September/October, 1997 Volume XII Number 8


"We do not have even the faintest idea of how to prevent out-of-wedlock births."
-- Lisa Kaeser, senior policy analyst with Planned Parenthood's Alan Guttmacher Institute

"It was easier for me to start the women's movement, which was needed to change society, than to change my own personal life."
-- Betty Friedan, author of The Feminine Mystique

"I am in favor of doing all we can to strengthen our relationship with China and its people."
-- Billy Graham speaking in support of Most Favored Nation trading status with the U.S. despite Chinese forced abortion policies and persecution of Christians. Graham's view of abortion was formed by his father-in-law, a medical missionary in China who performed abortions for population control as part of his "mission."

"This would be the ultimate in fast economy, you have fast food and now you have a fast abortion."
-- Josephine Quintavalle, British pro-life activist, commenting on the offer of "lunchtime abortions" for working women by Marie Stopes abortuary in London.

"I may choose at some point to submit to an injustice against me, but it is not the right of the community to abandon the call for justice on my behalf. Therefore, under the Christian world view, it is illegitimate to disregard an injustice done a born protester simply because that injustice has not been demonstrated to be as aggressive as the injustice done to the victims for whom they advocate."
-- Cathy Ramey

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