September/October, 1998 Volume XIII Number 2


Well done!

Please by all means keep this page active. I'm referring everybody I can to it. The article by Randy Alcorn on the Pill causing abortions is mind-blowing. I never realized it. My wife used the pill for several years. We were both ignorant of it's true nature.
By the way, I'm a pastoral care intern at the Crystal Cathedral and Westminster Seminary student and candidate for ordination in the Reformed Church in America. I'm sure that there are many others like myself who are deceived by this. Keep that page active!! It is very well done.
John Carter

deParrie narrow

The narrow-mindedness of Paul deParrie is truly amazing. The president truly cares about the nation which is considerably much more than the simple cares of the author deParrie. DeParrie needs to study the scriptures so that he can start caring about people instead of tearing people down like he has done to the president. As a Christian I know the president cares deeply about this nation; as a Christian I know Paul deParrie has not discovered how others who disagree with his narrow-mindedness are most likely closer to God than what he presently can figure out. Mr. deParrie's article is an excellent example of writing that wears down discussion in this country as few writers have a more developed sense of ignorance and half-truths than Paul deParrie.
Dennis Sundruup
Flagstaff, AZ

Passing on research

Just a short note to say thanks for raising the issue of the abortive aspect of the pill. It has led me and my wife in a godly direction and for this I am grateful.
I am also writing to my church's ethics committee to make them aware and to facilitate some action!! I have also done my own research and have found the same results as you did.
Could you send me any information you have (names of books, medical papers, web site addresses) so that I can continue my research.
Jason Summers

Frozen babies

I am amazed that people do not know what is going on in fertility clinics.
Women that desperately want to get pregnant are going through procedures that include freezing the 'extra' embryos. Both my sister and sister-in-law now have frozen babies because the doctors told them it was the right thing to do. How are we allowing this to go unnoticed? Is anyone speaking against it?
Christine Puetz

National ID card

Just prior to my election to Congress, a piece of legislation was passed which was intended to stem the tide of illegal aliens coming into our nation. While the goals were laudable, even the best of legislative intentions can produce results which are reprehensible.
Such is the case with an obscure section of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996. This section authorizes the federal Department of Transportation to establish national requirements for birth certificates and drivers' licenses. The provision, a small part of a major piece of legislation passed at the end of the 104th Congress, represents an unprecedented power grab by the federal government and a threat to the liberties of every American, for it would essentially transform state drivers' licenses into national ID cards.
Under the current state of the law, the citizens of states which have drivers' licenses that do not conform to the federal standards by October 1, 2000, will find themselves essentially stripped of their ability to participate in life as we know it. On that date, Americans will not be able to get a job, open a bank account, apply for Social Security or Medicare, exercise their Second Amendment rights, or even take an airplane flight, unless they can produce a state-issued ID that conforms to the federal specifications. Further, under the terms of the 1996 Kennedy-Kassebaum health-care law, Americans may be forced to present this federally-approved drivers' license before consulting a physician for medical treatment!
This situation is decidedly un-American, contrary to our heritage of individual liberty and states' rights. The federal government has no constitutional authority to require Americans to present any form of identification before engaging in any private transaction, such as opening a bank account, seeking employment, or especially seeing a doctor.
The establishment of a "national" drivers' license and birth certificate makes a mockery of the 10th amendment and the principles of federalism. While no state is "forced" to accept the federal standards, is it unlikely they will refuse to comply when such action would mean none of their residents could get a job, receive Social Security, leave the state by plane, or have access to medical care. So rather than imposing a direct mandate on the states, the federal government is blackmailing them into complying with federal dictates.
It is for this reason that I am introducing the Freedom and Privacy Restoration Act, with Rep. Bob Barr of Georgia as a cosponsor. As the law stands now, the government is in a position to inappropriately monitor the movements and transactions of every citizen. History shows that when government gains the power to monitor the actions of the people, it eventually uses that power to impose totalitarian controls on the populace.
What would the founders of this country say if they knew the limited federal government they bequeathed to future generations would have grown to such size that it claims power to demand all Americans obtain a federally-approved ID before getting a job? They would no doubt be disappointed.
But if the disapproval of the founders is not sufficient to cause Congress to repeal the requirements, then perhaps the reaction of the American people when they discover that they must produce a federally-approved ID in order to open a bank account or see the doctor will turn the tide. Already congressional offices are being flooded with complaints about the movement toward a national ID card; imagine the public's surprise when they realize that not only is a national ID movement underway, but will be a reality by October 1, 2000.
Despite pleas for federal correction of societal wrongs, a national ID, followed surely by a national police force, is neither prudent nor constitutional. While it is easy to give in to the rhetoric of "protecting" children or some other defenseless group, we must be cautious that in a rush to provide protection in the short-term, we do not do permanent damage to our national heritage of liberty.
As Benjamin Franklin once wrote, those who would give up essential liberty for temporary security deserves neither liberty nor security.
Where our security and liberty is concerned, we must remain constantly vigilant and uncompromisingly devoted.
Ron Paul
US Representative

