Janurary/Feburary, 1999 Volume XIII Number 4

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The Editors Eye

The last few months has fairly flown by.
What, with all the smoke and furor of the shooting of a child-killer, deadly anthrax deliveries through the Disease of the Month Club (which turned out to be a gyp), not to mention the circus under the Big Top (the Capitol dome in D.C.) over the Philanderer-and-Prevaricator-in-Chief's indiscretions (to put it delicately), I've been hard pressed to keep up.
Leading the line-up in this month's LA, is the shrill screech-fest provided by the timely (for a number of babies) demise of the great humanitarian (to read the media accounts), Barnett Slepian. Pro-aborts and pro-lifers have been having a roll in the media pigsty, each vaunting their own outrage and righteousness, in the wake (both before and after the wake) of the newly-canonized St. Slepian.
Janet Nero, the hero of Waco, has roused herself to order (yet another) inquisition to find those guilty of Oldthink, vis-a-vis, the humanity of unborn children, and to ferret (or should I say, weasel) out those who conspired to think that a baby's life might be worth more than that of an abortionist - er, saint. I daresay there may be plenty of weasels out there in Pro-lifeland - particularly those whose fundraising efforts benefited by their public angst over the abortionist-gone-dead - who will volunteer to aid the lovely Ms. Nero in her quest to uncover the Holy Conspiracy.
Naturally, the pro-aborts are calling for more restrictions on free speech - or even free thought - as a result. Many pro-lifers, like the ignoble Feminists for Life (Motto: No compromise is too great to make for good public relations.), appear ready to acquiesce and "modify their rhetoric" and even seek "common ground" and "dialogue" with people who kill babies for money. Aw-w-w! How nice!
Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood has been joined by the ACLU in crushing pro-life free speech in the three-year-old lawsuit against a number of pro-life leaders and organizations - of which three are august associates of this editor.
The judge has issued a gag order against the parties talking to the media, but since I am the media, I can publish this in the Life Advocate. (It used to be that I couldn't even spell media, now I are one.) It seems only yesterday we reported on the First Amendment thrashing in Chicago.
You remember the ruling in NOW v. Scheidler from a couple of issues ago. This one, if lost, will be worse. In Scheidler, the onus was on arguably illegal activities (i.e., rescues), but PP v. ACLA is solely about speech itself.
PP argues that while nothing the pro-lifers did was either an explicit or implied threat against the butchers, it made the poor dears feel threatened while they sucked babies brains out. That, in their minds, warrants FACE and RICO.
The martyring of St. Slepian also apparently resulted in a rash of letter-biological-bomb hoaxes against both pro-aborts and pro-lifers. The anthrax wars were well written up - at least the part where the pro-aborts got scared by the fake disease. The media was on to more important things by the time pro-lifers started getting their mail.
Speaking of hoaxes, a Little Rock, Arkansas lawyer has been convicted on two federal counts of parking legally outside an abortion clinic. Last year, J. Fred Hart, Jr. rented two Ryder trucks and parked them on the street outside George Tiller's abortuary/crematorium in Wichita, Kansas. Hart is facing federal prison time.
Neal Horsley seems to be everywhere. Especially since his website has been dubbed a co-conspirator in the St. Slepian slaying and in making the abortionists in the PP v. ACLA case get upset tummies. Stories about all the people who have been beaten bloody by seeing his website are all over the media. Even Esquire magazine now has a feature on the evil Mr. Horsley. Now the zany man makes his second appearance in these pages in an article which would argue that this magazine is no longer relevant. "The Pro-Life Movement is dead!" he says.
My, my! Sounds like I'll have to get a job. Anyone care to refute him quickly before I hand in my resignation and slowly fade into the sunset?

For God and for Life,