July/August, 1999 Volume XIII Number 7


Canadian holocaust

Wow. Thanks for the stories on Canada. It never stops surprising me, how callous we have gotten in the West. I was born in 1931, grew up as a teen watching men die to stop a holocaust. I remember wanting to go fight the war myself and thinking us lily-pure Americans would never find ourselves murdering people just because they were different. Now I know better and it breaks my heart.
Keep up the great work you are doing. I never see the things reported in the regular media that I find in your magazine, actually on your website. Please mail me this last magazine as I want to copy the Canada stories and mail them to all my Canadian friends.
Jack Poloma
White Water, MT
Editor’s note: Due to a computer crash that may have originated with a virus, you may not find your letter here. We lost a number of files. Keep writing.


I’ve heard over and over again that the human race is “evolving” from barbarism to a more moral civilization. Well, maybe we haven’t seen a public crucifixion or burning at the stake in this country, but the atrocities of the twentieth century around the world should dispel any thinking person of any notion of moral “progress.” If abortion is not barbaric, I don’t know what is. Too many people simply refuse to call the victims human, as the Nazis refused to call the concentration camp victims human.
Besides abortion and the Nazi holocaust, there were Communism’s millions of victims, tortured and murdered in various ways. In the early twentieth century, there was the Turks’ genocide of the Armenians. A few years ago, there was Rwanda where hundreds of thousands were hacked to death. In South Africa, the grisly “necklacing” was practiced. Now there’s Kosovo.
There is not only abortion, but the statistics on child abuse, and deaths of born children by abuse, get worse every year.
Then, through nearly half of the twentieth century people lived in fear of a nuclear holocaust, and that danger is still with us.
It was a violent and dangerous world when God’s Son was born into it, and it will be not less, but more so when He returns.
Mary Angie Bell
Portland, OR

Help for endometriosis?

I found your site very informative and I wanted to do research since I recently have been put on the pill. I am on a monophasic pill called Ortho-Cept and I am not on it for birth control. I am on it for endometriosis which physically renders me helpless a few days a month. The pill has been the first solution to helping me which has worked. I do not want to cause abortions, though. Is there any go-between which will allow me to be on the pill for my painful disease yet a way I can prevent abortions from occurring?
I am a Christian and cannot in anyway allow myself to be on the pill if it means the possibility of abortion, but I also need to do something for my endometriosis. My children are small right now and they need me to be in decent health. I am not ready to commit to a hysterectomy since I may want more children. Lupron is a drug which I could use but the side effects cause me to be a horribly moody person which is unfair to my children. I would welcome any advice you may have or any peace of mind you may be able to offer.

No death penalty

In keeping with my faith as a Roman Catholic, I choose to follow the lead of Pope John Paul and renounce the death penalty as a means of justice. Your declaration on the inside cover of the March/April issue convinced me that I should ask that my name be removed from your mailing list. Please do so immediately.
I admire your courageous way of doing things, and especially the articles questioning our society’s loose concept of courtship and the recognition of contraception as a means of subverting God’s will and its role as an abortifacient.
May the Lord lead you in the way that you are to go on the death penalty.
Cyril and Barbara
Lakewood, CO

Need a pen-pal

My name is Gary Dale Ford. I am a prisoner in a Georgia prison for a non-violent crime. I am a Christian , being born-again by the Spirit of God by the blood of Jesus.
Before I was locked up I was a police officer in a small Georgia town. Before that I was a professional wrestler for the NAWF in [several states]. I was in the Army for two years and have a two-year college degree in criminal justice. I am looking for pen-pals to write. Do you have any names? I have six years left on a seven year sentence. I need someone to write and [for] them to write back.
Gary Dale Ford
Georgia State Prison
100 Georgia Hwy 147
Reidsville, GA 30499-9701

