July/August, 1999 Volume XIII Number 7

News Notes

Two Filipinas jailed for abortion in Saudi Arabia

Riyada, SAUDI ARABIA -- A Saudi court has sentenced two Filipinas to 700 lashes and two years in prison for conducting illegal abortions in the kingdom.
The daily al-Eqtisadiah newpaper said the two women were found guilty for using their apartment in the Red Sea port city of Jeddah to kill unwanted babies for 3,500 riyals ($930) each.
It did not name the Filipinas but said another Ethiopian woman was being tried in the southern Asir province of Saudi Arabia after she had been caught with medical equipment used to perform abortions.
In April, the newspaper said a Lebanese obstetrician was given a life sentence for illegally performing a number of abortions in the conservative kingdom.
Saudi Arabia, which applies Islamic sharia law, bans abortions except in cases when “the mother’s life is in danger” if she continues to carry the baby.
Kevorkian in new home; not starving Eastlake, MI – Jack Kevorkian is settled into his new home for at least 8 years barring some twist on his appeal to the Michigan State Supreme Court.
The defrocked pathologist is eating his food well and getting along with the other prison inmates.

Jack Kevorkian
Prisoner # 284797
Oaks Correctional Facility
Eastlake, MI 49626.

Harvesting babies in Latin America; Most doctors don’t even know

Cali, COLOMBIA -- Many victims of strokes, heart attacks and blood clots in their lungs are alive today thanks to a drug called abbokinase.
In the past 20 years, millions of patients have been given the life-saving drug, which re-opens clogged blood vessels and prevents further blood clots.
But what most doctors do not know is that the key ingredient of the drug, also known as urokinase, comes from the kidneys of babies who die at birth.
Even more disturbing is that the baby kidneys used to make the drug come from only one hospital in one city in the whole world: Cali, Colombia.
The vast majority of Cali’s people are very poor, but the city is also home to notorious cocaine kingpins. Rebel guerrillas and tropical diseases are constant hazards.
A KTVU (San Francisco, CA) exclusive investigation sought to discover why the co-manufacturers of the drug, Abbott Laboratories, based near Chicago, and BioWhittaker, based in Maryland, use dead babies from just one hospital in an impoverished Third World city.
Some doctors are beginning to question the source of this “miracle drug” and the ethical problems associated with it.
“I do not understand why it is necessary to go to South America to get this tissue,” said Dr. Sidney Wolfe, a health researcher formerly with the National Institutes of Health. Wolfe currently is the health research director for the consumer watchdog organization Public Citizen.
Daniel Callahan, one of the most respected medical ethicists in the U.S., said he was deeply disturbed after learning the source of Abbokinase.
“The first reaction is a vague sense of repugnance that this goes on at all,” Callahan said. “It seems to me a very strange and disturbing situation.”
The practice of using baby tissue to make drugs is not illegal. But medical ethicists say there is no need to use human tissue. At least five other drug companies make synthetic drugs that do the same thing, for about the same price.
It’s a lucrative market.” Abbott Labs sells about $250 million worth of abbokinase every year. But even doctors at De Valle Hospital in Cali, for many years the source of the kidney cells used to make abbokinase, were not aware of Abbott Labs’ connection.
Dr. Antonio Madrid, a lead doctor in the hospital’s neo-natal intensive care unit, says it is almost impossible to imagine removing kidneys from dead children.
“It is part of the culture here,” he told KTVU. “The parents don’t want the bodies interfered with. They don’t want the bodies touched.”
Cali’s Catholic Archbishop Isaias Duarte calls the practice a “criminal act, an abomination if it is true.”
The hidden source of Abbokinase came to light about two months ago, after the FDA issued an alert warning that the drug may infect patients with potentially deadly diseases such as hepatitis or even AIDS.
That’s because the kidney cells used to make the drug come from a population where tropical diseases and hepatitis are very common, and those diseases can be passed to users of the drug.
So why Colombia, and not the U.S. or another Western nation? It could be that the infant mortality rate is more than three times that of the U.S.
“It would certainly be easier to get neo-natal kidney tissue in a country that has a higher mortality rate,” said Wolfe. “But one of the reasons the mortality rate is higher is because of more infectious diseases which itself should be a reason for not getting kidneys from that part of the world.”

