March/April, 1999 Volume XIII Number 5


Really needs prayer

I know you guys are busy, but if you can please keep D'Ann in your prayers she is taking the cancer thing really hard. We are trying to buy her some time with the chemo but the doctors (real ones interested in extending not ending life) don't giver her much hope for the chemo extending her life more than the next six months or year. She has been a faithful warrior against abortion and has tolerated my activities and our oldest sons activities against abortion. Please pray for her and the kids in all of this. The boys are Matt 18, Ollie 9, Irving 7, Joshua 3.
Dave Henderson
Editor's note: Please pray extra hard for this godly family.

Counterfeit peace

Having read your "hard" article, "Hunting for justice in an insane, upside down world," I write to tell you that you are documenting the fall from God's grace that our nation and individuals are in the midst of. Each of us will be accountable to God for what we did or didn't do for the life He created. Continue to stand for God's righteousness, knowing that silence is a counterfeit peace in a dying world.
John Scherer
President of Life Advocates
Houston, Texas

No fear of God

It is becoming more and more clear that there is no fear of God in the hearts and minds of abortionists, nor America. Francis Schaefer was crystal clear when he defined the future trends in "Whatever Happened to the Human Race?" We are on a downward out of control spiral that seems to be unstoppable. How can anyone be so callused toward human life? Is it possible to put the PP people on the defensive by throwing a lawsuit their way for harassment and defamation of character as well as attempted wrongful lawsuit? This has become public knowledge that they are doing this in an attempt to keep you guys from being effective.
Although I don't agree with the Aryan Nations Compound here in Hayden, they are being sued in an attempt to shut the compound down. Now we simply prevent free speech by suing whomever we do not agree with. It appears that is the tactic being used on the Life Advocate too.
Only you have one huge difference, God is being glorified in what you are doing and not in the Neo-Nazi case. I'm sure you are more than used to these tactics already.
Steven H Brown

Babies spared

Around one year ago someone put a bomb at the New Woman All Women abortion clinic in Birmingham. The abortion mill was closed and innocent babies lives were spared from death. Robert Sanderson, who was there to guard the murdering of innocent babies, reaped his just reward at that time. Emily Lyons has become a poster child for the pro-abortion industry. She goes around showing off her scars, but she does not show pictures of the innocent babies that she has helped murder.
Innocent babies deserve to be protected as they were at New Woman's abortion mill. They deserve to be protected in the same way we would want to be protected if a murderer was about to murder us.
Donald Spitz
Chesapeake VA

Resisting judge's message

The Board of New Hampshire Right to Life issued the following statement about the recent Federal Court decision to fine Pro-Life protestors $107 million dollars for the content of their speech in connection with the Nuremberg Files Anti-Abortion Web Site.
"This Federal Court decision denies pro-lifers their first amendment rights to freely engage in constitutionally protected political speech. Political speech is the core reason for the First Amendment.
"In citing a 'climate of violence around the abortion controversy', the judge wrongly assessed pro-life protesters the blame for the acts of violence committed by the abortion industry. The judge ignored the victims of violence by the abortion industry: the murdered pre-born baby; the baby's mother, father, brothers, sisters, friends, and, if you believe Hillary Clinton, the whole village in which the child would be raised.
"The Judge wants to prevent the defendants from telling you: "Abortionists murder babies. An Abortionist sticks scissors in the back of a baby's skull as it is being born. An abortionist chases a pre-born baby around its mother's womb with a knife hacking pieces off its arms, legs, and body as the poor baby tries to escape. An abortionist burns a baby's skin off with lethal chemicals. Abortionists should be prosecuted under the law as murderers."
"If this decision stands, the courts will fail to mete out true justice and prevent you from complaining about it. The victims of abortion will be denied any legal recourse to justice. When pro-lifers are discriminated against based of the content of their speech, your first amendment rights to freedom of speech are denied.
"No decision by any court will prevent us from publicizing the names and addresses of abortionists or abortion advocates. Neither will we stop using photographs of aborted babies to show people the destruction caused by the abortion industry. Free Speech is our only means to effect change. Without it, NH Right to Life ceases to be."
Mike Gagnon
Bedford, NH

