November/December, 1998 Volume XIII Number 3


Dove Award given

I have visited your site and was really impressed with it. I pray nothing deters you folks from proclaiming your message to the world. It is a very important message that needs to reach everyone everywhere. Having authorized the abortion of 2 of my children 15 years ago I know the pain, anguish, and shame that surrounds this horrific practice in our society today. It was only finding Jesus and God's mercy that has brought me through it all. God has blessed my wife and I recently with the news that we will being having twins in March. Having myself a website that deals with deception in the church I know the discouragment that comes from hateful email from other Christians.
Please accept the Dove Award and keep up the great work.
Andrew Pettey
Lastdays Ministry

Plea from Prisoner

I really need your help. I am still in prison and I'll be here another year if someone doesn't help me. I've been here 19 months already as a P.O.C.
I need you to either write a letter or call the court on my behalf. This is whay's going on. The calendar clerk there is stonewalling my case. This clerk sent my lawyer two official stamped-with-a-seal letters, saying we had a court date for July 20th and then September 28th to be exact. The clerk had "postponed" us for three extra months and when my lawyer called on Friday, Sept. 25th to find out what time he needed to be there, he was told that we never been put on the calendar (i.e., we had waited three extra months for nothing). Not only that, this clerk has "no idea" when my case will be put on to be heard, but that they are booked up thru Noember!
The ACLJ has now filed an Amicus Curiae on my behalf, citing 41 cases that set a precedent to overturn my conviction, but what good does it do when I can't even get into court to be heard! My docket number is 95-CR-144. The place to write is: Federal Appellate Courthouse, 40 Foley Square, Mahattan, NY 10007. Their nuber is 212-805-0134.
I'd like people to call and or write to the court and/or callendar clerk and and ask them to let my case be heard. Let the calendar clerk know that people around the country are aware that my case is being stonewalled and not being put on the calendar. I need a light to be shined so this stonewalling will end. Even a demonstration would be great.
Please do whtever you can to help me. My family, especially my two little boys, need their mommy home.
Michelle Wentworth
Danbury, CT

From Saul to Paul

Thank you and Praise God for this article you have done on Bruce Steir! I worked with him for almost a year in an abortion mill here in Sacramento during 1990/91. He is truly a dangerous and careless man. It is my opinion that he does not care about women, but only the money that killing their babies can bring him! It is the work of God that this butcher has finally surrendered his medical license, and an no longer kill babies and butcher women (at least not legally). Thank you and please keep up the Lord's work!
I worked at the Feminist Women's Health Center in downtown Sacramento for about 9 months or so in 90/91. I was a "health worker." I did group pre-abortion counseling, took vital signs, did pregnancy tests, advocated (held women's hands and explained what was going on) during the abortion, assisted the abortionist w/ instruments, the aspiration machine, etc. I also did Central Supply-which was basically examining and wieghing the tissue after the abortion-putting the pieces of the baby back together to make sure the abortionist "got it all."
While I was there, I hated the pro-lifers. I think that is because they really made me feel convicted about what I was doing. I know now that it was the Holy Spirit working on my heart to eventually get me out of there and use me for the Lord to speak out against this horrible thing (abortion). The rest of the staff also detested the Christians and made sure the women coming in didn't get a chance to be swayed by them. If a woman changed her mind, we looked at it as a personal defeat.
I am now a Christian. Actually, I came to know the Lord while I was working in the clinic-due in a large way to a prompting from the Holy Spirit-after taking into consideration what the sidewalk counselors, the Bible, and pro-life literature had to say about what I was doing. I was convicted, left the clinic, and came to Christ. He has been there to carry me ever since, through all my life experiences and difficulties. And He has blesssed me greatly!

About Provan's view

I just looked at your web site for the first time. I'm presently engaged and am looking forward to marrying a godly young woman.
Recently, I've come across a line of argumentation against birth control from Charles Provan. He argues that to use contraceptives like a condom murders seman. He apparently doesn't believe that human life begins at conception; he believes that human life exists before conception, even in the loins of an ancestor (Heb. 7:9, 10).
I've read arguments against abortion which seek to justify that a fetus is a human being (Psalm 139; 51, etc). These arguments render the conclusion highly probable that the fetus is a human being. However, how can we prove from the Bible alone that life begins at conception, and not before conception in the form of semen?
This position seems to yield the conclusion that with every emission of seed, there will be, perhaps, one conception and one million deaths. One can only imagine how many "people" will die from the loins of the father throughout his life. Doesn't this sound quite strange to you? Also, apparently those who choose to be eunichs for the sake of the kingdom will therefore assure the death of billions of their sperms that (who) will never be given the chance to see the light of day.
The Scripture speaks of "kings" coming forth from Abraham (Gen. 17). Obviously they were not kings in Abraham's body. They are called "kings" by metonomy. So Levi, in the same way, was "potentially" in the body of Abraham by metonomy, that is, as a "figure of speech," but he was not literally a "person" with a spirit in the loins of Levi.
Scott Weber

