November/December, 1998 Volume XIII Number 3

Point of View

A.C.L.U. trashes "politically incorrect" Christian teacher

by Dennis Duehning

In case you missed it, the American Civil Liberties Union stomped on a teacher in Washington state who dared to question the theory of evolution. In a letter to his superiors the ACLU tried to get the science teacher removed from the science classroom. (See letter at /atlas/cheney.html )
The amazing thing about this 1996 letter is that it shows that humanists think creationist ideas will actually damage school children. Being exposed to creationist arguments causes children to doubt evolution. And since evolution is a very important dogma in the humanist religion, they do not want children to drift from the "faith" which is systematically taught in the public school textbooks. They want all children to view the world through evolutionist's eyes.
The Humanist Manifesto II itemizes the dogmas of the humanist religion which are being taught daily in the government schools. If you have not seen this document, you need to get a copy and then to lay it side by side with your church doctrinal statement so you and your school children can compare the two religions. Then your children can be aware that they are being taught two religions-one on Sunday at church and another religion during the week at school.
After evaluating both, decide which one to follow wholeheartedly. There are a lot of confused teenagers and adults who sway back and forth between the two belief systems, thus creating an inconsistent life style and example.
I attended public schools in Washington state for 12 years. I had the humanist religion crammed into my brain for 12 years, but no one bothered to explain to me what religious belief system I was being taught. I didn't even know what the word "humanist" meant. (It does not mean "humanitarian"). But I was exposed to the humanist dogmas year after year. Years later a friend showed me a Humanist Manifesto II and when I read it, I recognized what I had been taught for years at school. I had been taught a world view, a religious belief system, by textbooks which had been carefully written to include these humanist beliefs. Even Christian teachers were not allowed to deviate far from this belief system when teaching. This belief system did not acknowledge any Creator God. Rather mankind itself became the new ultimate authority. (Psalm 2:3 "Come let us break His chains and free ourselves from all this slavery to God")
People like Carl Sagan became the prophets who proclaimed its dogmas. Its seminaries were the large universities who trained thousands of young ministers to go forth and work in the schools spreading the faith. They did not consider themselves ministers. They were there merely to instruct the young in the truths that had been imparted to them at the university. One beautiful young student teacher arrived in my high school history class, noticed the Bible with my other books, and promptly began discrediting the flood story in Genesis. Her intentions were not evil. She was just trying to enlighten me and convert me. But I have always been a doubting Thomas. I just can't get myself to swallow their evolutionary big bang dogma. I just can't believe that something as awesome as the human body is the result of blind chance just as I will not believe that a watch on my wrist is the result of an explosion in a junk yard. There has to be a Creator somewhere.
What really infuriates me is the hypocrisy of the humanists. They proclaim loudly that they want free speech, but they really don't want it for everyone. They want to proclaim their views in the classroom, but they don't want a Christian to proclaim his. They want to use the public schools to spread their ideas, but they want Christians to retreat to private church buildings to spread theirs. They want millions of tax dollars for their projects, but they want Christians to have none. If we are going to have separation between Christians and the state, let us also have separation between the humanists and the state. Let humanists build their own private buildings to use just like Christians have to build their own buildings. Let humanists stop writing their dogmas into the textbooks that the Christian children have to read.
Let us go a step further. Let me suggest an idea that will make the powerful teacher's unions go berserk. The only really fair way is to privatize all schools!
In case you missed it, let me say it one more time. The only really fair way is to privatize all schools!
We need to separate school from state. Let the Christians, the Catholics, the Moslems, the humanists, the orthodox Jews, and any other religious group who so desires form their own schools. Parents would select the school most agreeable with their philosophy. There would not always be a perfect match, but it would be a far fairer system then what Americans have now. For over twenty years I have been taxed and taxed to pay for public schools that are so saturated with humanism that I could not in good conscience enroll my own children there. [On a shoestring budget in a old declining neighborhood we taught them at home.]
My oldest daughter is now getting straight A's while putting herself through a private Christian university. God has been good to our family]. The public school system is not fair, because it is controlled by one religion- the humanists, yet it extracts taxes from people of all different religions. The only really fair way is to privatize all schools!
I know the powerful teacher's unions will oppose this idea because the union's primary concern is to benefit themselves and the teachers. So the tax paying parents, not the teachers' unions, must initiate this change. To the unions the quality of education is secondary. It is the parents who must insist on quality education and it is the Christian parents who must insist on a quality education for their children which is consistent with a Biblical world view.
Some will oppose the concept of privatizing all schools. It will destroy the near monopoly on educational dollars. It will put a lot of educational bureaucrats out of work. It will mean change and change itself scares some people. It will give too much choice to the common man. It is too American. Surely regular Americans are too ignorant to organize schools without government interference, I mean, "help."
Dr. King, I also have a dream! A dream where the stranglehold that humanism has on education is broken so fresh air can be inhaled. A dream where Christian teachers and students can once again humbly pray in the classroom. A dream where Christian children from all ethnic groups can once again learn from highly-motivated, caring teachers who are excited about the beautiful world which God has created A dream where school children can once again read the Ten Commandments in the Holy Bible. A dream where teachers choose a school compatible with their belief system and then teach with all their might. A dream where parents and students pick a school in which the student will be happy or help start a new school. A dream where all schools are private like churches and the government is not involved in the establishment of the humanist religion or any other religion. Shall we dream on of a better future or shall we return to the educational nightmare that we currently have-a system that is broken and unable to produce and where drugs, weapons, metal detectors, gang recruiters, teenage pregnancy, teenage alcoholics and confusion exist. Just compare test scores with the rest of the world to see that the U.S. has fallen behind in education. Ponder what happened when America insulted the God of heaven by officially evicting Him from the classroom.
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