September/October, 1999 Volume XIII Number 8

Point of View

The Purveying of Pro-choice "Tolerance"

Or Anti-hate hate

By Sass

Don’t hate, mast------!”
That was one of the slogans carried by pro-choicers, in protest of the April 1999 Human Life International Conference held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
You might be thinking, “What’s wrong with that?” Well, considering that a variety of other placards bore slogans varying from “Harris is ac--t,” to “Human life must die,” “F--- the Christian Right,” Abort the Pope,” “Abort Jesus and pope,” “Crucif-- up your a--!,” and “F--- HLI,” it would seem that the person carrying the “Don’t hate, mast------” placard should have actually been aiming their placard slogan at the pro-choice protestors!
During the protesting of the organization (described in an open letter to members of Parliament by Marilyn Wilson of the Canadian Abortion Rights Action League, as “the world’s largest network of international extremists”), protestors lobbed horse manure, threw eggs, and one police officer was reportedly hit with what was described as a urine-filled balloon. Wilson claims that HLI’s members include “violent and dangerous individuals,” yet before the protest was over, protesting men were charged with assaulting police, and this was considered to be a “tame” protest in terms of the violent acts carried out by the pro-choice “tolerant” protestors.
HLI’s policy states “We firmly believe that violence is not the answer to ending the slaughter of babies.”
Oh yes, it is definitely the Pro-life movement that is violent.
At the 1995 HLI conference in Montreal, the “violent” and “hate-filled” supporters of HLI prayed quietly while the “non-violent” purveyors of Pro-choice “tolerance” screamed threats and obscenities at the delegates leaving the candlelight prayer procession, pelted them with eggs, beer bottles, glass-filled condoms and garbage. Later, these same purveyors of Pro-choice “tolerance” vandalized neighborhood buildings and destroyed a police cruiser.
So who were these purveyors of Pro-choice “tolerance” that opposed those “violent” Pro-lifers at the prayer vigil in Montreal? Well, the prelude to the earlier mentioned 1999 conference in Toronto, invloved some of the same groups advertising via posters throughout the city... calling for “Rage against HLI,” and urging demonstrators to “remember Montreal.”
A poster for a fund-raising rock concert (proceeds going to anti-HLI endeavors) featured a protestor wearing a mask, brandishing a Molotov cocktail. The poster indicated that among groups performing were those called “Unabombers,” “The Postman’s Revenge,” “Politikill” and “Armed & Hammered.” Proceeds went to the group sponsoring the poster, a group called Anti-Racist Action, who claim that despite their own hateful and violence promoting propaganda, that is is HLI that is “violent,” “hateful” and “extremist.”
This... from the group that launched a physical attack on particiapnts in a 1998 demonstration in Queen’s Park, Toronto, where arrests were made.
This... from a group that has called for the torching of Dominos Pizza outlets because the former owner is staunchly Pro-life.
This... from a group whose members have been arrested for subway beatings, and who physically break up meetings of those it opposes.
HLI President Fr. Richard Welch, has indicated that he has been threatened repeatedly, physically beaten, his car vandalized and other attempts made to intimidate him. Despite the fact that HLI-Canada executive director Theresa Bell, sent a letter to all members of Parliament, noting that the organization has consistently been on record condemning acts of violence inside and outside the womb, these Pro-life leaders have simply learned to put the death threats and violence behind them and carry on because they believe in the work they do.
In a Sun Media column, Journalist and broadcaster Michael Coren noted that “the knives are out” (for HLI) and that misinformation was being taken “to new heights.” Coren notes that “there may well be violence at the HLI conference, but it will not come from the delegates. It will come from those who are truly hateful.”
Truer words have never been spoken, which brings me back to the protestor carrying the “Don’t hate, mast------!” placard.
Certainly that sounds like good advice but rather, good advice perhaps for those purveyors of Pro-choice “tolerance” responsible for the abundance of material available that enabled me to write this.
Oh, but that’s right, I forgot... it’s us Pro-lifers that are violent.

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