September/October, 1998 Volume XIII Number 2

Point of View

Where is Eric Rudolph?

by Meredith Eugene Hunt

The following Guest Column appeared in the Asheville Citizen-Times on Saturday, May 2, 1998. Since then local television and radio stations and the local Gannett newspaper continue to run daily front page, lead, and often mulitple stories related to the search for Eric Robert Rudolph which is taking place within a two hour drive west of Asheville in North Carolina.

The Asheville Citizen-Times has devoted a great number of stories to covering the search for Eric Rudolph, wanted by the FBI as a suspect in the Birmingham abortion place bombing. From a cursory count I estimate that the Citizen-Times printed six dozen stories related to the bombing, many of those with banner headlines. Some of the stories were about the two victims of the bombing.
Two human beings were harmed-one killed and one wounded. And yet every abortion also kills one human being-the baby-and wounds another-the mother. So, where is the mammoth news coverage about this, with full pages of color photographs? This question is not to dismiss the suffering of those harmed by the bombing, but to put it into the perspective of 4,000 bombing equivalents happening every day in the U.S. How many times did the babies receive mention in the thousands of words in the Citizen-Times bombing related stories? Three scant times. How many times were abortionists mentioned as suspected murderers?
Not once.
The news coverage is all out of proportion. Why don't reporters and editors probe into the exact nature and practice of abortion with the same fervor (let alone a million and a half times the intensity) that they did the bombing? I had reporters from around the country calling me for a week. Why don't reporters go undercover and see the pain, misery, and horror inside the abortion mills? Why don't the television networks broadcast video of the full, ugly truth of abortion? They could do so on late night programs to shield young children.
In the early days of this modern war against pre-born children, and when there yet was real debate, some raw truth sometimes leaked out in the mainline press. Never in the charged atmosphere of today would an abortionist publicly say what Asheville abortionist Arthur Sherman Morris, Jr. admitted back in 1976.
The admission appeared in a full page article on the front of the Asheville Citizen-Times' Community Life (Life?) section on Sunday, April 4, 1976, little more than three years after Roe v. Wade and twenty two years ago this month. The title of the article, written by Citizen-Times staff member Ginger Furness, was, "The Status of Abortion in Buncombe County."
When asked by the reporter "When does life begin?", abortionist Morris of Femcare, answered, "Life begins with fertilization and abortion is legalized destruction of life."
These other remarkable quotes appeared toward the end of the article:
"Patients are told that abortion in the second trimester is accomplished by injecting a saline solution into the amniotic sac. Right-to-Lifers call it 'salt poisoning.' The fetus is killed and usually within 24 to 48 hours it is expelled from the body."
"Inducing a miscarriage is a bad trip," said Dr. Morris. "We tell the patients they will hurt; they'll experience cramps and bleeding. We tell her exactly like it is; we don't mince words, including when they abort, they'll be aborting a small baby."
"Dr. Morris and his associates administer the saline injections at Memorial Mission Hospital, then send the patient home to await the miscarriage. When she expels the fetus, she is instructed to bring it to the hospital. Any woman who did not know the fetus at this point would be a fully recognizable human infant would doubtless experience a devastating and permanent shock."
The latest published information from the North Carolina State Center for Health Statistics reported that 2447 "small babies" were aborted in their second-trimesters of life or older in 1996. The salt poison method is used less today than in 1976, and "only" 122 small babies were murdered this way in 1996 in our state. In its place is Dilation and Evacuation, when the "fully recognizable human infant" is pulled out in recognizable pieces.
So, where is Eric Rudolph? I don't know. Know nothing about it except what was in the newspapers and on television. When two FBI agents came to my office for a visit I told them that abortionists were killing people at that very moment in Asheville and they should be investigating abortionists.
So should the press. So should we all.

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