May/June, 1999 Volume XIII Number 6

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The Editors Eye

The cover looks like old home week, huh?
The Irish anti-abortion movement looks like it is taking the tack that we in the U.S. neglected so many years ago. They are hitting “clinics” with blockades before they even become full-fledged abortuaries. In that island, all they have are larva abortuaries -- where referrals are given to kill Irish babies across the water in Merry Old.
With the help of old American leaders like Joan Andrews Bell -- the titilar founder of the late American Rescue Movement -- the Youth Defence (with a “c”) occupied and blocked two Marie Stopes abortion referral businesses in Dublin.
While they are starting early, one must remember that the European Union parliament is looking at laws which would force all member nations to create an untrammelled right to a dead baby. Perhaps the Irish will opt out of the EU. Go, Big Green!
There is trouble brewing in the Great White North!
Canada is further down the political correctness track than the U.S. (but we are making good speed) and has introduced “nice” fascism which trumps what passes for the Canuck concept of freedom of speech with anti-hate speech codes.
Some Canadian nurses are getting forced to participate in child-killing under increasingly more inflexible hospital policies. Misery (and evil) love company.
Also in Canada, a Vancouver coroner has declined to investigate the increasing deaths of “ultimate complications,” i.e., aborted babies surviving outside the womb. The pesky little creatures are refusing to cooperate with their mother’s and doctor’s demand for a corpse. Something must be done to ensure the proper results.
The coroner, however, demurrs. he will not look into how the result is obtained since he only investigates “unexpected” deaths. The babies are, after all, expected to die.
Hm-m-m. Aren’t the victims of hit men and serial killers also expected to die? Boy, that sure cuts down on a busy coroner’s work, doesn’t it?
This month’s news that Dr. Death was convicted of second degree murder gave me the same warm-fuzzies as I got from seeing the Abortionist-in-Chains picture of Biskind last month. Let us pray that no one decided to let Jack walk with any kind of probation. He says he will starve himself to death -- a project he’s been working on for years, judging by his appearance -- if he is put in prison. One can only hope . . . that he repents before he dies, or that he just dies!
Jackie K gets a sound quill-thrashing from Thomas L. Jipping of the Free Congress Foundation Center for Law and Democracy in our Point of View column.

Another quarter heard from: We do the unusual and reprint a commentary from a homosexual publication called Boston Phoenix. Attorney Harvey Silverglate warns the Left of the dangers of cheering the Planned Parenthood v. ACLA decision without a condom -- er, without realizing that a victory for PP here is a defeat for all free speech -- leaving that of pro-aborts and homosexual activists without “protection.” Silverglate deftly dissects the speech issues at hand with a lucidity I only wish I saw coming from so many allegedly anti-abortion, Christian attorneys and public interest law groups, e.g., ACLJ, Ruherford, et. al.
In coming issues, we will be bringing you material about our spiritual ancestors — The Abolitionists.
These pieces should be encouraging and remind us not to be weary in well-doing. The Abolitionists did not succeed for many decades and it was those radicals who held the line of absolute principle -- not the sniveling pragmatic fringe -- who prevailed. So shall it be with Abortion Abolitionists -- if we faint not and do not join the chorus for a kinder-and-gentler (to everyone except the babies), “common ground” approach of the pro-lie movement.

For God and for Life,