Birth defect database proposed

Carson City, NV -- In response to a promise of federal funding, at least one state is making plans to form an extensive database of every child born with a birth defect.
Many people are apprehensive about the idea and how it could be used.
The inception of this thinking began in 1998 when Congress passed the Birth Defects Prevention Act. George Getz, of the Libertarian Party, explains, “It authorizes $70 million for states to set up databases of deformed children. Right now, Nevada has become the first state to try to set up its own database, and it’s currently considering a bill called ‘AB 238.’”
Janine Hansen, president of the Nevada Families Eagle Forum, is fighting it voraciously.
“In our state registry, it would make personally identifiable medical records and genetic testing records available not only to the state government, but also to the federal government,” Hansen says.
She says the measure threatens individual privacy. “For instance, an insurance company might say to someone whose child might test [abnormally on] a genetic test that they would need to abort the baby before it’s born because they aren’t willing to pay if the baby is born with a birth defect.”
This is the concern of Bonnie Webber, whose Unborn baby may have spina bifida.
“I think it’s more government intrusion,” Webber says. “They want to know every single thing about our life.”
Both Webber and Hansen believe the database will lead to a “search and destroy” mission on Unborn babies with birth defects. Their fears are reinforced by some of the terminology in the measure. Children with birth defects are referred to as “poor birth outcomes.”

“Baby Hope” lived three hours after abortion

Cincinnati, OH -- The live birth of a 22-week-old baby during a partial-birth (D&X) abortion this month has led pro-life advocates to call for new federal regulations banning the procedure.
After undergoing the first part of a three-day abortion process at the Women’s Med Center in Dayton, Ohio, on April 6, the unidentified mother experienced abdominal pains. The next morning was rushed to a Cincinnati hospital where she gave birth, according to members of the Warren County (Ohio) Right to Life organization.
The baby girl, dubbed Baby Hope by medical staff, apparently lived for about three hours as an emergency room technician rocked and sang to her.
Physicians ruled that the baby’s lungs were not developed enough to support life or to permit them to respirate her.
“It certainly underscores the need to pass partial-birth abortion laws immediately,’’ said Lori Viars, president of the group. “The tragedy here is that no laws were broken.’’
But advocates of a woman’s right to choose whether to have an abortion responded that the government should not try to eliminate certain types of abortions. They also charged anti-abortion leaders with exaggerating the emotional circumstances of particular cases to engender sympathy and support.
“It’s just a way to further restrict abortions as much as possible,’’ said Morris Hudgins, minister of Northern Hills Fellowship near Cincinnati and a member of the Religious Coalition for Choice. “Taking a baby’s life is not the best choice, but it should be a choice when there’s a threat to the mother’s health,’’ he said, adding that he spoke for himself and not the church.
Typically, partial-birth abortions are conducted later in the pregnancy than other abortions and require the baby to be partially delivered. The process involves more than one visit to a medical facility.
Connie Boyles, the registered nurse who held Baby Hope after her birth, said that staff members at the hospital, which has not been identified, have had to spend hours in counseling and “venting’’’to get over the emotional trauma of the incident.
“Staff who cared for her on the night of her birth have experienced a myriad of emotions from sadness and grief, to peace -- peace that she was comforted, held close and even sang to until she took her last breath,’’ Boyles said in prepared remarks.
“This emotional trauma inflicted on our department is deeper and will last longer than the physical frailties that we deal with on a daily basis.”
Boyles has since been fired from the hospital.

Lutherans For Life responds to 60 Minutes II and Michael Bray

Nevada, IA – Lutherans For Life have publicly rejected the position of Michael Bray, a pastor at Reformation Lutheran Church in Bowie, Maryland, which he expressed on the April 14 edition of 60 Minutes II.
Bray believes that the use of force to save an innocent person – including the Unborn – against an unjust aggressor is morally justifiable.
In a press release, the group said, “Lutherans For Life firmly believes that we are compelled by God to “speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves” (Proverbs 31:8) and to ‘defend the cause of the weak’ (Psalm 82:3). However, we completely reject the idea that we have a God given right to attack abortion facilities and kill doctors and nurses as espoused by Michael Bray on 60 Minutes II, April 14, 1999.”
Several anti-abortion leaders across the country were appalled by the “reasoning” reflected in the Lutherans For Life announcement.
Donald Spitz of Virginia said, “They are cowards. I have nominated them for the Neville Chamberlain Award.”
Also featured in the 60 Minutes II piece was Randall Terry. Terry appeared confused when trying to reconcile his belief that the Unborn are human beings with his position that using force against someone murdering the Unborn would be an act of murder.

