May/June, 1999 Volume XIII Number 6



He failed to retain the only Attorney who could plead his cause. This Attorney would have pled him guilty, then taken his punishment in his place. He has already taken the punishment, death, for all who will accept Him on His terms.
Don’t forget the primary enemy of the [Unborn] child: the child’s own mother!
Read Harry Blackmun’s comments as to the hypocrisy of wanting to punish the killer of the child but letting the mother off.
[He wrote] “ many States, including Texas, by statute or judicial interpretation, the pregnant woman herself could not be prosecuted for self-abortion or for cooperating in an abortion performed upon her by another…There are other inconsistencies between Fourteenth Amendment status and the typical abortion statute. It has already been pointed out, supra, that, in Texas, the woman is not a principal or an accomplice with respect to an abortion upon her. If the fetus is a person, why is the woman not a principal or an accomplice? Further, the penalty for criminal abortion specified by Art. 1195 is significantly less than the maximum penalty for murder prescribed by Art. 1257 of the Texas Penal Code. If the fetus is a person, may the penalties be different?
“When Texas urges that a fetus is entitled to Fourteenth Amendment protection as a person, it faces a dilemma. Neither in Texas nor in any other State are all abortions prohibited. Despite broad proscription, an exception always exists. The exception contained in Art. 1196, for an abortion procured or attempted by medical advice for the purpose of saving the life of the mother, is typical. But if the fetus is a person who is not to be deprived of life without due process of law, and if the mother’s condition is the sole determinant, does not the Texas exception appear to be out of line with the Amendment’s command?
“’Quickening’: England’s first criminal abortion statute, Lord Ellenborough’s Act, 43 Geo. 3, c. 58, came in 1803. It made abortion of a quick fetus, § 1, a capital crime, but, in § 2, it provided lesser penalties for the felony of abortion before quickening, and thus preserved the ‘quickening’ distinction.”
Allison Grayson

Sheds no tears

I’ll shed no tears for Harry Blackmun. He shed none for the unborn. I can’t really say whether he’s shovelling coal right now. And it’s not my concern. Whatever satisfies God, certainly satisfies me. But I am mindful of the observation that, “A God all merciful is a God unjust,” and that the most frequent commandment in the Bible is to fear God. (There must be a reason.) We’ll learn the details later. In the meantime, we’ve got our orders.
Harvey Wysong


I’d rather be naked, homeless, starving, covered with boils, missing numerous body parts from amputation and leprosy, suffering the most deeply painful burns, blind, deaf, etc., etc., than to be in the shoes of Blackmun at this time.
Dave Henderson


Did you know that [third trimester abortionist] Warren Hern is member of the American Eugenics Society? - as was O. F. Von Verschuer, who planned Josef Mengele’s experiments?
Kathie O'Keefe

Parallels in history

Author Professor James M. Glass in his book Life Unworthy of Life tries to explain the whys of the NAZI holocaust, primarily directed at European Jews. Although abortion and infanticide played a part in the NAZI holocaust, Glass only devotes a couple of pages to it. One extremely gruesome passage follows (page 184):
“The view of the child as a menace appears in the description by a twelve-year-old boy of the destruction of a maternity ward in Lodz, shortly after his sister had given birth.
“Then as the next group of patients was being escorted to a waiting truck, we saw Esther... She was pale and frightened as she stood there in her pink nightgown... Soon the truck drove off and we knew we could never see our beloved Esther again... There was silence for a moment. No one could figure what was going to happen next...
“Suddenly, two Germans appeared in an upper story window and pushed it open. Seconds later a naked baby was pushed over the ledge and dropped to its death directly into the truck below. We were in such shock that at first few of us believed it was actually a live, newborn baby...
“The SS seemed to enjoy this bloody escapade.... The young SS butcher rolled up his rifle sleeve and caught the very next infant on his bayonet. The blood of the infant flowed down the knife onto the murderer’s arm.”
Although gruesome to most people, the preceding passage would have little effect on some “pro-choicers.”
If one could go back in time, how could that event described above be changed to make it “acceptable”? The SS could have done the following:
1. Command the obstetrician to perform a breech (“feet first”) “delivery” but leave the baby’s head in the birth canal.
2. The SS men then fatally bayonet (i.e. stab) the unborn.
3. The obstetrician delivers a dead baby.
Have the SS, in this revised version, committed a capital crime (i.e., murder)? Not according to current U.S. law or “pro-choice” leaders.
Any “pro-choicer” who thinks that this revised version still represents a capital crime (according to their theory of when life begins), may try to logically prove it, but they can not.
Anti-abortionists know that the revised SS “partial birth abortion” (i.e. infanticide) is murder, pure and simple. Those who want to explore theories of “why” the 1940’s NAZI holocaust occurred, can read Life Unworthy of Life (James M. Glass); also, The Ominous Parallels (Leonard Peikoff) is an alternative to Glass’s book, but I believe that Glass provides a more compelling “why”.
So, was Adolf Hitler pro-life or “pro-choice”?
In a word, NEITHER! How can that be, since it’s one or the other?
Adolf Hitler, like most of U.S. pro-abortion leaders, was pro-eugenic. Meaning that he wanted more babies from one group (Aryan) and none from all other groups.
U.S. abortion leaders, in general, want more babies from healthy, affluent Caucasians and few, if any, from poor, unhealthy, or non-white.
Will they admit to any such agenda?
No, but actions speak louder than words: why are there a disproportionate number of abortion clinics in black neighborhoods?
Mike Richmond