Keep the faith

I have been a prisoner of this evil empire for almost four years now, and your magazine has brought information and comfort to me throughout that time. I pray that your efforts to spread the word about this horrific and heart-breaking holocaust will continue to be effective.
A final message to all those who are engaged in the effort to end the practice of abortion throughout our own country and throughout the world: Keep the faith. In time we will win. Like the saying goes; “love conquers all.”
Anyone who knows about the battle we are waging over this issue knows it’s been rough. And it may get worse; time will tell. But in the meantime, we must support one another’s efforts because not one sincere attempt to save babies is made in vain. However, some tactics may be more effective than others. Do what your conscience says is necessary.
Robert E. Cook, 06767-424
8901 S. Wilmot Rd.
Tucson, AZ 85706

Family planning & God

I have just read your article on why birth control is anti-child.
I am a christian mother of one 13 month old girl. My husband and I also began our marriage with the use of birth control pills. I stopped taking them because of the side effects and we used a store-bought method (which “failed” one happy day allowing us to conceive our daughter).
After her birth (a c-section) I wanted to be sure to heal before trying for our second (we hope to have 6 or more children one day) baby and so looked into my birth control options. I discovered that the pill and IUDs could abort a conceived child and was angry and saddened at the same time. Churches don’t talk about this, but love to talk about abortion clinics. They are the same thing! So I searched for a method that could not harm a baby should one be conceived anyway.
I am using the Fertility Awareness Method now, similar to NFP. Please tell me what you think of this. Do you think it is wrong to “try” to plan births? Can you give me some scriptures to support your view? My Christian friends all advocate the pill. My pastor never discusses this topic, and honestly, I am afraid to bring it up for fear of starting an awful dispute. Not to mention that my husband has not finished college yet and were constantly being told that we better not have any children yet (which is honestly why we don’t attend there much.... ). Now we aren’t even encouraged to have any more. We do what we feel God wants us to do, and try not to worry about the comments, but it feels like everyone is so materialistic and very very anti-family.
Kim Savage

Place in hell

Just wanted you to know the satanic-hatred being spread by your support of the Nuremberg-File losers serves only the Devil, and not the forces of Christian good in the world.
Keep playing into Satan’s hands and you risk not only losing everything that you have in this world, but everything you may have hoped for beyond it.
He is making a warm place in Hell for each and every one of you cowards as you read this.
Bill Bradshaw

Editor’s note: We have just been informed that the controversial website which became the focus of the Planned Parenthood “context” lawsuit is now up and running again. We include a letter received from its creator and offer you the opportunity to see the site for yourselves.

Suing his server

[The Nuremberg Files] www.christian gallery.com is back online!
We only posted a skeleton page because we also filed a $250 million law suit for breach of contract against Mindspring Enterprises! Exclamation points abound!
Mindspring is the web hosting company that originally pulled the plug on the Christian Gallery. (The entire contents of the law suit are posted at both the Christian Gallery and RestoreTheNet.com.) $250 million sounds about right considering what they did to destroy our momentum in public access and totally silence us online for nearly four months.
Don’t be surprised by the skeleton page at christiangallery.com. It allows us to handle the new traffic generated by the new round of media activity without having to worry about overload on the new server that we are running.
The media activity is expected to continue for awhile as folks try to anticipate what we’re going to do with the Killer Cams, etc. We are waiting to see exactly what our enemies will do now that Christian Gallery is back.
As you can see if you visit the Christian Gallery, we offer the Internet public the opportunity to participate in the Killer Cam project as well as the opportunity to see the new, improved and expanded Nuremberg Files.
We hope all our allies will realize this opportunity to rejoin the enemy in effective combat is a great blessing for which we give sincere thanks to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Give us a few days and we will post the plans for the Killer Cam project as well as the New Nuremberg Files.
Any feedback you give us about site performance and availability will help us fine-tune the server.
Neal Horsely

Cloning as God’s tool?