Activism in France

Today, most of [France] pro-life are Catholics. There are in France many centers who help pregnant women like "Fondation Jer"me Lejeune" or the charismatic organisms "mŠre de mis‚ricorde". There are also many people who pray for life. Every first Saturday of each month, rosary is said in many cathedrals in France for life. But there are few people who fight abortion with militantism. Operation Rescues have stopped in France since a law of 1993 that is very strict and pro-life associations don't have enough money.
I [belong] to the more active pro-life group : SOS Tout-Petits, with doctor Xavier Dor. We go every month praying in front of abortion centers . We are about 150 every month. Every month, we are attacked by pro-abortion very violent groups and we are arrested by the police. Mr Dor went 3 months in prison. We managed to have closed two abortion centers in paris. Every year there is a big march for life in Paris with about 5000 persons. We are also fighting PACS that is a law that will be soon voted which allows homosexuals to get married! There was a big demonstration last Sunday in Paris with 200 000 persons. Such a law is very dangerous for society.
Augustin de Dainville
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Churches targeted

In 1987, we were involved with the right to life movement in Portland, and had the pleasure of working with Andrew Burnett. I see in the Oregonian that he is currently involved in a trial that would prevent 'Wanted' posters from being produced.
This is ridiculous.
In 1990, I was living in Montana, and attending a church there that was targeted by locals for harassment. They circulated a 'Wanted' poster that actually listed reward amounts for different members of the church - including the method of killing them, i.e., shot-gunning a minister was worth a lot more than killing a member's child.
During that period, one of the church buses was hit by bullets. I believe these incidents were part of a hate crimes trial in the area about two years ago. One of the young men was let free, and I think the other only got community service.
Nancy L. Couick
O'Brien, OR

Pittsburgh Nightmare

The kind of justice meted out to prolifers reminds me a great deal of the kind of justice meted out to blacks in the South before the civil rights movement. (I'm old enough to remember the rise of the civil rights movement, and the book and movie, "To Kill A Mockingbird." Evidence did not matter; the man was black and therefore could not hope for justice.) I'm speaking not only of the recent Planned Parenthood lawsuit, but other cases over the past twenty-five years. For example, there was the Pittsburgh Nightmare. The pro-lifers finally ended up with nothing for the trauma they suffered at the hands of police. From what I have read, it looks as though they had an attorney who was not really on their side.
Angie Bell
Portland, OR

Sad report

After reading the article [on the Pittsburgh Nightmare] in your Nov./Dec. issue, I must say it was the saddest report in pro-life news, I've ever read. All the blood, sweat and tears and for what?
However, my thanks to you for reporting the information and being so honest to print it. My only question, what happened to POINT 13?
Paul Seifert
Valley Stream, NY

Editor's note: We goofed somehow. But in going back to the document we had, we too could not locate #13.

Honor to stand

You are indeed fortunate to be able to stand up for the unborn. No one can say why anyone is chosen to be the one whom "all men hate and speak against for the sake of the Lord." But He knows who to choose and why he chooses and some day you will know and be glad in your knowledge, too. I remember after my abortion I was often miserable and wanted to drive into a tree and end it all. But something inside me said that the Lord had a plan and I would be very sorry if I took my own life. And when I joined rescue then I was glad, I was blessed - in this life. So however dreadful the injustice and lies - hold on. I'm sure you will rejoice someday that you did.
Kathie O'Keefe

Clinton's America

Just a little thought I had. I guarantee it, that many pro-lifers who condemn the use of force to stop abortion will glorify the beast systems' military action (use of force) if the U.S. attacks Iraq. And no matter how evil Hussein may be, I doubt if in his country there are thousands of babies slaughtered every day like there are in William Jefferson Clinton's America!

Our Holocaust

Can you use "The Holocaust Train"?
It was written after a rescue trial in 1990. The judge was indifferent to the inalienable right to life or the claims of God upon His creation. "You don't understand," he told us. "I'm part of the system." He must have been referring to the "forget God" system. The judge was a black man, but treating unborn people as private property did not trouble him.

The Holocaust Train

Unalienable rights
Mean nothing to me.
They do not apply
If we say you can die.