Individual decision

Who is Charles Provan? Do many folk really embrace his position at this point? How do they view their brethren who use contraceptives? Wouldn't contraception murder more persons than abortion ever could?
Are you saying that a fertilized egg that has not begun to grow because it has not implanted itself, is a child? I am no doctor, but it would seem to me that the fertilized egg receives its life from the mother once it is implanted, life itself being a gift from God.
Perhaps this is the area that really comes down to opinion. Eggs are constantly produced, most of which are purged. Sperm is constantly produced, most of which dies. The whole process truly is miraculous. The argument of what is God's right vs. our right is the same as saying "This is how God intended it vs. Human intervention." If God wanted man to fly, then he would have wings right? Consequently, we probably should not be flying in airplanes. Relative to contraception, I guess any means of it would be in violation to what God has intended; even the rhythm method could be considered cheating. Where does it begin and end? What exactly is the straight and narrow when it comes to this? Perhaps are decisions should be left to what we feel God is convicting us of, with each of us being convicted differently.
Tom Chase

Heralding judgment

I have received very disturbing news from Rev. Paul Hill who sits on death row in Starke, Florida for the crime of protecting and saving the lives of innocent babies.
Paul had these words to say in his last letter, "Karen, (Paul's wife) called around at the Dept of Corrections in FL and seems to think I will be electrocuted this year. She may be right. I am going to make good use of the time that remains."
Ezekiel 7:3-4,6: Now is the end come upon thee, and I will send mine anger upon thee, and will judge thee according to thy ways, and will recompense upon thee all thine abominations. And mine eye shall not spare thee, neither will I have pity: but I will recompense thy ways upon thee, and thine abominations. An end is come, the end is come: it watcheth for thee; behold, it is come."
These verses are not for Paul Hill but but they belong to our beloved country. A country that will be cast into apocalyptic destruction that will exceed the Lamentations of Jeremiah during the destruction of Jerusalem. Why? For our sins far outweigh the sins of Israel. Israel, who God in His rightous judgment caused the fathers to eat the flesh of their own children and the mothers to do the same. The God who nearly totally destroyed our country because of the sin of slavery. What will He do now when the govenment takes this innocent precious life? God have mercy on us all.
Rev. Donald Spitz

Pill-makers deceptive

I had decided that I was going to get on the pill as soon as I stopped nursing my son until I came across your webpage. I just wanted to thank you for changing my mind. I had wondered before that since the pill alters your horomones so that if you did get pregnant, as some people do who take the pill, that it might cause birth defects or misscarriage. I just recently seriously started thinking about using it so I read those ads that they have in magazines and such, the ones with all the really small print that list all of the side affects and everything about the pill.
Well, the ads claim that in the instance that you do get pregnant (past the point of implantation) that there is no evidence of increased risk of birth defects, but they don't say anything about it causing an already concieved baby to be rejected due to the effects of the pill. I find that to be terribly misleading. It is very true to say that these manufacturers of such "contraceptive pills" are misrepresenting their products to a great deal of people. I wonder how many doctors tell their patients this info. I wonder if mine would have. So thank you again for being so very informative!
Rachel Kaenel

Language matters

I did disagree with you using the word "gay" for homosexuals. Gay means happy and it should always mean that. You shouldn't use slang like the homosexuals and media do. We have to remind ourselves that before Hitler could slaughter Jews and Gentiles he distorted the language by calling them "useless eaters." First comes the language change, then the evil acts.
Also in "Euthanasia overview" Jack Kevorkian was called "doctor." His license has been revoked. I'm sure this just slipped by you.
As you can see, I read Life Advocate thoroughly and thank you for continuing to keep your readers up to date.
Gay Guptill
Boston, MA

On the floor

I just wished to take a moment to say thanks to you and Dr. Larimore for the presentation at Trinity in July. You left my wife and I on the floor. Currently, I am working on my research paper for a wrap-around class that I took during the seminar, and tripped over your web site. I found a number of papers that will assist me with the writing. Thanks again!
Jonathan K Sams

Moral dilemma

I just finished reading the article about birth control, and you advise anyone who is using any type of birth control, to stop. Well I am getting married in a month. I love children, but I was planning on having my soon-to-be husband wear condoms. But after reading this, I am feeling a little different. I know that it is in God's hands to decide whether or not we have children, or how many, but does this include using condoms? Am I morally wrong by even contemplating on using this sort of birth control? My fiancee and I are both Christians, but I have never really gave it that much thought. We have many other Christian friends who use this sort of birth control and advice us to do so also, for at least two years.
I've been told that when you first get married it is nice to not have to worry about children and just enjoy the marriage for a couple of years, then to start getting ready to start a family. On one hand it scares me to even think about having a baby any time soon or in the near future. But then I know God provides for when needed. What can you tell me? Am I going against God's Word if I were to use condoms as a form of birth control?