Forced organ donations proposed for brain dead

CANADA – Every patient near brain death would be placed on a computerized organ donor registry under a plan proposed by the Commons health committee.
Under a concept of “presumed consent,” such patients would be considered potential organ donors even if they had not signed organ donor cards.
Specially trained hospital staff, who are separate from the doctor providing care, would be required to ask each patient’s relatives about using organs for transplantation.
A new agency, the Canadian Transplant Network, would be established to compile data and co-ordinate organ collection and transplantation with the provinces.
The proposals are intended to raise Canada’s rate of organ donation, now one of the lowest in the industrial world at 14.4 donors per million population.
“Effective measures must be based on more than simple good will and intuition,” committee chairman Joe Volpe said at a news conference.
The committee’s plan differs from many other jurisdictions because it does not place high emphasis on organ donor cards.
The committee does not recommend a national registry of people who have signed such cards because they have been largely ineffective, said Volpe.
Organ donor cards have usually failed and most jurisdictions are giving up on them.
“The relationship of donor cards to actual donations is an unproven relation,” he said.
He noted a family can legally overrule the wishes of a brain-dead patient who has signed a card — and the committee recommends families retain that final decision-making authority.
He said the recommendations are largely based on the experience of others such as Spain, which has one of the world’s highest rates.
The Reform party, however, called in a minority report for the immediate establishment of a national registry of intended donors — people who at some time in their lives have agreed to donate their organs following death — as well as a national registry of recipients.
Volpe said the cost of the national registry for intended donors would outweigh its benefits, since only people in intensive care units, awaiting death, can be considered potential donors. As well, immediate families must give approval for organ transplants after death.
The report said Canada has one of the worst records of organ transplant in the developed world. Its fate of 14.4 donors per million compared to a rate of 21 per million people in the U.S. and 31.5 per million people in Spain.

Flip Benham accuses prosecutor of complicity in child rape case.

Cobb County, GA – Two books were found in the possession of Wayne Cody Morita, the principal suspect in the abduction, rape and attempted murder of a five year old girl. These books, “The Age of Innocence” by David Hamilton and Radiant Identities by Jock Sturges, had been brought to the attention of Solicitor General, Barry Morgan and District Attorney Pat Head by Flip Benham months before the tragedy took place.
“The blatant child pornography graphically displayed in these photography books added gasoline to the fires of Morita’s pedophilic lust,” Benham said.
Months before the abduction, on October 19, 1998, Operation Rescue held a public Gospel proclamation outside the Barnes & Noble Bookstore in Marietta, Georgia exposing the sale of this child pornography. When Cobb County policemen arrived and saw the pictures in the books, they immediately removed them from the shelves. Against the behest of outraged parents, Solicitor General Morgan felt the two books were “art” and ordered them put back on the shelves.
Flip Benham, National Director of Operation Rescue, spoke then to the Atlanta Costitution in October 1998, saying, “The next time a child is taken into the woods and raped in Marietta, this man (Barry Morgan) is going to bear that. The innocent blood will be on his hands.”
On March 19, 1999 a five-year-old girl was abducted from her home, raped and left for dead.
“Solicitor General Barry Morgan is guilty of aiding and abetting this rape and attempted murder,” said Benham. “He has purposely failed in his civic duty to protect our children. He has blatantly allowed children to be used as sexual toys to satisfy perverted lusts. We are asking for the immediate resignation of Mr. Morgan and charges of criminal negligence to be brought against him.”