We are the masters
Of life and of death.
If we give the signal,
You've drawn your last breath.

God is a concept;
You say life is His.
I follow the law
Whatever it is.

If you want to live,
Then respect what we say.
Five men in black
Can lay you away.

No one can stop us.
We're bigger than all.
We're ruling you now,
And you'll answer our call.

Five days or ten,
Two months or six,
You'll do what we say;
Give them shovels and picks.

It's no harm at all
To the baby that dies;
It's perfectly legal
Says the father of lies.

I belong to the system,
Says the man on the bench
While blood rises to heaven
In an ungodly stench.

A man that kills babies
And says I don't care
Has a future awaiting
In hell's fiery lair.

Our souls they are clear
Of the blood crying here,
But where is the judge
Who for God had no fear?

The judges are mild,
But their hearts are of stone,
They speak in tones of kindness
While the innocent moan.

Fire up the inferno,
For the holocaust train
Is riding the rails
To the judgment of Cain.

They'll gather them there,
The robes in a pyre,
To scream in remorse
At hell's torment fire.

They ruled over God
While judges on earth.
He'll bring them down
To regret their own birth.

The babies that died
For judicial pride
Will be saved by Him
Who was pierced in the side.

And forever and ever
The smoke will arise
From the judges who served
The father of lies.

Martin Wishnatsky

Forcing opinions

I find this so unbelievable! Not only do you force your opinions about the act of aborting a pregnancy, you are now up on your little soapbox, telling us that by taking birth control, we are in essence killing our unborn children. A woman has every right to decide when to have a baby. And she has a right to use birth control by any method she sees fit. You are taking this issue way too far. Next thing you will be doing is telling women not to have sex. I mean, that is the only thing left that you people haven't found fault with and connection to abortion. Other than the fact that having sex is the leading cause of pregnancy. Give us all a break and keep your opinions to yourself because I for one am pro-choice and pro-birth control and don't want to hear what it is you have to say.

Good ethical questions

So the god [sic] squad thinks birth control is abortion? Interesting. What do they think of chemically producing multiple zygotes to stuff a uterus, effectively skyrocketing the chances of fetal death? The McCaugheys and this latest couple both said their litters were "God's will."
Jan Rodak
Mount Vernon, Washington

Is this a threat?

Cathy Ramey, you, my dear, need to die in unimaginable ways. First I would prefer to see the skin stripped from your family slowy as you watched. But then again that probably wouldn't bother you since you would think it's the will of God.
Know what? It IS the will of god that scum like you should suffer every torment mortality has to offer. I'll see you in Hell my pretty, sin is sin, yours no less than anyone else's.

Get a hobby

Personally, I am neither for nor against abortion. But obviously like any rational, decent human, I am much more on the antiabortion side. What makes me mad, is to know that this world is overflowing with nasty, illogical, dumb people. These are the people whose mind either did not evolve, or it seems they don't give much thought to their decision making.
What is the point of making a headline out of boxes filled with fetuses? What purpose will this incident which involved some foreign driver serve? Do you think that this incident will change the mind of any intelligent person? This is not a racial discrimination matter. It is human fetuses that we are talking about.
Do you think that any human out there will find pleasure in hearing this news? This is like a delivery truck driver decides to dump his gasoline load on the road every day. This incident is not going to stop people from using gas, will it? Neither will it close down oil industry.
What you are really doing is making a business out of the whole thing. You look for lost, depressed people who don't have much intelligence, and you exploit them by selling them books, etc. These people think that rebelling against abortion will earn them an extra few points in Gods score book.
Any intelligent person (Intelligence: the faculty of thought and reason) knows from history that regardless of legalizing it or not, abortion will still be performed. Just like drugs being delivered. Go to schools and colleges, teach, preach, advise people on how not to get pregnant. Not marching in front of medical facilities and read outdated ancient Scriptures. It makes me laugh. Just by looking at your pictures, I can tell that you are lost or used to be lost people. All three of you have this scary, mean face. You look more like KKK or SS. Believe me when I tell you, God will not reward you for what you are doing. Get a different hobby.

