March/April, 1999 Volume XIII Number 5

Glaring hypocrisy: Is the pro-abortion crowd blind or brain-dead?

by Matt Trewhella

Immediately after the shooting of abortionist Barnett Slepian on October 23, 1998, the multi-million dollar, pro-abortion American "news media" began pumping out the thoughts and comments of the pro-abortion crowd.

The crowd

Let me give you a sample of their thoughts and comments:

  • Kate Michelman, President of National Abortion Rights Action League, declared, "This reign of terror must be stopped."

  • Damon Stutes, an abortionist in Reno, Nevada, stated that he is "absolutely incensed that this country continues to tolerate murder and terrorism."

    Strange words coming from people who proudly support and participate in the mass murdering of preborn babies. They are hollow words, dripping with hypocrisy.
    How can these people take their own words seriously? How can they say these things with a straight face? Are these people blind or brain-dead? Or, perhaps it is something more insidiously evil. Perhaps it reveals the depths to which man's depravity runs.
    No one who has seen what a preborn child looks like after he or she has been in the hands of an abortionist can take their words seriously.

    The press

    The American press, which has never done an expose on the humanity and suffering of the preborn child in 26 years of State-legal babykilling, reported the words and thoughts of the pro-abortion crowd as though they were sane.
    USA Today ran a photo in its November 6 issue showing a sign sitting in front of Slepian's abortion clinic which read, "Respect Life: Don't Murder Doctors." Is this not a strange sign to have sitting in front of the door of an abortion clinic where doctors murder preborn babies? Does the press not see the glaring hypocrisy?
    People magazine did a piece on Slepian in their November 6 issue which would have made a pro-Nazi biographer of Adolph Hitler proud of how well they covered up Slepian's crimes against humanity.
    The article, which is subtitled, "A sniper kills a doctor devoted to babies" (Gee, with that type of devotion, Stalin must have been really devoted to the Ukrainians and Mao really devoted to the dissidents.), begins with a woman named Jill Polet crooning about how helpful Slepian and his wife were in birthing her second child. She ends by saying, "That was his [Slepian's] greatest joy in life, bringing babies into the world."
    The People magazine article conveniently forgot to mention, however, that Jill Polet was a counselor at Slepian's abortion clinic.
    The article goes on to incessantly remind us that - Slepian helped babies too. The press has to harp on this aspect of Slepian's life because they are desperate to justify the slaughter which Slepian practiced and they have supported.
    Anyone who has seen what a preborn child looks like after he or she been in the hands of an abortionist has to rationalize in order to support such atrocities.

    The government

    After the shooting, Janet Reno announced that the American government will continue its "vigilant defense" of access to abortion, and Raymond Fisher, who is the number three man at the Justice Department, piously declared, "It [the violence against abortion providers] is not something we can tolerate."
    Violence against preborn babies? Hey, our government will not only tolerate it, but defend it to ensure the slaughter continues. But touch one of its "high priests of death," and the hair of intolerance stands straight up on its back.
    President Clinton, who signed five executive orders condemning the preborn to death as his first official act as President, called the shooting a "brutal act" and called upon all Americans to condemn it.
    I will not condemn it, Mr. President.
    I will not condemn it because to do so is to spit upon the humanity of the preborn babies Slepian sought to kill. It is to dishonor and disrespect those who suffered and died at his hands.
    Once you have seen what a preborn child looks like after he or she been in the hands of an abortionist, you cannot condemn the shooting.

    The pretenders

    Those pro-life organizations that tripped all over one another to get to their fax machines first in order to denounce and distance themselves from the shooting, did so because either they have embraced the heresy of pacifism, or because they wanted to ensure that their coffers stay full of money. Let me address the latter.
    Most of these groups view "pro-life" with the same intensity with which the Rotary Club meets to talk about installing a new set of flower beds along Main Street.
    One such wine-and-cheese pro-life strategist is Milwaukee "conservative" talk show host, Charlie Sykes, who claims to be pro-life, has ardently spoken against and exposed partial-birth abortion, and yet, has a livid disdain for anyone who does anything more than say they are against abortion.
    He reported on his show that everyone who is pro-life that he knows "condemns the shooting and is appalled by it." (Wow, why am I not surprised?)
    A few days later, he was musing on his show as to whether or not to vote for Sheldon Wasserman because, as he put it, though he disagrees with most of what Wasserman believes, "Sheldon is a nice guy."
    Sheldon Wasserman is a state legislator here in Wisconsin. He supports the killing of preborn babies. He voted against Wisconsin's partial-birth abortion ban, yet here is Sykes musing over whether to vote for him or not.
    The preborn and their continued suffering is as important to Sykes as the slaves and their suffering was to the Whig Party.
    Everyone I know who has seen what a preborn child looks like after he or she been in the hands of an abortionist, and has not embrace pacifism, does not condemn the shooting, nor are they appalled by it.

    The babies

    Margaret Carlson wrote a pro-abortion editorial piece in the November 9 issue of Time magazine.
    She opens the article with these words: "There are no Hallmark cards celebrating abortions, few testimonial dinners for those who perform them. Yet there are no other Americans, save officers of the law, who wake up each morning with a death threat over their lives."
    Well, Margaret, I hate to inform you (not really), but there is another group of Americans who wake up every morning with a death threat over their lives. Far more of them have been killed than abortionists. They were declared open game for those who kill-for-profit by the highest court in the land.
    There are no Hallmark cards for them either, nor any testimonial dinners in remembrance of their short lives.
    They don't have the opportunity to wear a bullet-proof vest or carry a gun like abortionist Damon Stutes in order to defend their lives.
    They are the helpless preborn, Margaret. These are they whom Barnett Slepian murdered by the thousands.
    Slepian's family has asked that donations in his memory be given to pro-abortion groups. Slepian was a cold-blooded murderer. I do not pity him.
    I pity those he killed.

    Matt Trewhella is pastor of Mercy Seat Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and director of Missionaries to the Preborn.

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    Glaring hypocrisy: Is the pro-abortion crowd blind or brain-dead?