Last year about 2.4 million people died in the USA. From those, nearly ¾ of a million died of heart disease, more than ½ million of cancer, almost 160,000 of cerebrovascular disease, over 100,000 of emphysema, nearly 60,000 of diabetes, 50,000 more of car accidents, 25,000 of liver disease, and the rest of causes ranging from AIDS and influenza to suicide and homicide, according to the National Center for Health Statistics.
More than 1.5 million human beings die yearly in [the] USA and over a staggering 18 million in the whole world because of organ failure of different kinds. Excepting aging and other major impediments, probably a third could in the future be saved every year from premature demise if their death causing organs were opportunely restored with healthy and brand new ones.
Since transplants are not the panacea, science should provide [us] with a more efficient instrument. One that imitates nature, as for example happens with crabs and other crustaceans when losing an organ: their DNA replication mechanism orders [them] to reproduce an identical copy. To clone it.
Therefore cloning might be the tool to rescue the lives of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and even millions of persons, let alone all those who would recover their precious sight with cloned eyes, or their lost teeth, or any organ which could be replicated with cloning mechanisms, either in the body itself, as would happen with an extirpated kidney or a uterus, or in laboratory, as might be done with a heart or a liver before being implanted.
We should not fear cloning. Nero, Hitler, and Rasputin are dead and not even a bit of their DNA exists to be cloned; and if they were, political, economical and social circumstances are far from propitious for their eventful comeback. We should better fear the gruesome output of clandestine experimentation performed by many would be Frankensteins encouraged by stern prohibitions. And God would not put an instrument [such] as cloning in man’s hands, if it was not for its own good. Perhaps [God’s] ultimate and most grandiose goal is to watch [His] own creatures recreating themselves.
Jose F. Jaramillo Vasquez

Earnie’s diary

At the mill here in Palm Desert, California, things (from moment to moment) feel quite volatile. I video tape cars as they enter the parking lot; and passing cars that appear a little questionable. I don’t know who’s going to take a shot at me or accuse me of blocking them, etc. (I really hate having to use-up expensive tape.) Today, I video taped a man who waited with his son in his car while his wife finished off their other child in the mill. He began to search through stuff on and under the front seat of his vehicle. I sensed some apprehension and started my tape rolling. While I did so, a delivery truck for a local furniture store stopped in the street. I looked behind me and noticed that the driver was looking directly at me. I thought he wanted to see my poster. He angrily asked, “Are you tapin’?” I answered (taping him, too) in the affirmative. He shook his head in disgust and drove away. He seemed really hot.
The reason I am telling you this is that passers-by seem to be over-come with heroic feelings like the “Christian” who attacked me 2 weeks ago. This was a nicely dressed man in a brand new expensive car. (I believe it was a new Chrysler.) I had to kick him 3 times to get him to turn me loose. My hands were occupied with my poster and my camcorder. He said I was behaving very unChristian-like because I was running my camcorder while two girls (also on the sidewalk who had approached me) voluntarily talked to me. He, for unknown reasons, accused me of being uneducated. His car was so new it had no license plates on it and no dealer info so he avoided earthly justice this time.
And then there was the guy a couple of days ago who had just brought his wife in for an abortion who chased, caught and hit me, and threw my glasses away. He was initially irate because of the video-cam. (My speech which was introduced shortly after his complaint of the camera didn’t help, either. Ballistic time.) We got a crime report on him. He filed a counter complaint of 415pc disturbing the peace against me, though.
And again the day before yesterday, Wednesday June 9, 1999 , while I was taping him, the abortionist chased me into the street. I was audibly reciting the St. Michael prayer. Either [me], the big bloody photo, the video-cam or the prayer got to him. (Any, all, or any combination may have done it, too.) I didn’t arrest him that day because I was sure the cops would have thrown me in the “can” too, they always do. I would have missed my work shift and created a lot of domestic and professional trouble that would have diminished my ability to stay out there later on. I don’t believe the County DA would have filed against him either. I’m sure they would have found something to file against me, though. So going with a civil complaint against him (if things work out) will guarantee another day away from murdering babies and more defense expense for him. He really did scare me. At the time he attacked me, I thought he was carrying what looked like a very heavy package about the size of a case of beer in a brown paper bag, a suicide bomb, before he stomped at my toes and walked away leaving me in the street. I got it all on video, too.

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