September/October, 1999 Volume XIII Number 8


Asleep in the Lord

On Saturday, September 1, 1999, faithful wife, mother and advocate for the Unborn, D’Ann Henderson passed away to the sorrow of her family.
In addition to many, many friends in the anti-abortion movement, she leaves behind a husband, Dave, and sons Matt, Ollie, Irving, and Josh.
D’Ann spent the past year battling an incurable form of cancer. She prayed for God’s deliverance and He chose to reply by taking her to Himself. According to His promise, He is faithful and ‘will guard the feet of His saint’ (1 Sam. 2:9).
Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of one of His own (Ps. 116:15).
We extend our heartfelt prayers for God’s mercy, comfort, and grace to the Henderson family.
The staff of Life Advocate

TwilightZone. Christianity

It is a real source of disgust to read what your medical doctor has written in this website.
In an age when unwanted pregnancies is a problem that weighs down on our society and where our Christian values are undermined by the legality of abortion, it is idiotic to be advocating the censure of contraceptive methods.
Is Chris Kahlenborn out of his mind?
Advocating what he does will only speed up the downfall of the Christian institution. If we follow his careless advice, not only will we be introducing into this world an enormous amount of unwanted children but we will also be destroying the lives of thousands of young Christian women. Are we out of our minds?
Our Christian responsibilities must be taken with a decent measure of intelligence and common sense which Kahlenborn obviously does not exhibit. His head is so full with his MD rhetoric that he forgets that our Christian duty is to help one another.
If you would like Christianity to prevail and to do so happily, and if you want to see a happy, healthy Christian community, please, don´t stand behind self-deprecating, pompous, MD´s like Kahlenborn. Don´t offer him a platform for exhibiting his lack of Christian vision.
Alana Savoir

Bauer inconsistent?

Gary Bauer is aiming to be our president. Just how will he protect us if he believes the use of force is unjustified to protect the innocent. Or maybe our lives are more valuable than the innocent lives of unborn children.
His comment concerning saving unborn children from being murdered follows: “Violence is not an answer to violence. That is especially clear on the eve of the nation’s observance of Martin Luther King Day,’’ Gary L.Bauer, president of the Family Research Council.
Rev. Don Spitz
Norfolk, VA

Protect her from pro-lifers but not a rapist?

I’m militantly pro-choice. I did abortions until my stroke last year. I watched a 13-year-old raped girl go out a 19th story window because she couldn’t get a legal abortion. I swore on her body that I would do something about it and I did,and will continue any way I can.
A stroke will not prevent me from fighting for choice in the political arena. I can also do some medical work. As long as I’m alive-I will protect victims or rape from fanatics like you
C. LiptonMD FACS

Lilith again

I’m a San Diego pro-lifer who recently discovered Rock for Life and read your expose of Lilith Fair on their website. I just wanted to write and say thank you for the expose you wrote. I knew about Lilith’s requirement that Planned Barrenhood be allowed to set up shop at any venue they play when they did that at San Diego’s Street Scene two years ago, but had no idea of the origins of the name Lilith and all the meaning behind it.
Allyson Smith

Gore lacks integrity

Is Al Gore really a man of “character and integrity”, unfairly castigated and dismissed because he seems “stiff and wooden”? I don’t think so. For one, when the crisis point came for him to prove such hidden virtues, he failed: during the Lewinsky scandal and impeachment debate of recent months. Only now, safely anointed as the Democratic candidate in 2000, realizing that his connection to Clinton as a political henchman is hurting him in the polls, does he seek to criticize his boss’s moral failings. Why was he so obviously silent in the proceeding months or, even worse, outspokenly defensive of Bill even when it was clear the man is a manipulative, pathological liar? If Al Gore was truly, at the core, a man of sound principle, he would have resigned his office rather than continue serving under a President so obviously unfit for leadership as Clinton has proved.
This isn’t to say that, as a private individual, Al Gore is personally dishonest or evil. But the truth is that, when confronted with the public test of leadership brought on by Clinton’s various escapades, ranging from adultery to rape to outright treason, Al Gore was himself put on trial--and found wanting.
Harley Jamieson