Hospital closed over abortion; Doctor and staff arrested

Lagos, NIGERIA – Security agents in Lagos have temporarily shut down Kenny Hospital in the Oko-Oba area of the state over an alleged involvement of its operators in illegal abortion resulting in the death of a teenager.
Apart from closing down the hospital, medical staff, including a man identified as a doctor have been arrested by the police from the State CID.
Reports revealed that sometime last week, a teenage girl identified as Folasade Oladunjoye was rushed to the hospital for an abortion.
It was alleged that without proper medical documentation, an illegal abortion was carried out by the hospital staff for a whopping sum of money.
The alleged trial and error operation, according to police sources, ended in tragedy as the girl reportedly died in the process.
The deceased girl’s father was said to have taken action immediately when he received the sad news. The police also moved into action immediately they were notified and they made some arrests.
The corpse of the deceased was deposited in the mortuary for autopsy while hospital workers were interviewed about the illegal abortion.

Protesters decry hiring of Singer in rally

Princeton, NJ – First lining Nassau Street and then moving to Firestone Plaza, more than 100 sign-bearing protesters rallied against the Princeton University’s appointment of bioethicist Peter Singer.
Singer first came to public attention when, in the 1970s, he stated that a well-developed ape had more right to life than a retarded human and that human babies should be screened by the government before being granted “human” status.”
In signs and speeches, protesters said they feared Singer’s appointment would provide him with a prestigious platform from which to promote his views on euthanasia of the disabled.
Organized by Princeton Students against Infanticide, the rally attracted officials from national disabled rights groups and local right-to-life organizations.
Representatives of the organizations delivered speeches filled with personal experiences about overcoming disabilities and about the “immorality” of Singer’s beliefs. The rally concluded with the posting of a petition on Nassau Hall that asked the University to rescind Singer’s appointment.
The fight against Singer’s appointment “starts here today, but it does not end here today,” said Christopher Benek, the Princeton Theological Seminary student and lead representative of Princeton Students Against Infanticide who coordinated the rally.
“He arrives in July, and we will fight him until then. And, if they bring him in, we will fight him when he is here,” Benek said.
However, University Director of Communications Justin Harmon said the rally will have no effect on the University’s decision.
“It doesn’t affect the nature of the appointment and certainly won’t change the outcome,” he explained.
Director of the Center for Human Values Amy Gutmann said the choice of Singer for the Ira W. DeCamp professorship was a matter of academic freedom.
“One of the virtues of a great university like Princeton is that it brings together first-rate, morally serious scholars and teachers who disagree with one another,” she said.
The rally began on the sidewalk along Nassau Street by FitzRandolph Gate. A flurry of banners compared Singer to Nazi leaders and claimed he devalued human life. Among them were signs proclaiming “Kevorkian needs a cell-mate” and “Singer: go back down under.”
Marca Bristo, the chairwoman of the National Council on Disability, who is restricted to a wheelchair because of a spinal cord injury, said she believes the University Board of Trustees was unaware that Singer’s appointment would be controversial.
“A lot of political leaders on the Board of Trustees embrace values opposing Dr. Singer. This probably never reached them,” Bristo said.
“I am not an ethicist or a philosopher,” she added, “but I know what’s right or wrong.”
A group of eight wheelchair-confined people from the anti-euthanasia and disabled rights organization Not Dead Yet arrived donning black T-shirts and posting signs on their wheelchairs saying, “I am NOT better off dead.”
Carr Massi, a group member from Manhattan, said she views Singer’s appointment as a civil-rights issue because his views on euthanasia discriminate against the value of a disabled person’s life.
“Some people want the super-race, but who’s to judge?” she said. “The issue isn’t going to die here. We’ve got to keep going.”

Anti-abortion appeal in Canada proceeds

Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA – “God” is being cited as a defense for a Canadian anti-abortionist who’s appealing his conviction for violating BC’s “abortion clinic bubble-zone law.”
Jim Demers of Nelson was arrested in December of 1997 for displaying a sign inside an exclusion zone around a Vancouver women’s clinic.
One of his lawyers, Paul Fornby, says the preamble to the Canadian Constitution gives the Unborn the right to life.
It says “Canada was founded on the principles of the supremacy of God and the rule of law.”
Fornby suggests the reference to God recognizes all human beings have self-worth, whether they’re born or un-born.
Fornby also expressed concern that the courts have been reluctant to include the “supremacy of God” in their rulings concerning abortion.

Abortion pills: Another form of ethnic cleansing?

