September/October, 1998 Volume XIII Number 2

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The Editors Eye

Kudos (and even cash -- ps-s-st, send it to the Life Advocate address) are in order for the inestimable Cathy Ramey for this one-woman issue.
While I was lollygagging around recovering from a July 10 triple-bypass heart surgery, Cathy took the Life Advocate bull (not to say that the contents are bull) by the horns and wrestled the entire issue into place. Normally she edits about half the magazine each time, but this time she has outdone herself. All of this is in addition to going to seminary seeking a degree in theology (Yikes!).
First of all, Cathy was our on-the-spot correspondent at the much-touted conference held by the Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity where a presentation on abortifacient birth control was sponsored by AFLM and CCB. I added a measly commentary to this issue after hearing the tape of the presentation by one of the only flies in the ointment to speak at the conference -- one Tom Elkins, M.D. who posited that Christians were too zealous of protecting embryos at the expense of women's health.
Gee, Tom, I hadn't noticed any of that zeal evidenced by increased numbers outside the clinics lately.
Aside from the general writing, compiling, and editing, Cathy added her own comments re the slap-on-the-wrist received by baby-killing mom, Amy Grossberg, -- 2 1/2 years - and her boyfriend -- 2 years for tossing baby into a dumpster so hard that the child had multiple skull fractures before death -- compared to a Florida man sentenced to 12 1/2 years for killing half a dozen kittens. True, the cur probably deserved the dozen, but that would mean that Amy and her man deserved much more. Anyone have any rope?
Well, the ever-lovin' Dietrich Bonhoeffer, would-be assassin of Hitler, has been sufficiently rehabilitated to ensconce him in the Westminister Abbey statuary among all others the Abbey thinks are heroes. But given the nature of the limp-wristed portrayals in that line-up, I'm wondering if it is a true compliment or what my Boss calls "garnishing the tombs of the righteous." Are those responsible now going to say, "If we had been there in the days of our fathers, we would have helped in the plot to kill that evil German Chancelor" or have they simply whitewashed out the memory of one of Herr Bonhoeffer's more noble deeds?
An Arizona abortionist is now under investigation for doing an illegal, late-term abortion. He claims the child in the sonogram was no more than 23 1/2 weeks, but proceeded to wind up with a live birth of a six-plus pound, 36-week baby -- with quite a bit of mangling, as one might expect. This same killer has been responsible for several maternal deaths and a similar incident of mistaken gestational age in the past. This pond scum's sonogram must have the dial set to "Clintonize" for measuring the baby's age. More news is breaking as I write this. We just received word that the abortionist's office is being cleared out. Whether that is by the cops in search of evidence or the abortionist trying to hide it is not clear at this time. The rest will be compiled into the story as it becomes available.
Kathy Ryder is in the news again. Last time she won a small cash award in a lawsuit for harassment against her local police, this time it might be much bigger. While she and several others were passing out literature at the traveling abortion show called Lilith Fair (see Life Advocate May/June 1998) when it rolled through Atlanta, Georgia, the local intrepid minion of the law proceed to assault her, curse at her, and destroy her signs -- all on videotape! Now that's Real TV! One hopes it will air soon in a courtroom nearby.
Eric Rudolph, of Run, Rudolph, Run fame, resurfaced briefly to pick up another six months worth of rations to hide himself in the North Carolina pucker brush while Keystone FBI from the Richard Jewell Memorial Investigations Team stumbles across their own tracks looking for the alleged abortuary bomber. The new drawing of Rudolph is quite flattering and his (former) neighbors don't seem to want to join the authorities in their little game of hide-and-seek.

For God and for Life,


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