S. I love your stand on birth control. It's amazing how even the most conservative Christian becomes a waffling relativist at the mere mention of this topic.

Editor's note: Mr. Edwards makes an interesting point. As a Native American, I was not offended, but our apologies go out to anyone who might have been. No insult was intended, either by Mr. Gregg or Life Advocate. Here it may be best to remember the old epithet, "More harm is done by those who choose to take offense, than by those who mean to give offense." The meaning, of course, is that we ought to be cautious in assuming another's motives lest we create discord where none existed, and on the other hand, as Mr. Edwards' letter suggests, quick to apologize when another is injured.

Maurice Lewis

I was looking through your magazine on the web to see if you had reported anything on the death of Maurice Lewis. I didn't see anything -- did I overlook it?
Maurice was a dedicated, compassionate pro-lifer who died in Ontario in September 1997. In 1995 he broke Vancouver's [Canada] bubble zone and won his court case. He lost on appeal and was set to go to Canada's Supreme Court but the case was dropped because of his death.
Elizabeth Toolan
Editor's note: The story was in the News Notes January/February 1998.

Good website

This is a great web site. Keep up the good work. It is the same caliber as the rest of the ministry. I know that you all work very hard with little worldly reward. However, He will reward you in His time. God bless each one of you.
Steve and Vivian McNeme
Hungry Horse, MT

IVF to be condemned

Thank you so much for running stories by Dr. Chris Kahlenborn, Scott B. Rae and others on the growing spectre of assisted reproductive technologies. I have always treasured innocent babies, and anything that harms them breaks my heart.
I have met many scientists who are involved in IVF etc., and they are ghouls. One of them used to be an abortionist, but found more money in IVF. The day he opened his IVF clinic his only son died as a judgment of God. He thinks that flushing children down the sink is okay because some children die naturally in miscarriages.
There is no comparison between natural death and murder -- one is a tragedy -- one a crime. Many of these scientists can't resist doing harmful, deadly tests on babies denied a chance to be in a womb. They even attempted to mix other species with babie's genes, what an abomination -- God sees all this and will punish us for allowing it to continue.
I was once just a 'one cell big' -- we all were. I was no less then than I am now - and to have killed me then would have been murder. In fact it's even worse to murder people at such a tender age -- before they even get to experience moving in their wombs and hear their parent's voices.
Before my 3 year Federally-induced exile, I sent you a photo of the largest child disposal unit in New Zealand. It is no coincidence that it's 3 floors are occupied by a birth control clinic & abortuary -they are connected by their murder of babies. The staff of the IVF clinic were upset by the sound of aborted babies sloshing down the sluice from upstairs -- yet they didn't give a second thought to the babies that they flushed down the sink.
Christians need to be aware of what's happening to these 'least' ones, and to speak up for and rescue them. Those involved in assisted reproductive technologies deserve our contempt, not respect, likewise with all those involved in the abortifacient industry. I hope any future 'Human Life Amendment' will prohibit all such practices.
Joanne Brockhoeft
Address withheld

Eternal perspective

Thank you for your faithfulness in standing with us over the years in defending the preborn and those brave enough to sacrifice of themselves in standing up for His Truth!
Thank you for letting us advertise our yearly White Rose Banquet in your excellent publication. We thank God for the talent, faithfulness, and courage He has given all of you in producing such a needed, valuable resource for His defenders of the truth!
Please remain faithful and true to this high calling! We, your brothers and sisters, at Reformation Lutheran, are with you in this important fight and look forward to receiving your excellent magazine for many years to come!
We firmly believe that when all is said and done in this life that our gracious Lord will allow each of you to say these words the Apostle Paul uttered: I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the truth; in the future there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, will award me on that day. (2 Tim. 4:7-8)
Peter Kuhnert
Bowie, MD