Lied to

I have always considered myself pro-choice. To justify my feelings of guilt for having two abortions, as a teenager? Perhaps, in part. I have always felt that I saved two children from enduring lives of misery and neglect. I did not have the courage to endure the shame of pregnancy, nor the strength to choose adoption. Abortion is described to a frightened, idealistic girl as just "one of your options", a "medical procedure." My pregnancy was merely a problem, a mistake. I was shown a harmless-looking cylinder-shaped instrument, which resembled a magic wand.
I chose the enticing, easy solution. So easy, that it did not change my sexual habits and I was back, a year later. I went to the clinic in my first trimester, but was unable to get an appointment until the 17th (or so they thought) week. An ultrasound was performed (which I was not allowed to see). Laminaria were inserted the day before the abortion.
During the procedure, the two assistants reacted to the Doctor's gasp. The three became nervous, while the Doctor changed his method of evacuation. I could not see what was happening, down below. I might have blacked-out, or disengaged. It was extremely painful. The assistant whispered to me, at one point, "You were further along than we thought." I did not know, until reading you webpage, nine years later, that they probably ripped my unborn baby to pieces, before removing it from me. I wonder now, "Did he or she feel the pain?" I don't think I could bear having knowledge that he or she did. Had I known what the actual method would be, I don't think I could have followed through. I believed that the procedure was simply evacuating tissue, which would become a fetus: not mutilating, and possibly torturing to death, a living baby.
Here is the reality, of the other side: I believe that most unwanted pregnancies happen to young women who would not choose adoption, if abortion were illegal. Of what quality would those innocent lives be, born to resentful parents? I have always said, "I am glad that I took the burden of the unwanted children, rather than subject them to a life of misery. Let God punish me. The aborted children went straight to Heaven."
I am troubled by the amount of hostility, associated with this issue. I want you to know, from my standpoint, what it feels like to be in the situation. We are not evil: we are scared, ashamed, hurting and in denial. We do not recognize the life inside us, as a "baby." A productive solution is education: non-judgmental, non-grotesque, non-militant. In-your-face tactics turn us off: we think you are crazy and hateful. I still feel that there is a huge difference between first trimester abortions and later abortions, from the standpoint of fetal development and pain sensation. I realize that most pro-lifers believe in the sanctity of human life, no matter what age. The fact is, you will not make young women agree with that standpoint. If more young women are educated better than I was, they will not be requesting second and third trimester abortions: at least, it's a start. I think abortion is morally wrong, although I have a problem with making it a political issue. I regret having made the choices which led to unwanted pregnancy-twice. A woman's body is her own: I wish the clinic had been completely honest about what was happening to mine. I trust that you will use this for the betterment of your cause and not to hurt me.
Julia B.

On Slepian

Your article [Hunting for Justice] hit the needle on the head. I belong to the New York Lambs of Christ and we have been having Rosary marches on Rochester New York's Planned Parenthood for over two years. When Slepian was murdered I had just written a column for our monthly newsletter warning our readers to look out for some "dirty tricks" just before the election. And then he was shot. The intimidation of good solid pro-life people in our community because of this death is chilling. God bless you and I didn't know until I read your article that James Kopp didn't own the car and I have kept as many files as I could. I do know that Mr. Kopp is a well-known public advocate for the Unborn child ...not some itinerant wacko. May God continue to bless us in the pro-life movement with the courage to go on.
Mary E. Quinn


Thank you for doing the research I should have done before taking the Birth Control Pill. I became pregnant while taking Micronor and am now thanking the Lord for allowing me to carry this gift from Him. I will never know if I unknowingly destroyed a life, but thanks to your article, I will never take that chance again. God Bless.
Christy Boyle
Dublin, Oh

Poor Jack

Would you guy's get a life and stop bugging Kevorkian. These people wanted to die, so let them. Maybe they don't have the same beliefs as you people do so why are you imposing yours on them? Hey if your right, they'll go to hell any ways, but I don't think so. Stop trying to push your beliefs on others. If they want to die and they have a damned good reason like a progressively deteriorating disease, let them die the way they want to and when they want to.
Camie Barber

Rejects God

Sorry to hear you got slapped with a huge lawsuit...cause I would rather see you all jailed...Your vision of God doesn't run this country, men do.
Stephen Caruso