Angry over withheld info

I want to express my appreciation for your informative articles on birth control pills. While surfing conservative web sites, I ran across an article which mentioned the pill can cause abortions. Further research led me to your September 1997 issue which told me everything I did and did not want to find out. Being staunchly pro-life, I am heartbroken to learn that I could have possibly aborted my children. At the same time I am angry with the medical community for witholding vital information from pro-life women.
I doubt that I would have learned about this had it not been for your magazine. Two years ago when I was nursing my doctor offered me the mini-pill. I declined because I was concerned about the effect on my baby. Now I am disgusted to learn the same "doctor" who delivered my precious child could so easily prescribe an abortifacient to kill my next one. One year later when I decided to go on the pill the nurse practitioner I saw never mentioned the aborting effects.
I can only assume these ''caring people'' think one baby per year of pill use (your statistics) is a small price to pay for family planning but I will pay with a lifetime of guilt. Thank you for supplying the information I needed to educate myself and my friends.
Pam Cruz

Terror to the evil

When Christians save babies from abortion, they are called "terrorists" by the pro-aborts. Here's why we are terrorists: "When justice is done, it brings joy to the righteous but terror to evildoers." (Prov. 21:15)
Mary Riley

Prayer request

I recently came across your article on birth control and why Christians use it. I enjoyed the article and agree with you totally on the issue, but it grieves me so much when I read articles like this or articles on child bearing because when we had our third child ( I was 26 years old then, I am now 34 ) we made the decision to have a tubal ligation. A few years ago this awful decision hit me like a ton of bricks and seems to haunt me day and night. I realize now how wrong we were in doing this. God should have total control over this area of my life. For years I've been praying that the Lord would open the door for us to have this thing reversed and to have a second chance to be obedient to God's Word. We found a Christian doctor who would do the operation for $5000.00 but that doesn't include the cost to get there, and we don't have that kind of money. I ask that you pray that God will somehow provide the money to have the operation. Also someone told me that there are organizations who will help financially but have waiting lists a mile long. If you know of any please let me know. I appreciate the article so much.
Gloria Albert

Passing info on

I just found your article on Birth Control Pills. It is wonderful!! I have sent it to several in leadership in our fellowship as well as to other friends. I discovered this 'little secret' many years ago when we lost our first baby after stopping BCPs. (We had been married one year. I was four months pregnant). Thank you for sharing it so well!
And what is even worse is that I am an RN....yet I never had read or seen any material tht even hinted about the abortive 'nature' of pills!! You are very right, we try and minister and stop abortions, yet in our very midst this tragedy is occurring daily!
Caroline Barnes RN,BSN
Portsmouth, VA

Pro-birth control

Reasons for birth control:
  • Charles Manson
  • Hitler
  • Jerry Falwell, to name a few....
  • overpopulation
  • People who think they are righteous by using arguments like yours. Thanks for the laugh.
    Carrie J E Meyers

    Working together saves lives

    As a Dir. of a pregnancy center in PA, I'd like to share with your readers a bit of encouragement.
    A young woman came to our center for material assistance. She was unemployed at the time and has an approximately 18 mos. old daughter. She related to me her experience at a Philadelphia abortion mill. Upon arrival at the mill, she noted several activists. One pleaded with her to not kill her child and indicated there was help available for her.
    She was urged by Elizabeth Blackwell [abortion facility] staff to walk through the front door for her appointment. She had already been there a couple days earlier for PA mandated "counseling," which she indicated consisted of reinforcing her decision to abort. There was no discussion regarding fetal development or possible complications of an abortion, even though PA state law mandates such. The only complication she was told about was some "cramping and bleeding."
    One of the staff members at the clinic performed an ultrasound. My client said the screen was turned slightly away, but she could still see "arms and legs moving." When the mill staff individual saw her response, she turned the screen further away out of view of her patient. She was then instructed to further undress and put on a gown. As soon as the client was left alone, she quickly dressed and ran out of the abortion mill!
    The moral to this story is that activists' presence at abortion mills is often a major [help] encouraging women to not follow through on their plans to abort. This client, and many others I've talked to over the years, was able to see through the deceit and lies of the abortion mill staff. Because some men and women cared enough to be in front of that Philadelphia abortion mill is why one more baby lives today! Thanks to all of you who care enough to be in front of mills in your nearby cities. There are no doubt many women (and men) out there whose lives you have touched and you're not even aware you have done so! Pregnancy centers like the one I direct always are pleased when abortion-minded clients are referred to us for counseling. Working together, we can save lives.
    Dianne Pomon, R.N., Director
    Genesis CPC, Pottstown, PA

    Stink attacks

    Holy false police reports, Batman!
    Do you think someone that would dismember a baby might commit fraud upon their dimwitted insurance agency?
    Joe Washburn
    address withheld on request

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