Rome, ITALY — Nafis Sadik, director of the U.N. Population Fund, has tried to fan the media debate by accusing the Vatican of “lack of sensitivity.” The original debate was provoked by an article written by Elio Sgreccia, a Catholic bishop and vice-president of the Pontifical Academy for Life, in which he simply stated that the pill this U.N. agency distributes in the Albanian refugee camps, is abortive.
Now the daily Avvenire, which published Sgreccia’s article, is raising questions which for years the U.N. Population Fund has failed to answer.
Riccardo Cascioli, an expert in human rights in developing countries, stated that “the day after pill” (or abortive pill) is not being given to the women who have been raped by the Serbs in Kosovo, since these women arrive at the refugee camps after the 72 hours required for an abortion to be effective with this medicine.
But if the pills sent by the U.N. agency are not for the victims of ethnic rape, who are they for?
“They are for the women who have sexual relations in the refugee camps, who often are also victims of rape by their own countrymen. Although no one talks about it, the index of sexual violence (one way a humiliated person vents rage and frustration) is very high [in the refugee camps],” Cascioli explained.
According to the article in Avvenire, with their pill policy “the U.N. agencies do not try to stop the violence but simply to avoid its consequences.” This policy was adopted by the U.N. High Commission for Refugees, by the World Health Organization and by UNICEF in 1995 and is referred to as, “reproductive health in the situations of refugee camps.”
In fact, because of the above policy, two NGOs -- Oxfam and Save the Children decided to stop working with the U.N. on this matter, after they witnessed, for themselves, the disasters it provoked.
Cascioli came to a harsh conclusion: “The true objective of the reproductive health services in the refugee camps is the coercive control of a population they do not want to see increase. There is a surreptitious racism in this logic, confirmed by the fact that the one which supports these U.N. programs, including in Kosovo, -- with money and personnel -- is the International Planned Parenthood Federation, the powerful organization which is the heir to the eugenics movement of the beginning of the century for which the ‘selection of the race’ continues to be a task of society.”

Man kills sister for refusing abortion

ENGLAND – A man accused of murdering his sister after her adulterous pregnancy “shamed” their family wept as he throttled her, a court was told.
Shazad Naz, 22, had tears streaming down his face as he strangled Ruhksana in front of their crying mother, his brother, Iftikhar, told police.
Iftikhar, 18, who said he was forced to help to dispose of the body, said his mother turned to him after the killing and begged, “Be strong, son.”
A jury was told that Ruhksana, 19, a mother of two, was strangled after bringing dishonour on her family. Nottingham Crown Court was told that she was killed with a plastic skipping-rope and dumped in a field after refusing to have an abortion. Her mother, Shakeela, 45, and her two brothers, all from Derby, deny murdering her on March 26 last year.
The court heard that Iftikhar, interviewed after his sister’s body was found, confessed to witnessing the killing and helping to remove the body. He said he went with his mother and brother to confront Ruhksana, whose husband from an arranged marriage was in Pakistan.
He told officers that he walked into the room and saw his brother strangling his sister.
“I could see Shazad with Ruhksana on the floor. He had a black rope or wire tied around his hands,” he told police. “I could see him gritting his teeth and there was no struggle from her. He had tears running down his face, and so did my mother. She was holding Ruhksana’s legs and crying. I saw Shazad lift up Rukhsana’s head. He kissed her forehead and said: ‘I’m sorry.’ He then put his hand on her stomach and said: ‘It’s not the kid’s fault’.”

Wal-Mart won’t stock ‘morning after pill’