Pro-lifer censored by Repubs

I made history! And I’m sitting here smoking this really HUGE cigar to celebrate! The St. Louis County Republican Central Committee officially voted a motion of censure against me tonight. No one can ever recall such a motion being passed before.
This all happened because I lost a civil suit that is on appeal, and most civil libertarians agree it will be overturned! I guess I’m just too Pro-Life for some people!
The motion reads:
BE IT RESOLVED that the St. Louis County Republican Central Committee does hereby declare that because his personal crusade has become a distraction for the Party and our candidates and because we cannot condone and in fact we condemn the use or threat of violence, Tim Dreste is officially censured by this body. He is to have no leadership roles whatsoever, nor serve on any committees or subcommittees; nor be recognized to speak to any issue. We further declare that Mr. Dreste does not speak for this Committee nor represent it’s views.
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the St. Louis County Republican Central Committee does hereby ask Mr. Dreste to resign his position with the Committee immediately.
I, of course, didn’t resign. I am elected by the people in my Township and will continue to represent them. One Committeewoman, however, resigned in protest of them passing this resolution, and one other told me that she would, too. I, of course, asked them to stay on and keep fighting, not for me, but for a Party that will one day learn to stand up to it’s critics with a bit of backbone.
I’m sure that this will mean they will try to kick me off of the State Committee at the next meeting, but by then my legal team will have it’s ducks in a row. You won’t want to miss this.
Tim Dreste
St. Louis, MO

Uh, oh…IUD

I am a 29 year old mother of two and recently chose an IUD as my birth control method.
Since then I experience pregnancy symptoms about 1 week before my cycle and am very concerned.
I learned that an IUD works by preventing the egg from attaching itself to the wall of the uterus. My concern is that the egg is getting fertilized and then aborting because it is not attached.
I have researched IUD on the web and have found little information except on effectiveness and history. Any other information is virtually impossible to obtain. I would greatly appreciate your response to this matter.
Crystal Mertes
Winona MN

Anti-family attitudes in Church

I have just read your article on why birth control is anti-child. I am a Christian mother of one 13 month old girl. My husband and I also began our marriage with the use of birth control pills. I stopped taking them because of the side effects and we used a store-bought method (which “failed” one happy day allowing us to conceive our daughter).
After her birth (a c-section) I wanted to be sure to heal before trying for our second (we hope to have 6 or more children one day) baby and so looked into my birth control options. I discovered that the pill and IUDs could abort a conceived child and was angry and saddened at the same time. Churches don’t talk about this, but love to talk about abortion clinics. They are the same thing! So I searched for a method that could not harm a baby should one be conceived anyway.
I am using the Fertility Awareness Method now, similar to NFP. Please tell me what you think of this. Do you think it is wrong to “try” to plan births? Can you give me some Scriptures to support your view?
My Christian friends all advocate the pill. My pastor never discusses this topic, and honestly, I am afraid to bring it up for fear of starting an awful dispute. Not to mention that my husband has not finished college yet and were constantly being told that we better not have any children yet. Now we aren’t even encouraged to have any more. We do what “we” feel God wants us to do, and try not to worry about the comments, but it feels like everyone is so materialistic and very very anti-family.

A word from a favorite pro-abort

Just wanted you to know the satanic-hatred being spread by your support of the Neuremberg-File losers, serves only the Devil, and not the forces of Christian good in the world.
Keep playing into Satan’s hands and you risk not only losing everything that you have in this world, but everything you may have hoped for beyond it.
He is making a warm place in Hell for each and every one of you cowards as you read this.
Bill Bradshaw

Signs and Wonders?

