September/October, 1999 Volume XIII Number 8

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The Editors Eye

Got organs?
I have always had a hinky feeling about the idea that we can treat human bodies, an integral part of imagio Dei, like rusting hulks in a wrecking yard – “You pull’em!”
I have long asserted that the disrespect inherent in organ transplantation will lead to . . . well, more disrespect for both God and man.
While all the world and the churches were saying “Golly, gee whiz” about the first heart transplant by Christiaan Barnard in the 1960s, Malcolm Muggeridge was running up the red flags of warning. No one seemed to pay attention.
Looking over the material in Cathy Ramey’s lead story this month does nothing to change my initial reactions to the practice.
Having been the author of two books that addressed the issue gives me the advantage of knowing what has been cooking for quite a while. I get dibs on some of the I-told-you-so that will be passed around on this.
Well, if it wasn’t enough to find Disney pioneering pedophilia, homosexuality, and general degeneracy, Steven Mosher, late of having been the original source behind exposing the forced abortion industry in China, now reveals that Donald Duck has been a secret agent for Zero Population Growth and the denizens of corporate types (Rockefeller, et. al.) pushing birth control to the Third World to stop the infernal breeding of the mud people – er, people of color.
It makes sense when you think about Donald the Condom Dispenser. After all, Unka Donald was ever an uncle, never a dad. Did Huey, Dewey, and Louie know of this alter ego? How about Daisy? Inquiring minds want to know.
Speaking of the forced abortion industry, there must be a Chinese connection in Canada. A judge has ordered a forced abortion and sterilization on a mentally ill woman “for her own good.” (Where have we heard that excuse before?)
Nor is that all of Canada’s recent feats. The Kalgary Keystone Kops have managed to find “no criminal wrongdoing” in the Calgary Foothills Hospital’s “genetic terminations” (read: killing defective newborns) without interviewing a single witness! Just think about it, the police up there are pioneering workless investigations – just imagine the evidence the way you want it. The Canadian’s cousins in England are also passing laws so they can jail potential criminals.
Wow! Investigations without gathering evidence and jail without trial. Won’t that be the envy of the FBI! Once our own intrepid minions of the law Stateside discover how this is done, they will be able put all those nasty, intolerant, anti-choice fanatics and hatemongers behind bars without so much as a hearing.
Speaking of hate: Our Point of View writer, Sass, gives us a sample of hate among the Tolerance Police during a recent convention by Human Life International – once again, in the Great White North. Not that the Nose-Ring Nazis are much better on U.S. soil.
Meanwhile, the sodomite parades continue with only the single squeaky-wheel objections of arch-homophobes like Randall Terry and the Intolerants. (Sounds like a good name for a rock band from the 1960s.) No doubt Donald Duck, with his condom bandolier, was the hit of the event. The Pants-Dropper-in-Chief solemnly deemed June to be “Gay Pride Month” to be celebrated yearly from henceforth and forever (or until the failure to breed brings humanity to extinction, whichever comes first) with fireworks, cannonades, riots, nude parades, and probably more dropping trou.
The Netherlands is passing a law allowing poor, suffering 12-year-olds to “choose” to be euthanized – with plaudits from yet another member of the Brit squad, an Aussie “doctor” who has opened clinics Down Under to show people the “best” way to get really down under. The Prime Minister warns this “little helper” that his cops will be watching his operations for any lawbreaking. I suspect that the PMs cops have been taking lessons from the Calgary police.
Anyone remember Hugh Finn? Bill Kling does, and reminds us by way of commentary what all of the bias toward death in our culture meant for Finn – and will mean for us in the Good ‘Ol USA.
Finally, not to blow my own horn, but your editor has finally filed suit against Jude Hanzo, her abortuary, her attorney, her attorney’s law firm, and the horse they all rode in on for deprivation of civil rights “under color of state law” for the part they all played in railroading me on that bogus “stalking” charge. Stay tuned.

For God and for Life,


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