July/August, 1999 Volume XIII Number 7

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The Editors Eye

The tail is wagging the dog. Abortion is wagging the culture in North America – and infecting the rest of the globe. Canada again influences a major part of Life Advocate.
Last month’s issue featured a news story about “genetic abortions” in the Calgary Foothills Hospital (Motto: Killing your handicapped babies for the good of all.). Days after the issue went to bed, the government swooped down on, Alberta Report, the Canadian news magazine that first ran the story, and handed them an injunction prohibiting them from running further reports on the issue and demanding the documents and sources for the story. The government’s pretext: It might endanger the abortionists (who were not identified in the story).
Link Byfield, the editor, says “no way” to ratting out his sources and is preparing to go to jail if necessary.
Meanwhile, the story of “genetic abortions,” which would probably have remained relatively isolated without the government overreaction, is now major news.
It all goes to show how abortion infects freedom of the press – and everything else. Some people call it “the abortion distortion”; I call it a disease. Thus “The Infection” is our cover story.
Pro-life is up a tree again! This time in Spokane Washington where Teresa Van Camp, is, in an effort to keep snapping pictures of escorts, abortionists, and murdering moms, is literally up a tree singing out her “Tree Song.” Intrigued? Check out her story inside.
Now, call us “ambulance chasers” but we just couldn’t resist this story. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has seen what was apparently another customer fatality in an abortion shop. Two video cameramen covered the action and we have selected various still shots showing the tale – the tale, perhaps, of unintended (but just) consequences for a murdering mom. There is no record of a 911 call, but then, the “security” company for the abortuary is allegedly owned by one of Pittsburgh’s top cops.
Our friend Meredith Raney, a Florida sidewalk counselor, has smacked the City of Melbourne in the FACE for interfering with his providing “reproductive health services” in the form of counseling. The cops have been regularly rousting and threatening Raney when he tries to offer services. There is more of a case than you might think. Readers may recall that a court in the Northeast held that FACE Act protection was equally available to anti-abortion “reproductive health services.” An interesting legal battle breweth.
Randall Terry appears twice in our pages this month. Once as the target of one of my inquisitions (Randy, Randy! Wherefore art thou Randy?), and again as the author of what is most commonly called a book review. However, in this case, I would say it is a book dissection – and a good one at that.
Before you send me an avalanche of hate mail, I want you to carefully note that I am not “trashing” Randy, just asking what happened to his prime directive – “If abortion is murder, then act like it.”
A New Zeal-lander, Graeme White, was apparently thinking along the lines of “act like it” when he got busted trying to disable the sprinkler system in the abortion centre (a NZ spelling) before torching the place. A fellow “believer” ratted him out. Evidently, it would have been simply too much to have an arsonist and baby-saver like White in his sedate little Bible study.
We have a lot of commentary this month – some set off by the Columbine High School incident. While we don’t have a news piece on that, we think there is a connection between a culture of death-to-unwanted-babies and a culture of death-to-unwanted-Christians, don’t you think?
For God and for Life,


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