Janurary/Feburary, 1999 Volume XIII Number 4

Potpourri (or Niggling Things revisited)

by Paul deParrie

Life is full of what I call "niggling things" -- little things that bug you.
In my line of work, these things are significant, but not enough to write a whole column. So, in the spirit of "waste not, want not," I occasionally, as now, lump a bunch of my niggling things together in a single column - thus, "potpourri" (though probably smellier).
This new crop of niggling things falls under the category of humanity's most prevalent (and least endearing) trait - what the moderns call "denial" and what the Bible calls "willful ignorance."

Niggling Thing #1: "We're pro-life," the man shouted in my face. "I resent you coming here."
I was passing out literature about abortifacient birth control outside a large church where an international leadership conference was being held. My sandwich board read, "Urgent pro-life info."
I told the man that I was sure the church was pro-life and that was why I was there - to give them more information, information they might not know otherwise.
His anger was not quelled. He slammed the door as he went back inside.
You have to wonder why the man was so angry - why he wanted me to leave. I don't even get such anger from pro-aborts. Yet, such occurrences are common when I go to Christian events with the abortifacient birth control message.
It seems to be a case where people just don't want to know too much - and their churches don't want to say too much.

Niggling Thing #2: A totally unprepared world is being spoon-fed cannibalism - again. The recent news that "stem" cells are now viewed as a boon to medicine has wowed the public. Careful readers will notice that these stem cells are taken from aborted babies and cultivated for cell lines much like the chicken pox vaccine. However, they still come from murder victims. The golly-gee-whizzes can be heard across the land as desperate sick folk and their families - also not wanting to know too much - are clamoring for a medicine made by murder. No voice from the Church appears forthcoming.

Niggling Thing #3: Jack "The Player" Kevorkian made another successful bid for the nation's attention and sympathies on the TV show, 60 Minutes. Much of the response indicates that people think that Jack is "out of control" and too brash - but that they don't really want him in jail. Over the years it has been shown that many of Jack's victims were not terminal at all. Some were just depressed. One even asked that Dr. Death stop the "procedure" but Jack refused. This, though, is more than most people want to know. They would prefer to think that all the victims were volunteers who were soon to die anyway. The bloodguilt has blinded their eyes and they have chosen their delusion. And the Church? They are too busy with Niggling Thing #4 and other irrelevant activities.

Niggling Thing #4: Christians seem to be more involved than ever in Bible games. The Y2K situation has only fueled the desire of many to spend their time "investigating" possible eschatological scenarios and fiddling with hidden messages in the Hebrew text of the Old Testament. Meanwhile, Western Civilization burns. Yes, they all acknowledge the decline of the West, but refuse to see the reason for that decline - the preoccupation of the Church with "spiritual" matters to the exclusion of laying down their lives, taking up their crosses, and following Christ. They claim they are only "looking for His return."
I'm sure that their willful ignorance will not stand them in good stead when He does return. It will be tough enough for those who do sigh and cry for the abominations done in the land.

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