March/April, 1999 Volume XIII Number 5

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Buddy, can you spare $109 million?

The last few months, news reporters have been talking about "the trial of the century" in reference to the Clinton Job Approval Raising Committee in the U.S. Senate. (Funny how there seem to be about two or three trials-of-the-century every decade.) Meanwhile, what may truly turn out to be the trial of the century - if the verdict is upheld - was taking place in Portland, Oregon. Planned Parenthood and the ACLU v. the First Amendment.
As you might suspect, most of this issue will go to the grand finale of the Planned Parenthood v. ACLA lawsuit. We tried to warm you up to the judicial lynching last ish, but who would'a thunk how bad it could get?
The only thing you won't see in this issue is a copy of the so-called threatening posters. Every publication has freedom of press to do so - because of the injunction, except Live Advocate.
You already know the bad news, now we will get the real news from every possible vantage - and it isn't as bad as you might think unless you are ready to toss in the towel on speaking up for the Unborn. (I doubt that.)
Not only can we not cough up the $109 million, we aren't even going to shut up. In fact, several of the defendants went home and immediately printed up and began distributing the same two posters they were just found guilty of using as "threats."
Neal Horsley, who was not sued but whose web server declined to serve him any longer, is getting set up with another server and will expand his operations to include live webcams showing people going into and out of abortion clinics during blood-letting hours. Wow! Imagine that. Someone who wants to kill their baby simply can't walk down the public sidewalk to the butcher shop in anonymity. Isn't there something in the Constitution . . . ?
Pro-aborts say they'd sue - but what's new?
I'm sure Horsley will be saving his pennies in anticipation of such a suit.
Roger Domingo reports on the sharkfest (read: press coverage) of Michael Bray's fourth annual White Rose Banquet this year held during the advent of the yearly March for Life/Roe v. Wade anniversary.
A good time was had by all - once the press was booted from the festivities.
The White Rose Banquet was also held mid-way through the PP v. ACLA trial. Bray was a defendant, but forgot to come, so wrapped up in banquet preparation was he after being defaulted.
Also, the annual March for Life occurred in Washington D.C. Herein is the full report:
"Washington, D.C. - On January 22, approximately 100,000 anti-abortionists marched."
The press forgot to show up. The world did not hear the witness (though God did). The only event covered that day was President Clinton's announcement that he was going to give away $4.5 million of my money to abortuaries for increased "security." (Heck, PP got more than 25X that from the suit.)
Many states had R v. W anniversary activities in their state capitols. Among them was the one in Salem, Oregon where Oregon Right to Life director, Gail Attaberry, claimed she "never knew" any of those on trial on the PP v. ACLA case.
Et tu, Gail?
Cathy says she wants a divorce.
Housekeeping: We have decided on a couple of style changes in the pages of Life Advocate. First we will begin to capitalize the "U" in Unborn because they are a "class of people" like Blacks or Hispanics. Next, we have almost decided to purge "pro-life" from our own news stories in preference for "anti-abortion." The reason being that "pro-life" has been diluted with the Shameless - er, Seamless Garment ideology (a Division of Pacifist Idolatry, Inc.).
Planned Parenthood, as our new linguistic masters, has asked that we replace shouting "Don't kill your baby!" in front of the clinic with whispering "I hope you will think about the option of not terminating the zygote/embryo/fetus" from the solitude of the church prayer closet or something of that kind. We haven't decided on that one yet.

For God and for Life,