Shame on us

Inoffensive piety is no substitute for goodness, and “nice” is not a Christian virtue. The nice is almost always an enemy of the good.
Judging by the comments of too many Christian persons, consistency in thought, in word, and in action are not a priority. We have forgotten, if ever we knew, that there are such things as sins of the intellect, things like confusion of mind, lack of mental grip, intellectual cowardice, and error. These sins we commit regularly, almost as a matter of course. We ought to confess and repent of them just as regularly. Better yet, we ought to learn how to avoid them. It distresses me to see the Christian students who come into my classes with little ability to employ the mind and mouth God gave them, mostly because they are too busy maintaining their addiction to warm and fuzzy feelings they think come from God and lead to God. They seldom undertake a serious stewardship of their abilities or opportunities. This is a lifestyle they learned in the church. Shame on us for being such fools and cowards. The church needs to recognize that cowardice too often fools itself by masquerading as prudence. We are so very “prudent” these days.
Michael Bauman
Hillsdale, MI

Lesson learned late

For years as a young adult I was pro- [abortion]. It’s my body, I should be the one to make the decisions. Planned Parenthood in the mid and late 70’s was telling the youth that we were capable adults.
The unfortunate reality is that as a young adult I had a lot to learn. The world is not an idyllic place where the division of right and wrong can take on many shades of gray, depending on how you can color it, to make it fit the scheme of things. The male gender does not always mean what it say’s in the heat of the moment, and in the end the consequence of the action is left on the female to decide. The decision is not always made with a clear mind and complete understanding. It is made on emotion and the feeling of being absolutely alone.
At 18 I found myself in this situation, [with a] man who says “I love you,” and then says, “good bye.” Believing all the rhetoric that was fed [me] by Planned Parenthood and pressure from this man who said he loved me led me to a place that will forever be a scar in my soul.
Did I believe that I took a life? Well, the shades of gray said, “lump of cells” and the people at Planned Parenthood said it was the best option.
Did I talk to my parents?
No. That was my second mistake.
When did I fully acknowledge that I took a life?
The day I felt my oldest child move inside me. The day I looked at that beautiful face.
As each birthday passes I think of how old my oldest child would be now and I grieve. I grieve just knowing that [pregnancy] was not the end of the world but the beginning of a life with more meaning.
My life began when my children were conceived, they became my world, who I am, and they teach me more about myself everyday.
I have never spoken or written about this before, my secret shame. Only God and the man that I love very much knew my secret.
I share it now with you because reading some of the garbage that people justify as to why children should not exist shows just how selfish and ignorant we have become.
A choice is something made before you take the action. The action of sex has a consequence, that is the procreation of life. That life, like your life, begins and ends with or without your consent. That is the beauty of it. We must all be accountable for our actions. As responsible adults we must all remember to be there for our children. We will love them no matter what.
Patricia Burke

Boycott ISPs?

I’m curious as to whether the [anti-abortion] community will be sponsoring a boycott of Mindspring and OneNet Communications for their unwarranted actions to suppress freedom of speech with regards to the Nuremburg Files.
J. Mark Brooks
Randleman, NC

Defending Jack

I personally feel like you people need to get a life. Leave Jack Kevorkian and the others alone!!
Angelina Case

Handy scapegoats

“Planned Parenthood convinced the federal court that [Websites like the Nuremberg Files] are no different than ‘hit lists’ to incite violence against doctors. Still, the Advocates for Life Ministries’ Alternate Pro-life Links site—which contains a dead link to the Nuremberg Files—still is up and running as a clearinghouse for anti-abortion sites that list private details about abortion providers. The Alternate Pro-life Links site could be right behind the Nuremberg Files if pressure mounts. Alternate Pro-life Links’ host, [ISP server] Information, based in Portland, said it had not received any complaints about the site.”,4,33670,00.html
Hey! Browse the above news story (and link). Looks like the media goofed up again. I think they meant “Alternative Pro-life Links” - which is my links page (which is linked at your web site). You guys catch the blame for everything. The Nuremburg Files was blamed on you, and now my links page is being blamed on you as well. Just can’t win, eh? Is it any wonder why [your server] has not received any complaints about it? It’s not even on your server! Expect to hear some complaints in the future though. This article came complete with links to all the sites including [your server] to make complaining easier.
Steve Wetzel
Missionaries to the Unborn
Web Site:

