Janurary/Feburary, 1999 Volume XIII Number 4

The Pro-Life Movement is dead!

by Neal Horsley

Always feeble and delicate, as pacifists are apt to be, the Pro-Life Movement in the United States of America finally succumbed to the rigors of life in the modern age and was pronounced dead. D-E-A-D.
Why did such a noble sounding endeavor with such a noble sounding name-PRO-O-O-O-LIFE! - die?
Simple: the "pro-life" movement finally proved it was not pro-life at all. In the face of real danger created by the Federal Access To Clinic Entrances Act, the "pro-life" movement proved it had all along been the "cover-your-ass-while-you-salve-your-conscience" movement.
Look at the record. In 1973, the "pro-life" movement began what was claimed to be a good faith attempt to reveal the Will of God concerning the slaughter of His children. In the subsequent two and a half decades, the pro-life movement took a decent and orderly series of actions.
During that period, every ordinary method of redress of grievance was attempted: Presidents were elected, majorities in Congress were elected, lawsuits were filed, millions of letters were written, millions of prayers were said, thousands were arrested in non-violent civil disobedience. And, like clockwork, each move taken by the "pro-life" movement was countered by a Federal government controlled by people hell bent on slaughtering God's children in defiance of the "pro-life" movement.
Finally, when the Federal Access to Clinic Entrances Act made the next logical non-violent resistance procedure so costly as to be tantamount to life in prison, the "pro-life" movement shrank back in fear and loathing. And in so doing, the "pro-life" movement showed its true colors. Instead of being those who, like their namesakes in the letter to the Hebrews, do not shrink back in the face of death, the "pro-life" movement proved it had been what the world claimed all along-a self-serving, hypocritical manifestation of willful man's attempt to control other people, rather than an actual outworking of the actual Will of the actual Creator of the actual universe.

The line between obedience and cowardice

In a government like the one given to the people of the United States of America, there is always a thin line separating necessary obedience from the rankest cowardice. When a government derives its authority from the people, as this one does, the people of necessity must be willing to cooperate with majority decisions for the sake of lawful order. Up to a point. But when majority decisions become evil and utterly contrary to the instructions given by God in Holy Scripture, those who claim to live to worship and obey God are thrust into a fateful decision. If they delay withdrawing their cooperation from an evil government one second longer than that which is mandated by God Himself, such people enter into rebellion against God just as if they had never known Him.
The history of the "pro-life" movement clearly demonstrates that, up to a point, each stage of the resistance was an attempt to follow the decent and orderly duly authorized mechanisms of resistance to government turned tyrannical. But the day came when the results of all those twenty-five years of decent and orderly resistance were plain to see. Having done everything that decent and orderly protest required, the children of God were being slaughtered with as much impunity and with as much government protection as in the beginning of the protest movement. At that point in time, the "pro-life" movement was forced to ask itself this question: could, in good faith and good conscience, these same procedures continue to be relied on to bring about change, even when those procedures had proven themselves to be incapable of protecting God's children? In other words, can we keep doing the same things over and over, yet expect different results?
Different results require different procedures. To ignore this fundamental natural law is to demonstrate either extraordinary ignorance or an actual desire to avoid different results.
But wait! If the "pro-life" movement was actually concerned about God's children being slaughtered, what could make them decide to avoid different procedures? What could make them decide the "pro-life" movement was only authorized to keep doing over and over things that had proven themselves incapable of protecting the lives of God's children?
All the easy procedures had been tried, that's why. Twenty-five years of decent and orderly political protest had exhausted all the easy, non-violent mechanisms of redress of grievance. All that remained were the hard ways, the painful ways, the deadly ways.

The hard truth about God's plan for government

Those who signed the Declaration of Independence explained this phase of resistance to government tyranny in the following words: "But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce [the people] under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security."
Now that the easy things have all been done, and the present evil regime has made it clear it has no intention of allowing God's plan for government to be restored in this nation, the time for remembering the self-evident truth defined in the Declaration of Independence has arrived. But instead of stepping up and accepting responsibility for doing what comes next, the "pro-life" movement has shrunk back into a cloud of denial, pretending it is God's will for His people to tolerate the slaughter of the least of these, rather than harken to the words writ in blood by the forefathers of the United States of America. In so doing, the "pro-life" movement branded itself with an undeniable mark of cowardice.
Anybody who has paid attention for the last ten years could have seen it coming.

Never confessing collaboration with murder

The "pro-life" movement of the past twenty-five years embodied a fatal double-mindedness, an obvious hypocrisy. On the one hand it claimed to be about preserving life-it grumbled and moaned and even occasionally screamed that innocent human beings were being slaughtered by the millions-yet on the other hand it collaborated with the government that authorized such slaughter by paying the salaries of people who were slaughtering God's children. And it never confessed the sinfulness of such collaboration.
Picture the armed Federal Marshals escorting women into baby butcher businesses there to slaughter their children and you will see the people hired and paid for by the Pro-Life Movement. Picture it and you will see why the Pro-Life Movement died.
The Pro-Life Movement died because it became like the Vichy government in France during the Second World War: All the true soldiers turned against it and moved away from it. The specter of actually paying taxes to slaughter God's children settled the matter. All the Pro-Life Movement had left for support was sycophantic cowards like the cowardly residue of France who bowed to lick the boots-and other unmentionables-of Hitler's storm troopers as they occupied France.

Pacifism: The kiss of death

The pro-life movement had attracted pacifistic Christians from its inception. Finally and fatally, the movement became totally controlled by pacifists. The non-violent civil disobedience movement spawned by the pro-life movement, a potentially successful tactic if properly organized, was impotent to arrest the legalized slaughter of God's children because the pacifists refused to implement the strategy required to make a non-violent civil disobedience movement successfully force national change.
With pacifistic Christians in charge of the pro-life movement, what inevitably happens to movements led by such people happened to the pro-life movement: it was utterly defeated and finally totally destroyed by the ruthless and violent attacks of the enemy.
Now that the Pro-Life Movement is dead, does that mean God's children will continue to be slaughtered without anyone to protect them?
Hardly. The Pro-Life Movement is dead. But arising out of its dead and rotten body, a much more effective movement has begun, one that will finally put an end to legalized abortion in the United States of America.

The Pro-Life Movement is dead: Long live the Secession Movement

With the death of the Pro-Life Movement, a Secession Movement has begun.
The hard things are at hand. With those things, as always, God will supply the people called and equipped to do the necessary hard things.
The Creator's Rights Party is the vehicle used by that movement. The Creator's Rights Party has only one founding prinicple - to uphold and defend the Creator's rights. With God's providence and power, and through the agency of those who pledge their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor, the Creator's Rights Party will arrest the desecration of God's plan for government in the USA.

Neal Horsley is the director of the Creator's Rights Party. More may be learned about the Party at www.christiangallery.com.

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