Billy Graham

Billy Graham doesn't need me to defend him. It's you that concerns me. You have a great commission, but it's not the great commission. God has shaped Billy Graham for the very thing. When you criticize Billy, you criticize God's handiwork.
China does not tolerate criticism of it's government by its people. They are not going to admit to anyone in there who does this. Billy's way has never been to criticize a host country. To criticize a non-Christian nation for a non-Christian behavior is not his work. His job is to take the anointed Word into that country and let the Word do its work. For you to hold Billy Graham up to the public eye to discredit him is divisible in the flock. This is earthly, sensual, devilish. I think perhaps that you're too close to the trees to see the forest.
Pat Rogers
Milltown, TN

A softened heart

Thanks to those who have prayed for me as I've gone sidewalk counseling. On Saturday, February 28, about 10am at the Lovejoy abortion clinic I saw a visible answer to prayer.
A nice white car pulled into the clinic parking lot and parked in the last space. I met this couple not far from their car. He was stocky and about 6 feet tall; she was about my height and both were well-dressed.
I offered her a pamphlet of alternative resources and suggested they go somewhere else (like a CPC). I warned her that the clinic counselors would not tell her about the development of her baby and then I gave her a brochure called "The First Nine Months" which shows excellent pictures of pre-born babies and describes their development.
I said, "This is one of the most important decisions of your life! And even if you decide to place this child with someone else for adoption, you would be giving that child the greatest gift just by giving it the chance to live!"
Around this point in the conversation the man began to cry.
I also told the couple that I would be willing to adopt their baby and I mentioned that I am pregnant myself. When I had said everything I could think of to say I asked, "Is there anything I can do to help you?"
The man put his arm around his girlfriend (or wife?) and gently turned her around to go back to the car. She had a hesitant look on her face.
They sat there in their car for 10 or 15 minutes. Meanwhile, I told the 15-20 pro-lifers standing on the sidewalks about this couple and they prayed fervently for them. I went back up to their car and asked if I could lead them to a CPC. The man said, "We're still talking about it." I replied, "OK. I'm praying for you -- for both of you." About five minutes later they drove away.
Someday we will see the heavenly forces that were present and fighting the battle -- to give me this opportunity to talk to them, to keep the pro-abortion escorts elsewhere at the time, to keep two clinic employees who had stepped outside (15 feet away) for a smoke from interfering. Most of all, I praise the Holy Spirit for softening that man's heart and for giving me the words to speak. Thank you, Lord. Only you could do this.
Hannah Shaver
Portland, OR

More on Graham

Cathy Ramey is to be commended for telling the truth about Billy Graham. Others too, like the well-known columnist Cal Thomas, are starting to tell the truth. Yes, Graham is to be commended for preaching the gospel and for living a life that has been free of personal scandal and shame. But there is more to Billy Graham than that, much more. Your magazine can and should focus only on abortion and closely related issues. But for those who want to know the rest of the story about Billy Graham, I'd recommend that they write to Living Truth Ministries, 1708 Patterson Road, Austin, Texas 78733 (1-800-234-9673) and get their tape, "The Awful Truth About Billy Graham." It's a well-documented report from a solid Christian point of view. It tells you the truth you won't hear from the media -- the same media that not only has lied about abortion and vilified the pro-life movement for years, but also has given Billy Graham star treatment and elevated him virtually to the status of an icon.
Rollin Stearns
Holden, ME

Christian Coalition

In the March/April edition of Life Advocate, there was a short piece on the Christian Coalition returning to "core principles." That's all well and good, but, you write about their having supported candidates who weren't pro-life. That's bad enough, but CC shouldn't be "supporting" anyone. That used to be their policy, as well as the law. They were supposed to be issues oriented only. That's why I broke my relationship with them. They couldn't stay focused. Because of their support of candidates, I couldn't get the voter guides into churches.
Judy Renyre
Carlshed, NM

Living witness

In Modesto one of our best sidewalk counselors was standing outside the abortion mill when she was approached by a woman who stated she had just gotten off the table in the surgery room of the abortion mill, deciding not to abort the baby. The sidewalk counselor was offered the baby and said yes. After adopting the baby, he has grown into a wonderful boy who stands outside the abortion mill with me and tries to save babies too. When people come up and challenge us about having children outside the clinic, this young boy speaks up and tells his story of almost being killed inside. What a great witness!
Don Blythe
Stockton, CA