Legal help, please

I am a RN working in Labor/Delivery in a local hospital. One day last week a patient came in at 20 weeks pregnant. She stated her physician had inserted something into her vagina to induce abortion. She basically came in to be delivered. She was in excruciating pain. By the time orders were received from the physician and the unit manager called to find out if “we did this sort of thing” the patient delivered a dead baby. Needless to say, one of the nurses did the delivery. The physician never came to the hospital.
This was very traumatic for myself and the other nurses. What are the laws in the state of Florida? How can I protect myself and where can I get more information?
Carla Layne, RN

Moderation can kill

For many years the anti-slavery movement in America went nowhere and accomplished little. Louis Ruchames, in his book, The Abolitionist, points out that the reason for this was that the strategy of the anti-slavery movement was one of ‘moderation’ and ‘temperance.’ ‘Moderation’ in their rhetoric and in their action. They did this in order not to seem extreme and hopefully win the general public over to their side. Ruchames writes: “The results of this strategy were the very opposite of what its proponents had intended. The recourse to a very cautious ‘moderation’ in language, and the avoidance of any language likely to antagonize the slave owner, simply minimized the inherent evils of the institution and the responsibility of the slave owner for the suffering of the slave and made it more difficult to awaken the public conscience to a recognition of the evil.”
It wasn’t until William Lloyd Garrison came on the scene and shaped the rhetoric and action of the anti-slavery movement that real progress began to be made.

On Kosovo

If the USA wants to save lives by bombing, it can bomb United States abortion mills and save 5,000 innocent American lives each and every day.
Don Spitz

Pill shock

I have not yet finished reading your entire [Alcorn article] on birth control as it relates to abortion, but I felt compelled to email you immediately. I want to thank you for such an informative piece. I have been searching for this kind of information ever since I read the fine print about implantation in the uterus. The wording was so vague, and I could hardly believe that this may mean the pill causes an unborn child to die. Doctors are very quick to evade this issue also. I conceived my first child while on the pill. We were quite shocked. We later learned that my son’s umbilical cord was attached to the wrong place in the placenta. He was supposed to have been born with a heart defect, but because I prayed for my unborn son every day, I believe the Lord healed him in utero. Even the doctor delivering him said an angel must have been watching over him. I cannot help but wonder if this is related to taking the pill before and after conception (as I did not know I was pregnant immediately). My next son was born without any complications, and I did not take the pill before or after his conception.
We have been looking to start using birth control again as my second son is now 4 months old. We assumed I would go back on the pill, but when I was reading a birth control leaflet, I learned about the possibility of abortion. I almost didn’t want to believe it. I really felt the Lord leading me to find out the truth about this issue. I could not, in good conscience, go back on the pill with this issue unresolved. I decided to search the Internet and found your article. It has already answered so many of the questions I could not find answers to or no one would answer straightforwardly. I think this is one of the biggest deceptions out there among the medical and pharmaceutical community. It is also one of the biggest deceptions presented to the Christian community. Most all of my Christian girlfriends use the pill or Depo-Provera. I am bringing this article to the attention of my friends and to the leaders of my church.
Again, thank you for your persistence and research in such a controversial area.
Marlie Antonic
Madison, WI


Q: I have just finished reading your article from September/October 1997. I was shocked by what I read there. I assume the Lord led me to read it as I found it very convicting. I do have one question, though, that was not addressed:
When the birth control pill fails to work in its primary mechanism, that is, in preventing ovulation, why does it fail? I have always heard that it fails [when] not used properly or when a woman is taking an antibiotic. Do you have an answer to this? Can the pill be taken properly and it be effective all the time? Is there research available on this?
Lauralyn Lonquist
A: Medications interact differently with each person and, as with antibiotics, in different ways in combination with other drugs, foods, etc.
The data suggests that the “odds” are 3:100 even when taken perfectly. This data represents the “failure” rate ending in known (clinically identifiable) pregnancies and does not factor in sub-clinical pregnancies (before sustained implantation).
The “pill” initially had a very high hormone load (in the 1960s), however the side-effects necessitated the hormone load be titrated down. As the rate was reduced, break-through ovulation and pregnancies rose. However, even with a higher hormonal concentration, the “pill” was never free of the so-called “failure rate.” (Oops, It’s a baby!)
The pill and other hormonal products cannot be “perfect” simply because of the necessity of balancing health interests. Additionally, our bodies are not always predictable machines. People respond differently to the various drugs that are marketed.

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