Early in the morning on Saturday, May 8th while in a Huntsville music store, I admired some children who accompanied their mother as she did some shopping. Several minutes later, this young mother approached me and stood there silent until I said: “Can I do something for you?” At the time, I was wearing my pro-life vest with several badges in view, so my guess was that she had a comment to make about my messages.
Her mood was noticeably pensive. She began by saying: “I saw a baby in the sky, we all saw it and knew it was a baby.” Startled, I asked her to repeat herself, which she calmly did: “I saw a baby in the sky and the five children with me all saw it. The baby was curled up like babies do, with hands under the chin, the eyes were dark, you know, like death and I knew the baby was dead. We all saw it, there were five children with me with the oldest about twelve.”
The only question I asked her was: “When did you see this?” Her answer: “Yesterday at about 2:45 PM or later, it was Friday May 7th carpool.” Her voice was even, not urgent, not as if she was trying to convince me. It was as if she didn’t see me but was reliving the memory of the baby. Without my questioning or prodding, she went on: “We were about two blocks away from that place that does abortions. When the clouds began to move, the baby’s head came off, then the legs...” and her voice trailed off, her pensive mood increased. “I knew it was abortion.”
As if speaking aloud to herself, she asked: “Why did I see that? Once, my grandmother told me my mother had had an abortion, maybe that’s why I saw it.”
By this time the hairs on my arms were standing up straight. I felt a foreboding and was at a loss for words.
Why God led her to us, I don’t know at this time. However, I do believe the baby in the sky bodes a warning.
Joyce Fecteau
Huntsville, AL

Hayford heresy?

I have a new-Christian-type question about conception, and I’m seeking answers. After losing our baby last week, some very well-meaning people said things that I’ve never heard before, and the book “I’ll hold you in Heaven” by Pastor Jack Hayford that was loaned to me has thrown me a bit for a loop. I’m trying to understand whether God causes each and every single conception on purpose for a purpose (this is what I have always believed) or whether God has placed life-begetting potential within each of us. The book that I was loaned said that when God breathed life into Adam that the word “life” in that scripture translates from the Hebrew to mean “lives.” Is this true?
The book says that God has breathed in “lives” and placed within man the capacity to beget “lives” and made mankind responsible for that life-begetting potential. God tells us to multiply and has given each of us the responsibility of governing the multiplication of life. Okay, so that doesn’t exactly sit right with me, and I have been reading articles on the Sisters in Christ, Above Rubies, and Quiverfull websites as well as looking up lots of Scriptures......but I’m just not sure where things like endometriosis, fertility treatments, conception outside of wedlock, etc. fit in (if) since God causes every single conception. I understand that God can override any of our human attempts, but is the capacity to beget life already within us and some part of conception is left to man’s discretion.... say when to conceive or with whom? Is that the reason for so many out-of-wedlock conceptions or does God create each child in His timing on purpose with a purpse?
The book says that God has commanded man to beget children and placed within him the capacity to multiply...and has not mandated an intermidable abandonment to chance.
It also says that the bible doesn’t say anything at all about God making independent decisions about the placement of each life into each body, but rather that life is simply inherently present--instantly, spontaineously always “there” because God breathed lives into man for propogation.
This is all so new to me, and I really don’t understand.
Is any of this true?

Q & A

Q: Does a woman not have the right to her own body? A fetus can not live outside the female’s body up to 20 or so weeks...so, justify that?!

A: The unborn child is in the woman’s body, it is not part of the woman’s body. The unborn child is not like an appendix, which is both in the body and part of the body. The fact that someone is dependent upon your body does not give you the right to kill them, nor does it make them your body. Just as no one can kill the woman’s body, the woman cannot kill someone else’s body. That which grows inside her is someone else, not her body. The physical dependence of a child does not grant to its parent the right to kill it, regardless of where it happens to live. One’s humanity, not one’s location or physical dependency, is the fundamental and controlling fact in this issue. The right to life is not suspended based upon where you live or upon dependency. The right ti life is in force regardless of location and dependency.

Michael Bauman
Professor of Philosophy and Religion
Hillsdale College
Hillsdale, Michigan

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