Fearlessly excellent

Thank you for mailing us the last issue of [Life Advocate]. Your magazine is fearlessly excellent. Your research is valuable and up-to-date. I believe we are in a "no-holds-barred" battle with a very slippery foe.
Mary and John Devlin
Stratford, Ont.

On Clinton

Even after all these months of reading about Bill Clinton's inappropriate behavior with Monica Lewinsky, people still seem to be missing a very important point. Oral sex is deviant behavior. How "dumbed down" our moral standards have become when a type of sex which was once against the law and is an abomination mainly practiced by homosexuals, is now accepted as normal.
Oral sex was discussed in the 80s by, of all organizations, Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California, in their book "Sex Codes of California," 3rd edition. The title of Chapter 18 puts oral sex into the context it belongs: "Oral sex, Anal sex, Bestiality."
I wonder what the chapter title for these subjects would be just a decade later.
Laurette Elsberry
Sacramento, CA

Children not possessions

I am writing in response to Terry Randalls' article on 'Why do Christians use birth conrtol?'. It was an interesting, well thought out article that clearly expressed his views. However, there is one statement that I find highly offensive, and in my humble opinion, is offensive to God.
Terry states that "...children are our only eternal possesion....'
Children are many things to many people. A gift of God. A sacred responsibility. Our claim on and interest in the future. But they are not, nor they should they ever be referred to as our possesions.
God entrusts parents with this most sacred duty, enables us to grow closer to Him by caring for and raising our children in His light and love. He does not give us possesion. They are not property to be used, abused, treated, mistreated, and to the case in point, disposed of at our will. We are answerable to God in all that we do, but in this area above all others, "Whatsoever you do to the least of my brethren, that you do unto me.".
When one is a possesion of another, their intrinsic value is subject to another. If one is a possesion of another, then one is owned by another.
By teaching our children that they are our possesions, they learn to qualify the intrinsic value of others. They do not learn that all human life is equally valuable. They will not inherit a society that values all life equally, because we did not plant those seeds.
So, you ask 'why do Christians practice birth control ?' There will be birth control practiced by Christens, as well as every other evil that is inflicted upon children as long as well allow the concept of 'possesion' of children.
No name

Contraception is abortion mentality

God Bless You for posting Randy Terry's statement on Christians using birth control. He is "right on!" Like so many Christians, I was also fooled by the argument that birth control is okay. Thank you so much for being unafraid and unashamed to tell it like it is. Thanks also for your brochure (originally from PK last year). It's starting to wake some pro-life folks up to the truth about birth control.
I still remember the '97 NARAL "celebration" on Jan. 22, when Kate Michelman, Al Gore and others schemed that the way to win was to find "anti-abortion people who agree with us that contraception can reduce the need for abortion." Their strategy was, I believe, straight from the pit of hell!
This year, with a supposedly Pro-Life Congress, insurance is being forced to pay for contraceptives, "emergency contraception" is being approved, and major Pro-Life groups are taking no position! The Pro-Life community need to wake up to the fact that the contraceptive mentality is the abortion mentality! God help us!
John DeLaat

Outnumbered on the web

Its so good to see people with a just and Godly cause. I have to say that this is the first piece of information, from a conservative standpoint that I have stumbled across on the internet (not that I've been out looking for anti-abortion material). That should give both of us a perspective of how much bigger the opposition is. Keep up the God-work.

Burning question answered

After the birth of our second child, we began to sense the Lord's leading to more fully explore the birth control options available before selecting one. Possessing only a portion of God's heart toward the sanctity of life, we were nonetheless motivated to find a form of contraception which honored the life He holds so dear. For weeks, we consulted godly men and women, medical professionals, and contraceptive literature and became confused at best.
After forming a basic understanding of the rudimentary anatomical processes of pregnancy, the burning question in or hearts/minds became: "Can/do oral contraceptives cause a fertilized egg to be discarded?"
During our search, the Holy Spirit reminded us from Ps 38:2 that He will instruct us and teach us in the way we should go, and will counsel us with His eye upon us. God truly did prove Himself faithful by answering our "burning question" clearly-through your web site! [] After weeks of frustrating inconsistencies, we were liberated by the truth you presented, in love. Several friends and acquaintences have expressed interest in our findings and we look forward to sharing our "discovery" with them. Expect a few more hits on your web page soon!
Thank you for your faithfulness and diligence in presenting His truth on this grossly underpublicized issue affecting hundreds of thousands of unknowing couples. You can go home knowing that lives were touched and changed today. To Him be the glory forever!
Tony and Melissa Gomillion
Shaw AFB, SC