A decision by retail giant Wal-Mart not to sell the so-called “morning after pill” – a controversial chemical that is marketed as an “emergency contraceptive” for women and works after conception to kill life in the womb – is drawing fire from abortion rights advocates and is seen by pro-life groups as a “victory for human rights.”
“It’s interesting that abortion advocates who say they believe in choice don’t respect the choices made by Wal-Mart,” Serrin Foster, executive director of Feminists for Life of America said.
Because of the decision, Planned Parenthood, one of the country’s foremost abortion rights advocates, is directing its members to lobby Wal-Mart and threaten a boycott of Wal-Mart stores.
“By refusing to provide the one contraceptive needed in an emergency, Wal-Mart has shown a complete disregard for the immediate health needs of women, hundreds of thousands [of whom] shop in their stores everyday,” Planned Parenthood told its members via the Internet.
“This is not a contraceptive as it has been labeled, it is actually a chemical that causes an abortion,” Laurel MacLeod, director of Legislation and Public Policy with Concerned Women for America said. “We are thrilled with any business that is willing to take a stand and say this is not something we’re going to carry. And we would encourage people to contact Wal-Mart and let them know.”
Refusing to stock controversial products is not unprecedented for Wal-Mart. As the country’s foremost music retailer, the nationwide chain already succeeded in getting record companies to clean up the lyrics on some compact disks, insisting it would sell only versions minus obscenities its customers found objectionable.

New Zealander arrested in clinic fire attempt

Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND – Graeme Richard White, 38, a community worker of Christchurch, allegedly tolda friend that he had made a series of trips into the Lyndhurst Hospital, trying to work out ways to disable the clinic’s sprinkler system and to set up a fuse system which would allow him time to get out before the building was ablaze.
Sergeant Richard Williams said White was caught by police on January 28 inside the tunnel wearing a balaclava. Near the entrance hole were 168 fire-lighters, matches, and two plastic bags containing kerosene-soaked string.
Williams called White a “staunch pro-life activist.”
White denies four charges of burglary at the clinic between October and January, and one of possessing instruments for burglary.
Patrick James Burrows, 47, said White organised a Bible study class he attended, and he later boarded at White’s house.
Burrows described him as a “moderate fundamentalist.”
He said he was shocked and dumbfounded when White confided in him that he “wanted to burn down the abortion clinic.”
“He said he had visited the abortion clinic and had been digging a tunnel under the foundations to have a look around. He said he was trying to look for the sprinkler system to disable it,” Burrows said. “After a couple of visits to the abortion clinic he had taken some instruments where he was drilling holes in the walls in preparation to put in what he called fire-starters. Just before he got caught he said he was having trouble with a fuse leading to the fire starters so he wouldn’t be trapped under the building.”
In December, White allegedly said he was going to go through with his action against the clinic “quite soon” although he also said it would be “a miracle if it comes to that”.
Cross-examined by defense counsel Nigel Dunlop, Burrows said he was a diagnosed schizophrenic who was subject to a compulsory treatment order for anti-psychotic medication.
He had not had a psychotic episode since being on the drugs.
Dunlop put to him that White “was saying that he would very much like to burn down the clinic but he never actually said to you that he was definitely going to do it”.
Burrows replied, “He definitely intended to do it. I wanted him to be caught before he burnt it down, for his own sake.”
Justices of the Peace Antonia Hill and Robyn Webster committed White to stand trial in the District Court. He was remanded on bail.

Chinese “abortion woman” vanishes

CHINA – A Chines illegal immigrant, who was forced to have a late-term abortion after being deported from Australia, has disappeared from her home in southern China.
Zhu Qingping left the tiny fishing village of Dijiao about one month after her pregnancy was terminated in July 1997.
The father of the aborted child, Chen Guoqiang, said he did not expect to see her again.
Chen, 31, wept as he recalled the ordeal.
“It’s too cruel, too miserable,” he said.
He said Zhu was forced by local police to go to the Beihai City People’s Hospital where, just 10 days before she was due to give birth to their second child, she underwent an abortion.
Permission was not granted by Zhu or any of her relatives for the operation, Chen said, contrary to claims by the hospital that the operation is only performed once written consent is given.
Reaching for a cigarette, Chen said: “It was a boy.”
He said Zhu spent less than a week in hospital before being discharged into the custody of Dijiao police.
She was held at the local police station for about 10 days before being permitted to go to the home of Chen’s family.
Less than a month later, she disappeared, taking their first child, a daughter, with her. He has not heard from either of them since.

