September/October, 1997 Volume XII Number 8

Does the birth control pill cause abortions?

by Randy Alcorn

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction: What's at stake?
  2. Background: "Contraceptives" that aren't contraceptives
  3. The Mini (progestin-only) Pill
  4. The birth control pill: My own vested interests
  5. The Physicians's Desk Reference
  6. A wealth of scientific evidence
  7. Established fact even in the Seventies
  8. Pro-abortionists know it: Why don't we?
  9. Breakthrough ovulation & backup mechanisms
  10. What do the Pill manufacturers say?
  11. Still more evidence
  12. Three more risks of the Pill to preborn children
  13. The new Morning After Pill: Standard BC pills
  14. Evidence to the contrary?
  15. How often does the Pill cause abortions?
  16. When the first mechanism fails, how often does the second work?
  17. Questions & objections
    1. "If this is true, why haven't I heard it before?"
    2. "If we don't know how often abortions happen, why shoudn't we take the Pill?"
    3. "But spontaneous abortions happen frequently anyway"
    4. "But Pill-takers aren't intending to have abortions"
    5. "Life is full of risks -- you can't avoid them all"
    6. "Can't we just take higher dose pills?"
    7. "Without the Pill there would be more unplanned pregnancies and therefore more abortions"
    8. "But how can we exercise birth control without the Pill?"
    9. "I never knew this about the Pill -- should I feel guilty?"
    10. "Let's not get sidetracked from fighting real abortions"
  18. Conclusion
  19. Time to search our hearts and change our ways?


  1. Appendix A: When does each human life begin? The answer of scripture
  2. Appendix B: When does human life begin? The answer of science
  3. Appendix C: Abortion: perspectives of the early Church leaders
  4. Appendix D: God is Creator and Owner of all people (and therefore has sole rights over all)
  5. Appendix E: God has exclusive prerogatives over human life and death
  6. Appendix F: The shedding of innocent blood
  7. Appendix G: How God sees children
  8. Appendix H: Defending the weak and helpless

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