Planet Earth is self-destructing because of too many people and numbers are increasing exponentially. Don't you people ever learn basic mathematics? How about basic sciences as pertains to exploding population and environmental degradation?
Educate yourselves to the reality of what's happening and stop propping up the Pope and his bankrupt anti-family, anti-humanity crap.
Kathy Hainisch

Case must be appealed

Four and one half years ago myself and other pro-life activists formed a national group named The American Coalition of Life Activists (ACLA). We had as our focus the public denunciation of child killing through legalized abortion. We elected to use free speech, public protest methods to proclaim as loudly and as descriptively as possible our belief that abortion is murder and that abortionists are mass murderers. Our goal was to close as many clinics and persuade as many abortionists as possible to cease and desist the killing of unborn children.
In January of 1995 we presented a list of abortionists we hoped to focus our attentions on for the year. We called the list the "Deadly Dozen" because they were deadly to the unborn children. The pro-abortion forces called it a "hit list" and cried out to their legislators and president and justice department for help. Instantly the justice department dispatched Federal Marshals to warn the abortionists that they were in grave danger and were offered 24hr protection for an indefinite length of time. The abortionists were terrified! At that moment in time the abortion industry and Justice Department (Janet Reno) set the stage for a lawsuit.
Never mind the Justice Department's 18-month task force called Violence Against Abortion Providers Conspiracy (VAAPCON) which turned up a big ZERO, Planned Parenthood was incensed that the government didn't prove their prior claim that their was a conspiracy to do violence against them and jumped at the opportunity to pursue the ACLA under FACE and RICO statutes now that the federal marshals had validated their claims by providing two or more marshals around the clock to protect abortionists named on our posters.
Concerning the Planned Parenthood vs American Coalition of Life Activists case decided in Portland, OR this week, as a defendant in this case I was reminded of another jury awarding plaintiffs millions of dollars for spilling hot coffee in their own lap. A few years ago I remember reading of a woman who, after spilling a hot cup of McDonald's coffee in her own lap, then sued McDonald's for burns received from the accident.
In the PP case the jury listened to four abortionists and two clinic staff who told of their fears and of feeling threatened once they learned of our activities. The abortionists learned of our activities through the Federal Marshals warning them that this was a "serious threat."
Yesterday, a Portland, OR jury awarded two abortuaries and four abortionists $107,000,000 for spilling innocent blood in their own lap and then feeling threatened when pro-life activists collected information and placed their names on posters declaring they were guilty of "Crimes Against Humanity." The jury concluded a "reasonable abortionist" would feel threatened by these actions and that the activists did or should have known the abortionists would feel threatened and were thereby liable.
Based on Judge Jones' instruction to the jury, this met the requirements for violating the FACE law forbidding intimidation through threat of force.
The problem with the verdict is that the testimony of the abortionists' was that they had felt threatened for many years. One abortionist, Warren Hern, said he had been in fear since 1973 when he began terminating the unborn for hire.
The truth is that every time some one calls abortion murder, abortionists may be fearful and may feel threatened. The reason for their fear may be based in the fact that they have chosen to spill the innocent blood of unborn children into their own lap. They see the tiny hands and feet of the torn and tortured little bodies they have cut from a woman's womb. I don't believe a man or woman can force surgical instruments into a woman's womb, tear out her child and not feel some level of fear, some fear of consequences. These men and women who choose to kill the innocent for hire have heaped up judgment against themselves and are weighed down with the guilt, consciously or subconsciously that produces real fear.
The universal belief that what you sow you shall reap has produced a fear of consequences that can not be explained by a few activists saying again (abortion is murder, abortionists are mass murders) what has been said thousands of times over the last couple of decades. Our group of activists may, however have given PP and others the opportunity they were looking for by working together as a group and being on record as not condemning the forceful defense of unborn children.
In the spilled coffee case there was at least a physical injury to the plaintiff. In the PP case we have to take the word of our ideological enemies that they were especially threatened by our actions.
If this case stands I am left in the position of not speaking or writing or distributing my beliefs and opinions without first, somehow, being sure the abortionists do not feel threatened by my actions.
David Crane
Former National Director
American Coalition of Life Activists

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