Willke radio address casts doubt on anti-abortion killing of Slepian

Radio transcript:
Life Issues No. 2021 by Dr. John Willke

Who killed Slepian

Barnett Slepian was the New York abortionist who was killed by a sniper in October. I have some fascinating information about him.
“First of all, he was an abortionist. His father had been an illegal abortionist in New York before abortion was legalized. In 1988 Slepian was performing abortions at four different abortion mills he was doing as many as 50 a day.
“He once told a pro-life person that the reason he aborted babies was because he could make four times as much money in one-third of the time, as compared to routine obstetric gynecologic work. That’s the background.
“But, listen to this. I’ve just gotten an article that was published a few months ago in the Wanderer. That’s a national Catholic newspaper. And the story here reports that a year before he was killed, Dr. Slepian invited two sidewalk counseling pro-lifers, Bob and Bonnie Bahn, to have lunch with him.
“That lunch turned into a two-hour meeting. Bahn said, “We talked about the pros and cons of abortion. It was very very obvious that he was trying to make excuses for what he did. He knew it was wrong, but he was trying to make it right.
“‘We talked about spirituality and I tried to talk to him about Jesus.’
“After that meeting, Mr. Bahn said, “He was much more friendly with us. He’d stop and talk to us and the other sidewalk counselors. Almost everyday he’d have a different question to ask us. He asked us questions about our faith, about Jesus, about how he could know if we are saved and whether or not he could be saved.”
“He asked why pro-lifers were picketing his home and was told, “We want to witness to you, we want you to repent, we don’t want you to go to hell.”
“Then the Buffalo area Pro-Life Clergy Council invited him to speak to its monthly meeting. That’s unusual now. Interested, he promised to answer Saturday. He was killed on Friday.
“And what are we to think of this? Was he close to a conversion?
“Well, let’s for a moment assume. He was on the verge of converting and that he was going to go public at that meeting. Pro-abortion people would be aghast, and some might do anything to stop it. Could it be that pro-abortion forces hired the sniper and had him killed? If so, that put them in a win-win situation. They won by preventing him from publicly converting, and they won by having the national report that a pro-life person killed a heroic abortionist.”
“Well, I know this story’s a little far out, and it probably isn’t true, but it is at least worth thinking about.”

Man arrested for threatening protesters

Fort Myers, FL - A 45-year-old man was arrested on May 28 after deputies say he threatened and manhandled two protesters outside of a North Fort Myers abortion clinic.
It was the second time in two weeks deputies have responded to fighting at the Southwest Florida Women’s Clinic, deputies said.
Philip Allan Heim, who lives near the clinic at 3973 North Side Circle, was charged with felony battery on a person over age 65, battery, and aggravated assault, sheriff’s reports said.
The protesters, John Doherty 63, and Lawrence Atkinson, 66, of Fort Myers, were uninjured but shaken after Heim drove his 1994 Ford Probe onto the grass where they were sitting at 9:30 a.m., abruptly stopped and then drove forward slowly, knocking Doherty from a lawn chair onto the ground, according to reports.
Heim then got out of his car, shouted at the men and grabbed them by the shirts, said Doherty, who said he and Atkinson were “quietly praying to ourselves,” in protest in front of the clinic as they do three days each week..
The protesters were across the street from the clinic, as required by a sheriff’s no-trespassing order, sheriff’s spokesman Larry King said.
“He comes at us like a raging madman and throws the chairs at us. I was scared,” Doherty said. “I saw the guy’s face, he was glaring angry, he was screaming ‘Get out of my .... neighborhood.’”

Devil makes another personal appearance at abortuary

Portland, OR - Satan once again appeared outside an abortion clinic on May 28. He had made previous appearances outside clinics in California (Life Advocate, January/February 1999) as a costumed anti-abortionist played the part of the devil “encouraging” women to follow him in killing children.
Scott Lively, a recent law school graduate, reprised his devil role, joined by assorted green-faced ghouls and demons, outside the Lovejoy abortuary.
In a press release from the Kingdom of Darkness, Inc., the devil was quoted as saying that he was in Oregon already working closely with the legislature so he decided to pay a visit to the state’s largest baby killer.
Meanwhile, an angel and Christians from Life in Oregon “resisted the devil” on the sidewalks around the clinic.
A ghoul pranced around with a bucket of babies in blood, which, dripping with the sticky red fluid, she picked up with tongs and displayed to passers-by, escorts, and clinic customers.
Jody Hinkle, director of Life in Oregon said, “The Bible tells us to resist the devil, so that’s why we came.”

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