Multiple interpretations on homosexuality

Totally agree with your right to freedom of speech. So long as you remember that those interpretations of the Bible are still stricly yours and not necessarily true meanings. Personal bias always plays a role, no matter how good your intentions on the subject.
Angie Chipman
President, ISU LGBTA Alliance

Asleep in the Lord

Pastor Kenneth Bonner of Christian Fellowship Church passed from this life into the glory of Heaven on Wednesday September 23, 1998. Pastor Bonner has faithfully stood outside the Concord West Abortion Mill in Westmont Illinois, spoke out publically at the Democratic National Convention when it was held in Chicago in 1996, and has lent his Church to Pro-Lifers for Prayer meetings, rallies, and lent the basment floor for sleeping quarters many times for different events.
Pastor Bonner has been faithful in encourageing Christian Pro-Lifers, Catholic and Protestant alike, and will now be cheering us on in the Cloud of Witnesses.
Please keep Pastor Bonner's wife Beulah in prayer, as well as his family. Also pray that we at Christian Fellowship will continue on in the fight that Pastor Bonner has prepared us for and that we will do God's will in selecting a new pastor and in all that needs to be done.
Michael S. Sikowich

Taking exception

Being in Turkish Cypress with few distractions, no TV and only one English radio station and weekly newspaper, I really enjoyed the July/Aug. Life Advocate more than those I received at home. The feature article on sexual purity was excellent!
However, I must take exception to Bray's article, "Those Menacing Mono-cultural Psalmists," which I also enjoyed until he slammed the Catholic Church. He asked, "How can anyone take a message seriously from an organization which admits to membership and the sacred meal both Ted Kennedy and the likes of Mother Teresa?"
I don't think it is fair to call the oldest and largest church in America an "organization." Why single it out? It is certainly vulnerable when it doesn't excommunicate Ted Kennedy. . . I would have been less offended had he included a few Protestant churches. How long did it take the Baptists to censure Pres. Clinton? What about all the Protestant churches that condone abortion and abortifacient birth control, some of which also condone homosexuality to the point of blessing homosexual unions and allowing active homosexuals to be ministers?
Ray Micco
Gazimagusa, Cypress

Praying for Dobson

I will pray for Dr. Dobson and have prayed for him. One thing you should be aware of though is that he may be a part of the problem rather than the solution.
One thing I personally experienced was corresponding with them regarding their support of Bob Vernon, the assistant chief of police in Los Angeles. [He] supervised and authorized the use of nunchukas on rescuers. Somehow, [Dobson] managed to overlook that "tiny" flaw in his character and continued to promote him and sell his book.
We wrote back and forth several times and they finally told me we had to agree to disagree.
Is it okay to torture Christians as far as they're concerned?
Nancy Major
Pheonixville, PA
Editor's note: We do recall the infamous LA rescue and the brutality with which it was met by Vernon and his men, so much brutality that bones were broken and people had horses stepping on them. Dobson's fatal flaw may be that he holds personal friendship above the need to speak the truth. Some of the most ardent physicians on his PRC board who oppose making public statements about abortifacient aspects of the pill are also close personal friends.

Questions frequently asked:

Other abortifacients

God bless you for spreading the truth about abortifacient pills. Are you also telling about Norplant, IUDs, Depo-Provera and their abortifacient effects?
You are a light in the darkness.
Marcia Roos
Iola, KS
Editor's note: Yes, Marcia, we have frequently mentioned these products as well. However, the most deceptive product seems to be the pill, and therefore, we have tended to emphasize information on that product more than others.


I have a friend who is going to begin to take Provera, orally, for 2 mos. Her doctor perscribed it to her to get her periods back on track. (They have been 35-38 days.) She says that it's to regulate her cycle. She is very pro-life, as am I. I felt a little uncomfortable about it and told her I would try to gather some info on it for her. Can you tell me anything about it? Is it just a birth control pill? Can it cause her to abort a baby?
Toni Owens

Help with a paper

I am in the process of writing an argument on pro-life and need any and all information available on stages of fetus development, when abortions are done, and the arguments on "when life begins." I would be very grateful for any assistance you can provide.
Pat Barrett

In vitro fertilization

I was wondering if you might give me your group's opinion on the subject of in vitro fertalization. It is for a paper I am writing for college.
Cheryl Green

Looking for data

I am a pharmacist being asked to dispense Preven, a new emergency contraceptive kit. What information do you have on this drug? I have only the information put out by the manufacturer. I realize it is essentially an overdose of birth control pills to be taken up to 72 hrs post-coital. What % of the time does it actually prevent implantation of a fertilized ovum?
Doug Waltman

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