Rabid dog "We can make the whole world safe for my children if we pass enough laws" types like you and others of your ilk have restraint placed on you by the fact that we are a nation of laws not men. . .
I too have seen all the books of Jock Sturges and none of his pictures are "lewd." Anyone who would think they are might have "problems" of their own dealing with children (nude or otherwise.)
If God creates us in His image, what can be wrong with showing it? Basically I feel your idea that it is OK to terrorize bookstores and people who practice their freedom in defiance of your narrow minded bigotry is far and away a more dangerous thing than Jock Sturges and all his photographs.
I often wonder how people like you can sleep at night knowing that there is a whole world out there that is not under your immediate and total control. Here is hoping you burn in that special place in hell reserved for people who "know what's best" and seek to make it so.
Steven Sowers

A man and nation judged

At noon today, Eastern Standard time, during live coverage in Kissimmee, Florida, Clinton quoted from Isaiah 9:10 as a word of encouragement to the people. Actually, the passage is a word of rebuke and prophecy of destruction to the people. The first part of the chapter is the prophecy of Jesus' birth. Verse 8 goes on to say: "The Lord sent a word against Jacob, and it has fallen on Israel" (v. 9). "All the people will know -- Ephraim and the inhabitants of Samaria -- Who say in pride and arrogance of heart; " v 10, the verse Clinton quoted, "The bricks have fallen down, But we will rebuild with hewn stones; The sycamores are cut down, But we will replace them with cedars." Then God goes on to say He will set up adversaries against them and Israel shall be devoured, it goes on with a prophecy of doom for those "who do not turn to Him who strikes them, Nor do they seek the Lord of Hosts."
My daughter Kathryn exclaimed after reading it, "This is a prophecy against him (Clinton) and he doesn't even know it!"
Gail Brightbill
Bradenton, FL

Where is compassion?

I don't worry much. When it comes to others, I do have concerns. For myself, no. My attitude is the same as that of the lady who said, "When ah sits, ah sits loose. And when ah worries, ah goes to sleep."
I don't particularly like to confront people, but I believe passionately about life for every innocent person. And the baby is alive from conception onward. No one can deny that. Live sperm penetrates live egg and a baby is the result.
The heathen of the Old Testament King James (Authorized) version of the Bible sacrificed their children to get the favor of Baal, their false "god." They often sacrificed their first-born. Then they quit.
We sacrifice children, not to gain favor of any god at all, but for our own "choice to kill," our own selfishness, or because of the demand of someone else. We are, indeed, worse than the heathen, as told of the Jews in Second Chronicles, chapter 33. They were "worse than the heathen" because they knew better. Every Pro-Choicer (read Pro-deather) knows better. Every place providing or counseling for abortion knows better. Even Kevorkian knows better.
We are worse than the heathen, without compassion for the most helpless of the helpless, the unborn child -- completely dependent on his or her mother for life itself; completely dependent on his or her father for protection and support. Now we vacillate on killing the old and sick and inconvenient. Where is compassion? Where is help? Where is dependence on God, the author of all pure love?
Nellie Bryant
Caldwell, ID

Remain vigilant

Thank you for your March/April 1998 issue. Thank you also for pastor Bray's article. Nice to see him back after not having an article in your January / February issue.
Praise God for Cathy Ramey who isn't afraid to expose wolves in sheep's clothing like Billy Graham. His latest comments on Bill Clinton, that he forgives Clinton even though Clinton hasn't repented, is ludicrous. Just as the Marxist Bill Clinton is a disgrace to the office of president, so to is Billy Graham a disgrace as a man of God. Too many people claiming to speak for our Lord in the 60s, 70s, and 80s put people, including Christians, to sleep instead of into action. Norman Vincent Peale and Billy Graham may have served as instruments of the Holy Spirit to bring people to Christ, but then rocked them to sleep with the prosperity gospel. If they had told the people to remain eternally vigilant perhaps our country wouldn't be in the sewer it is in right now.
Carl Knight
West Allis, WI

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